Battle of the Bakeries Part II: Maison Kayser, Scotts Square Singapore

Chiobu has been urging me to visit Maison Kayser and So.Moo.Food has been raving about it so here I am. The scene was chaotic. Is it meant to be a dine-in or takeaway? There is a reception counter at the entrance but no service staff was manning it. Do we have to find our own seats or are we led to our seats? I observed there is service, that is, there is a proper menu and you can order from the server who will bring you the food. But when I was buying takeaway–the queue was everywhere! very messy–the server asked if I wanted to take-out or dine-in. Why would he ask if I was dining-in when there is dine-in service in the first place? The poor management, with throngs of crowd, confused me.

The vanilla eclair and pain du chocolat (pronounce as “pan,” as in the Chinese surname “pan” and not Peter Pan) amounts to $6 plus.

The vanilla eclair was, as you can see from the photo, slightly frozen–the cream didn’t flow out–which made me suspect that it wasn’t freshly prepared daily. After thawing for 10 minutes or so, and tasting it again, the vanilla cream tasted artificial, similar to Meiji Yan Yan vanilla. But it wasn’t a bad thing. It was addictive and not so sweet. The dough could be fluffier. Definitely easy to eat the entire eclair without feeling surfeit.

The pain du chocolate was better. Soft, crusty pastry without being overly buttery with a light milk chocolate taste. Quite well done.

On the second visit, without bringing my DSLR, I wanted to try the chocolate eclair but the dude in front of me bought ALL TEN OF THEM. Seriously, dude, are you gay? Only gay dudes eat chocolate eclairs. Since the chocolate eclairs were sold out at 5pm, left with no choice, I tried the funny looking one, pistachio eclair ($3.40).  Like the vanilla eclair, the taste was weird and artificial but again, not in a bad way. The pistachio taste came just as a tinge and could be heavier. But overall, still delicious. However, the texture came out wrong; it was more like a paste than a cream.

Perhaps I went with great expectations since everyone was raving about the bakery and so I felt disappointed. The pastries were decent, good even, but they were not the best I’d tasted. Singapore deserves better quality. The roadside eclair I had in France was quite divine and Maison Kayser can strive to do better to match the quality of a nameless French bakery. That being said, I like the unpretentious, casual setting although much crowd control is needed. Maison Kayer ranks 2nd on this list of Battle of the Bakeries.

Maison Kayser
6 Scotts Road,
#B1-09 Scotts Square
Tel: +65 6636 3672
Daily: 8am – 8pm

Rating: 3.115/ 5 stars

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  1. The poorly managed bakery was even messier in the first two weeks of opening that I was overcharged S$10…haha..I find their pastries are more reasonably priced than other European ones in SG. Chocolate eclair was my favourite, vanilla was pretty good no? Luckily didn’t try the dodgy off-green eclair though I’m into pistachio :) Their bascilio(Coffee Chocolate) tart is spotted these days. If you sit in, gotta pay 10% extra for svc charge!


  2. You rated them having only tried their eclairs??? You don’t like to eat bread? This is a boulangerie and patisserie after all. Their baguette is superlative.


      • bakerS is right, Kayser is originally a boulangerie, so it is a shame to judge them on their pastries… because they make very good bread! I am French and haven’t find any better place to buy my bread in Singapore (so far!). Yes, “pain” means bread but “pain au chocolat” is a viennoiserie= a puff dough made with butter… nothing to do with a bread dought!! Their viennoiseries are quite good as well.


  3. lol the homophobia was entirely unnecessary. also, reasoning it with “it’s just a joke” and telling other people to chill just shows your ignorance and idiocy. if you have the guts to make such disgusting comments, then have the guts to own up to it when people call you out for it. and i’m outta your blog.


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