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Vintners’ Tour Singapore-Jakarta-Bali (21-28 Nov 2012)

Bruno Vaillant, Founder of eWineAsia, Who Organized Vintners’ Tour: “I’ve muscles!”

eWineAsia presents Vintners’ Tour 2012: 25 Old World wine makers will come to Singapore (and other parts of Asia) so that Singaporeans can interact with them and the winemakers can explain the processes of their wine-making. The interaction will mostly occur in two events: customizable Wine Masterclasses and Wine Tasting Treasure Hunt at Capella. Participants of the Treasure Hunt will visit stations manned by the winemakers and ask the winemakers questions. Those who complete the hunt stand to win a trip for two to Europe, visiting the wineries and vineyards.

There are also wine-pairing lunches and dinners at Capella, Waku Ghin, Le Bistro du Sommelier, Chez Petit Salut, Pollen, La Cantine, Andre, Nicholas Le Restaurant, Keystone, Lolla, Guy Savoy, Absinthe, Catalunya, Il Lido, La Barca, Praelum and Osteria Mozza.

Tickets to the events can be purchased at eWineAsia.

These are some of the photos at the event:

The chocolate cake at Capella is oralgasmic. Rich yet light.

Sommelier of Guy Savoy

Sommelier of Le Bistrot du Sommelier

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