Best Chicken Rice in Singapore: After Visiting 53 Stalls!

A good chicken rice has three major components:
(1) the chicken must be smooth and skin a gelatinous texture;
(2) the rice grains are first fried in garlic, sesame, and chicken fat, and then boiled in chicken stock, and pandan leaves. The rice must be aromatic and mustn’t be overly greasy;
(3) and the chilli-garlic sauce must have a balance, it must have a kick but doesn’t numb the tongue.

Dark soya sauce and minced ginger are usually provided. If the soup is good, it’s a bonus, but nobody really cares for it.

I ordered, “A plate of chicken rice, please,” and let the hawker decide whether I got thigh or breast. (Mostly they gave breast because thigh usually costs extra.)

We didn’t include restaurants such as the famous Chatterbox, selling $32 for a plate, because we shouldn’t compare apples to oranges. And as usual, this list is not definitive. We shortlisted and visited 53 well-known stalls but 5 stalls were closed for good.** There may be new stalls waiting to be discovered. Comment and let us know.

In ascending order…

#47. Yet Con Chicken Rice 逸群
25 Purvis St Singapore 188602
T: 6337 6819

yet conChicken:No taste one. 5/10
Rice: Still no taste. 5.5/10
Chilli: watery, no spice. 5.5/10
Pros: Old school. Run by old folks. Nostalgic.
Cons: NA.
Cost: We had chicken for two and steamboat for two. $35
Rating: 5.333/10

#46. Heng Lee Hainanese Chicken Rice 兴利 
Block 127 Toa Payoh  Lorong 1, #02-16 Singapore 310127
11am-7.30pm, closed Mon

Heng Lee Hainanese Chicken RiceChicken: Overcooked and powdery. 5.75/10
Rice: Like normal rice. 5/10
Chilli: Rather unique, having a seafood flavor. 6.5/10
Pros: Pure minced ginger. Friendly hawker.
Cons: NA
Cost: $3
Rating: 5.75/10

#45. Tong Fong Fatt Chicken Rice 东风发鸡饭
Blk 209 Hougang St 21, Kovan Market and Food Centre #01-49 Singapore 530209
Other outlets: ABC Brickworks Food Centre, Golden Shoe Food Centre, Ghim Moh Food Centre, Blk 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, Amoy Street Food Centre, Zion Food Centre, Bedok South Food Centre, Marine Parade Central, Whampoa Drive Makan Place Block 90, Bedok Interchange Food Centre, Circuit Road Food Centre, Maxwell Food Centre.

Tong Fong Fatt Chicken Rice 东风发鸡饭Chicken (breast): My companion said it was overly salty. I thought it was OK. 6/10
Rice: Normal. Very mild fragrance. 5.75/10
Chilli: Watery but potent. 5.5/10
Pros: Many seats. Ample parking. Affordable.
Cons: N. A.
Cost: $2.50
Rating: 5.75/10

#44. Jin Zhan Ji Chicken Rice 金斩鸡
Blk 209 Hougang St 21, Kovan Market and Food Centre #01-19 Singapore 530209
T: 6791 7141

Jin Zhan Ji Chicken Rice 金斩鸡Chicken (breast): Tasty with an almost sweet ginger aftertaste. 6/10
Rice: Lumpy and sweet. Strange. 5.75/10
Chilli: Sweet. Everything was sweet here. 5.75/10
Pros: Many seats. Ample parking. Affordable.
Cons: Nil.
Cost: $2.50
Rating: 5.833/10

#43. Zi Jing Cheng 紫金城
Blk 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1, Alexandra Village Food Centre #01-15, Singapore 150120
M-Sat 10am-8pm

Zi Jing ChengChicken: Hard and tasteless. 5.75/10
Rice: Bland. 5.75/10
Chilli: Strangely sweet and rather spicy. 6/10
Pros: Carpark but limited lots. Plenty of seats.
Cons: NA.
Cost: $3
Rating: 5.833/10

#42. Zhen Zhen Hainanese Chicken Rice 珍珍海南鸡饭
100 Eu Tong Sen St, K1011 Eating House #01-01, Pearl’s Centre, Singapore 059812
11am-8pm. Closed Tue.

Zhen Zhen Hainanese Chicken Rice 珍珍海南鸡饭Chicken (breast): Although cut along the grain, still rather tender. 6/10
Rice: Only a mild fragrance. 6/10
Chilli: So spicy that the touch of lime couldn’t lift it. 6/10
Pros: Plenty of seats. Central.
Cons: Not a long queue but slow.
Cost: $3
Rating: 6/10

#41. Hainan Chicken Rice Ball 海南鸡饭粒
43 Jalan Besar, Shin Boon Hwa Coffeeshop, Singapore 208804
T: 9160 4964
8.30am-9.30pm, closed every other Wed

Hainan Chicken Rice BallChicken: Didn’t like it that dark soya sauce was drizzled on the chicken. 6/10
Rice: Not bad. With a garlic aroma. 6.5/10
Chilli: Chokingly spicy. 6/10
Pros: Special herbal soup, like duck rice soup. Plenty of seats.
Cons: Hard to find parking. Expensive. One man show, so quite slow. Gimmicky.
Cost: $4.50.
Rating: 6.167/10

#40. Lucky Chicken Rice
304 Orchard Rd, Lucky Plaza #02-110, Singapore 238863
T: 6738 4175
10.30am-6pm daily

Lucky chicken riceChicken: So salty I couldn’t taste the chicken. 5.75/10
Rice: Just a notch softer than al dente but tasted normal. 6/10
Chilli: Garlicky, slightly salty, and the kind of spice that burned to the stomach. 7/10
Pros: Considered as affordable in city. Swift service. Seats during peak hour. Great cabbage soup. Renowned among tourists, including Japanese. I eavesdropped on the Hong Kong tourist who told the server she heard about the place from her friends. Great presentation.
Cons: Ginger is minced, not as a sauce, which is unique but bland.
Cost: $4.50
Rating: 6.25/10

#39. Uncle Chicken
Blk 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1, Alexandra Village Food Centre #01-76, Singapore 150120

Uncle ChickenSon of Sin Kee (see #6).
Chicken: Firm, a little over-salted. 6.25/10
Rice: Salty but one-dimensional. 6.25/10
Chilli: Spicy with a fruity taste. 6.5/10
Pros: Near carpark but limited lots. No queue. Great ginger.
Cons: Uncle forgot to give me soup.
Cost: $3
Rating: 6.333

#38. 888 Chicken Rice
163 Bukit Merah Central, Bukit Merah Central Food Centre #02-22, Singapore 150163

888 Chicken RiceChicken: Stringy but tasty. 6/10
Rice: Mildly flavored but a good bite. 6.5/10
Chilli: Super zesty. 6.5/10
Pros: Peanut soup. Friendly auntie. Above a carpark. Plenty seats.
Cons: No ginger.
Cost: $2.50-$3
Rating: 6.333/10

#37. Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
Blk 354 Clementi Ave 2 #01-257 Singapore 120354
T: 6774 1353
11am-8.30pm, Closed wed

Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken RiceChicken: Smooth but tasted normal. 6.25/10 
Rice: Loose, had a nice bite, but only slightly aromatic. 6.75/10
Chilli Monotonously spicy. 6/10
Pros: Halal. Serves many other dishes, like a proper restaurant. Friendly service. Plenty of parking. Plenty of tables. Dishes came quickly. Really awesome ginger, as good as Sergeant Kiang Chicken Rice’s.
Cons: N. A.
Cost: $7 chicken for two persons. $0.70 rice a bowl.
Rating: 6.333/10

#36. Leong Yeow Famous Waterloo St Hainanese Chicken Rice 亮耀驰名四马路海南鸡饭
261 Waterloo St, Waterloo Centre #01-29 Singapore 180261
T: 6334 3989/ 9029 7495

Leong Yeow Famous Waterloo St Hainanese Chicken RiceChicken: Tasty with sesame oil. 7/10
Rice: Nice bite but tasteless. 5.875/10
Chilli: sweet, slightly bitter. 6.5/10
Pros: Central. Plenty of seats.
Cons: No ginger. Long queue.
Cost: $3.80
Rating: 6.458/10

#35. Yishun 925 Hainanese Chicken Rice
925 Yishun Central 1 #01-249 Singapore 760925
T: 9760 7008

Yishun 925 Hainanese chicken riceChicken: So so, drizzled with a sweet sauce that some may not like. 6/10
Rice: Oily, and flavorful. Slightly softer than al dente. 7.5/10
Chilli: Spicy without variation. 6/10
Pros: Near MRT, near carpark. They deliver to your table.
Cons: Short hours. Ran out of ginger.
Cost: $12 for 3 persons (we ordered half a chicken, but they ran out and we were the last customers, so we took their chicken breast.)
Rating: 6.5/10

#34. Lee Fun Nam Kee Chicken Rice 李范南记
Blk 94 Toa Payoh Lor 4, #01-04 Singapore 310094
T: 6255 0891
11am-3pm, 5-8pm

Lee fun nan keeChicken: Very tender but no taste. 6.75/10
Rice: Nice bite, smells amazing, and tastes so so. 6.25/10
Chilli: Limey, not very spicy, and a sweet aftertaste. 6.5/10
Pros: A proper restaurant that serves that stir-fried dishes. It’s more famous for its soy chicken.
Cons: Expensive. The takeaway queue was short, the chicken rice chopper kept chopping non-stop, but the queue moved painfully slow. It was like there was famine, and people were stocking up on chicken rice. The uncle in front of me ordered 2 full chickens, 1 roast duck, and 1 portion of char siew with 4 packets of rice, that means, 4 persons eat so much meh??? Need to so kua zhang or not?
Cost: $4 a packet takeaway.
Rating: 6.5/10

#33. Heng Ji Chicken Rice 亨记鸡饭
336 Smith St, Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre #02-131 Singapore 050335
3-9pm, Closed Sun

Heng Ji Chicken RiceChicken: Tasty skin. 7/10
Rice: Greasy and tasteless. 6.25/10
Chilli: Not everyone will like this sweet-sour sauce with no spice. 6.5/10
Pros: Fast. Plenty of seats. Lots of other stalls to eat from. Central location. Affordable.
Cons: Not environmentally friendly, and the plastic cutlery feels bad in the mouth.
Cost: $2.50 a plate (+$1 for innards)
Rating: 6.583/10

#32. Nong Chun Hainanese Chicken Rice 农村海南鸡饭
Blk 408 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, AMK408 Foodhouse #01-805, Singapore 560408
T: 9785 6110
10am – 7pm, Closed Wed

nong chun chicken riceChicken: Bland and could be tenderer. 5.75/10
Rice: Great texture, not fragrant, but the umami fills the mouth. 8/10
Chilli: Very sweet with a tinge of lime, then the spice kicks in. Not great on its own, but when eaten with chicken and rice, it creates a complexity. 6/10
Pros: Awesome cabbage soup. Inexpensive. Friendly and pleasant young man serving. Car lots plenty but you may have to walk. Sells other stir-fried dishes.
Cons: No ginger.
Cost: $2.50
Rating: 6.583/10

#31. Nan Xiang Chicken Rice
Block 90 Whampoa Drive, Whampoa Drive Market & Food Centre #01-21 Singapore 320090
12pm-10pm, closed Fri

nan xiang chicken riceChicken: Nice seasoning but tough. 6.25/10
Rice: Garlicky, slightly sweet. 6.75/10
Chilli: Zesty, refreshing. 6.75/10
Pros: Lots of seats. Love the friendly auntie. She can speak Cantonese, English, Mandarin fluently.
Cons: Lots of parking lots, but always packed.
Cost: $3.50
Rating: 6.583/10

#30. Good Year Local Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball 庆豐年海南鸡饭团
Blk 111 Toa Payoh Lor 1, Chang Cheng Mee Wah Restaurant #01-366 Singapore 310111
T: 6256 5348
11am-7.30pm, Closed Fri

Good Year Local Hainanese Chicken Rice BallChicken: The drizzled sesame oil enhanced, not overpowered, the taste of chicken. 6.5/10
Rice: First time here. Thought all rice came in balls, but no. So order clearly. Rice was undercooked, not fragrant, but tasted rich. 6.25/10
Chilli: Spicy, salty, limey. Quite shiok. 7/10
Pros: Great peanut soup, and ginger.
Cons: Not a long queue but slow.
Cost: $3.50
Rating: 6.583/10

#29. Rex Hainan Chicken Rice and Beef Kway Teow
3 Yung Sheng Road, Taman Jurong Food Centre #03-176 Singapore 618499
M-Sat 10.30am-8.30pm, Sun 10.30am-2pm

Rex Hainan Chicken Rice and Beef Kway TeowRice: Greasy and not fragrant, but addictive. I’m destined to like oily carbs, fated to be fat. 5/10
Chicken (thigh): So smooth it slid down the throat. Very flavorful. Skin tinged with a saltiness. Umami. 8.5/10
Chilli: Super spicy with an aftertaste of lime. 6.5/10
Pros: No queue. Halal. Hawker guy was nice. He gave a drumstick without extra charge. Tasty bowl of Malay styled soup.
Cons: Hard to find parking. Lots of a**holes drivers cutting queue to carpark.
Cost: $3
Rating: 6.667/10

#28. Nan Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice 南兴海南鸡饭
163 Bukit Merah Central, Bukit Merah Central Food Centre #02-28, Singapore 150163
T: 6273 6993
M-Sat 11.30am-8.30pm

Nan Heng Hainanese Chicken RiceChicken: Ok. 6/10
Rice: Fragrant and tasty but greasy. 7/10
Chilli: Zesty and spicy. 7/10
Pros: Above a carpark. Plenty seats.
Cons: No ginger. Long queue, and perhaps the queue doesn’t justify the food.
Cost: $3
Rating: 6.667/10

#27. Fook Seng Goldenhill Chicken Rice 福成金山鸡饭
Blk 37 Jalan Rumah Tinggi, The Coffee Room #01-415/417 Singapore 150037
T: 9777 3318

Fook Seng Goldenhill Chicken Rice 福成金山鸡饭Chicken (breast): Bad chopping. Shouldn’t have cut along the grain, made the meat tough. But generous portion. 6/10
Rice: with a hint of ginger. Not greasy but could be more fragrant. 6/10
Chilli: Thick and strong. Very shiok. 8.25/10
Pros: Opens early. Ample parking. Cheapest plate at only $2. Not greasy. Feels healthier compared to the rest. Boneless.
Cons: Without GPS, impossible to reach.
Cost: $3

#26. Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House
255 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574382
Tel: +65 64560698

kampong chicken rice chicken houseChicken: Very tender and tasty. The skin was gelatin and smooth. But I felt like I was paying for bones and skin—little meat. 7.5/10
Rice: Nice bite and tasted of fat. 6.75/10
Chilli: Sour and buttery. Might not suit everyone. 6/10
Pros: Cabbage soup. Very cheerful and friendly people running the shop. They kept laughing.
Cons: Hard to get parking.
Cost: $4+
Rating: 6.75/10

#25. Boon Tong Kee 文东记
399/401/403 Balestier Rd Singapore 329803
T: 6254 3937
11am-5pm, 5.30pm-4am
Other outlets: MacPherson, Whampoa West, River Valley, East Coast, Bukit Timah, Ang Mo Kio

Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice 文东记Chicken: Powdery texture but flavorful. 6.5/10
Rice: Well cooked, each grain separated, but not flavorful enough. 6.5/10
Chilli: Garlicky, then spicy. A thick, almost jelly texture. 7.25/10
Pros: Aircon. Good presentation of food. A full-fledged restaurant that serves food other than chicken rice. Parking at Shaw Plaza.
Cons: No soup and ginger. Long queue. GST and service charge. Too commercialized.
Cost: $3.50+ a packet to takeaway. In restaurant, a plate of chicken starts from $5+. Rice at $0.60+. About $7+ per pax.
Rating: 6.750/10

#24. Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant
201 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574343
6253 4502
11am-9pm daily

nam kee chicken riceChicken: Tough, but nicely tinged with sesame oil. 6.5/10
Rice: A slight sweetness. 6.25/10
Chilli: The kind of saltiness I like! Very savory. 7.5/10
Pros: Pungent ginger. Soup seemed to be laced with herbs. Great atmosphere, like a Wong Kar Wai movie. Generous portions. Had an “old school” taste–I think old people would like it.
Cons: Hard to get parking.
Cost: $4
Rating: 6.75/10

#23. Hainanese Chicken Rice 美味芽菜鸡饭
30 Seng Poh Road, Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre #02-47
, Singapore 168898
11am onwards

Hainanese Chicken Rice tiong bahruChicken: Bland, but such amazing, bouncy texture. 8.25/10
Rice: Bland. 5.75/10
Chilli: sweet, spicy, monotonous. 6.5/10
Pros: Plenty of seats. Cheerful service. Affordable. Parking available.
Cons: Long queue.
Cost: $2 onwards
Rating: 6.833/10

#22. Mr Chicken Rice
1 Pasir Ris Close, Downtown East #02-120, Singapore 519599
11am-3.30pm, 5-9.30pm

mr chicken riceAnother retrenched chicken rice chef who worked at Chatterbox for 31 years. How many Chatterbox chefs are roaming around, man? (See Sergeant Kiang #17, and Sheng Kee #7.)
Chicken (breast): Ok. Not outstanding. 6/10
Rice: Really flavorful. Nice bite. Grains didn’t stick together. 8/10
Chilli: Very sour then very spicy. Might be overly so. My lips were on fire. 6.5/10
Pros: Air con. Ample parking. Delicious sweet ginger sauce. Comforting soup.
Cons: Took me 15 minutes to find the shop.
Cost: $4.60
Rating: 6.833/10

#21. Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice 星和海南鸡饭
270 Middle Road Singapore 188993
T: 6336 7579

Sing Ho Hainan Chicken RiceChicken: Nicely seasoned with a sweet sesame oil. 7.25/10
Rice: Salty. Rather bland. But if you eat in big mouthfuls, there is a buttery taste. 6.25/10
Chilli: Sweet and spicy. 7/10
Pros: Affordable food in town. Serves other stir-fried dishes. Got seats. Can illegal park along the road and watch out for your vehicle.
Cons: NA
Cost: $3.50 a plate. Ours is two persons’ portions ($9).
Rating: 6.833/10

#20. The Big Bird
271 Bukit Timah Road, #01-07 Balmoral Plaza, Singapore 259708
T: 6734 6022 / 9101 0143

the big bird chicken riceChicken: Very tasty and tender, but so little. The bird is not big. 7.25/10
Rice: No aroma, cold, but very tasty. 7/10
Chilli: Very spicy, but had a freshness, and it had a taste of capsicum. 6.75/10
Pros: NA.
Cons: No ginger. No soup. Expensive. Limited parking.
Cost: $12 for 2 persons.
Rating: 7/10

#19. Xiang Ji Chicken Rice 香记鸡饭
Blk 630, Bedok Reservoir Road, Pasar Makan @ Reservoir #01-26 Singapore 470630
11am-5.30pm, Closed Tue

xiang ji chicken riceChicken: Tender but tasteless. 6.25/10
Rice: No wonder they don’t give ginger. The rice has enough garlic to kill vampires. Someone buy this for Edward Cullen. Having so much garlic boils down to personal taste: some like garlic, some don’t. The stall should sell mints too. 7/10
Chilli: Very awesome. Thick, sweet, salty. 8/10
Pros: Near lots of parking. Very patient and friendly lady taking the orders. Great soup, full of chicken fats floating. Very affordable. Lots of seats.
Cons: Stinky breath.
Cost: $2 onwards.
Rating: 7.083

#18. Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice 五星海南鸡饭
191 East Coast Rd Singapore 428897
T: 6344 5911
Other outlets: Cheong Chin Nam Road & River Valley Road

5 star hainanese chicken riceI had lunch at Cheong Chin Nam Rd (because it’s near my office), although the main branch is at East Coast.
Chicken: Very tasty. All pieces came with skin intact. But bony. 8/10
Rice: A bit too soft, and oily, but garkicky. 6.5/10
Chilli: Very limey, very spicy. 6.75/10
Pros: A light, refreshing garlic. Serves other stir-fried dishes. Near parking. Plenty seats. Great homemade barley.
Cons: Air con not working. Soup tasted like maggi mee.
Cost: $4.60 (chicken) + $0.80 (rice)
Rating: 7.083/10

#17. Sergeant Kiang Chicken Rice 三巡鸡饭
1 Hougang Street 91, Hougang 1 Kopitiam #01-19 Singapore 538692
24 hours

Sergeant Kiang Chicken Rice 三巡鸡饭Sergeant Kiang is the pioneer of Chatterbox‘s chicken rice, Sergeant Chicken at Rasa Singapura, and defunct Jiang Ji Chicken Rice. Now he’s going around Kopitiam, teaching his recipes. (See Mr Chicken Rice #22, and Sheng Kee #7.)
Chicken (breast):
 Super flavorful and smooth. When eaten with rice, the chicken still stood out. 7.75/10
Rice: Mild with a salty aftertaste. 6/10
Chilli: Got kick with a zesty end. 7.5/10
Pros: Great ginger. Think they used old ginger. Savory lipsmacking soup. Easy parking. Air con. 24 hours. No queue.
Cons: N. A.
Cost: $3.80
Rating: 7.083/10

#16. Eng Kee Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice & Porridge 英记海南起骨鸡饭
Blk 7 Eunos Crescent, #01-2651 Hong Lee Eating House, Singapore 400007
T: 6743 5520
8am-8pm, closed Th

Eng Kee hainanese boneles chicken riceChicken: Ok. 6/10
Rice: Nice bite, a little salty. 7.5/10
Chilli: Sweet, limey, spicy. 8/10
Pros: A small but dirty carpark. Rather good soup.
Cons: No ginger.
Cost: $2.80
Rating: 7.167/10

#15. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice 天天海南鸡饭
1 Kadayanallur Street, Maxwell Food Centre #01-10/11 Singapore 069184
T: 9691 4852
10.30 am to 8.00 pm, Closed Mon
Other outlets: Joo Chiat & Simpang Bedok

Tian tian hainanese chicken rice(See previous reviews on 19 Jun 2010 and 4 Oct 2010. Also see Ah Tai #4.)
 Hard. But they drizzled some special sauce. 6.5/10.
Rice: So Anthony Bourdain is right. Tastewise, the best. super tasty with ginger aroma. But clumped together. 9/10
Chilli: Monotonously spicy 6/10
Pros: Central location. A queue but swift.
Cons: No ginger, no soup (sold out). Plastic cutlery kills the environment, cuts the lips.
Cost: $3.50
Rating: 7.167/10

#14. Pow Sing Restaurant 报喜海南饭店
65 Serangoon Gardens Way Singapore 555961
T: 6282 7972 / 6286 4813
11am-3pm, 5-10pm

pow sing chicken riceChicken: Smooth and lightly flavored. 6.75/10
Rice: Nice bite, good quality, but tasteless. 6.25/10
Chilli: Sweet, salty, limey, spicy all at once. 8.5/10
Pros: Many seats. A proper restaurant that serves Peranakan dishes. Prompt service. Awesome ginger, I think made from old ginger.
Cons: Hard to find parking. Aircon not working. Expensive.
Cost: $6+ for a plate.
Rating: 7.167/10

#13. Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
505 Beach Road, #B1-35 Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583
T: 6298 6270
M-Sat 11.30am-9pm

Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice golden mileChicken: Seasoned sweetly, but the seasoning didn’t overpower the chicken. Was there seaweed in the seasoning?7.25/10
Rice: Nice bite, salty, with an almost milky aftertaste. 8/10
Chilli: Very spicy, and sweet. 6.5/10
Pros:Cheerful service. You order and they deliver to you. Affordable. Plenty of seats.
Cons:Limited parking. I had to go there 3 times because the stall was closed without prior notice.
Cost: $2.50 onwards
Rating: 7.25/10

#12. Seng Heng Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice 成兴海南起骨鸡饭
51 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre #02-177, Singapore 588215
T: 9662 4263
10.30am-2pm, Closed Sun

seng heng hainanese boneless chicken riceChicken: Hard, overcooked, powdery, but tasty. 6.25/10
Rice: Great bite, redolent of fat. 7.75/10
Chilli: Limey, gingery, with a kick. 7.75/10
Pros: Near parking but limited lots. Old ginger.
Cons: Long queue even at 11.20am, and it moved slowly because people were buying enough to feed their kampong. When people queue, they tend to overbuy. Be prepared to queue for 30 minutes. They forgot to give me soup. When I remembered, I was already almost finished.
Cost: $3.50
Rating: 7.25/10

#11. Hainanese Delicacy’s Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice 海南美味佳肴
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #05-116 Singapore 228213
T: 6734 0639

Hainanese Delicacy’s Hainanese Boneless Chicken RiceI went twice. There were long queues on both times so I tabao the second time. For the two times I went, I saw the same angmoh buying! Tall, botak, neon pink tee!
Seasoned overly salty, but I like salty. 6.25/10
Rice: Very nice bite, and very balanced, not overly heavy and not bland. 8.5/10
Chilli: Dense, and spicy, but too bad it’s monotonous. 7/10
Pros: Affordable in town area. Very considerate. When I tabao, they separated the chicken from the rice.
Cons: Small place, long queue.
Cost: $4
Rating: 7.25/10

#10. (Bugis Street) Ming Kee Chicken Rice & Porridge 明记鸡饭
Blk 511 Bishan St 13, Kim San Leng Food Centre #01-522 Singapore 570511
10am-9.30pm, Closed Tue

bugis ming kee chicken rice bishanChicken: They dunk it in iced water just before serving, so it is cold, refreshing on a hot day, and has very explosive flavors. The most unique among this list of 52 stalls. 8.5/10
Rice: Great bite, but not aromatic. 6.25/10
Chilli: Not the usual chilli. The dregs and liquid are separated. Not too spicy. 7/10
Pros: Parking nearby. Everyone buys enough to feed an army, but the chopper works fast. Yu Kee is beside it, so if your friend doesn’t want chicken, Yu Kee duck is fantastic.
Cons: No ginger. Sour soup.
Cost: $3.50
Rating: 7.25/10

#9. Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice 加东美味起骨雞飯
East Coast Road, Stall #3, Basement 1, Katong Shopping Centre Singapore
10.30am-8pm, Closed Mon

Delicious Boneless Chicken RiceChicken: The light seasoning brings out the natural sweetness of chicken meat. Very smooth texture, with an added crunchiness of the deep-fried garlic bits. 8/10
Rice: Almost bland but tasty with not-too-salty sauce. 6.25/10
Chilli: Viscous and garlicky. 7.75/10
Pros: Ample parking. Great free-flow of appetizing achar and tasty cabbage soup.
Cons: Long queue.
Cost: $11.60 for chicken meat for two.
Rating: 7.333/10

#8. Chin Chin Eating House 津津
19 Purvis Street Singapore 188598
T: 6337 4640

Chin Chin Eating HouseChicken: Very smooth, and even the breast is tender. Nicely flavored, but not overly salty. Great skin. 7.75/10 
Rice: Mildly sweet. 7.25/10
Chilli: Salty, spicy, zesty 7.25/10
Pros: A proper restaurant, serving other stir-fried dishes. Plenty of seats. Fast service. Affordable.
Cons: Limited parking.
Cost: $13 for half chicken, $0.60 for rice. 
Rating: 7.417/10

#7. Sheng Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice 盛記海南鷄飯
Blk 704 Bedok Reservoir Road, See Beh Ho Eating House, Singapore 470704
T: 9665 4882 / 9116 9506
Daily 9.30am-8pm

Sheng Kee Hainanese chicken riceAnother Chatterbox chef! That makes it 3 chefs on the loose, opening their own shops. (See Mr Chicken Rice #22, and Sergeant Kiang #17.)
 A tad rough but tasty. 6.5/10
Rice: very beautiful texture and nice taste. 7.75/10
Chilli: wahh. Impressive. Limey, spicy, with an aftertaste of saltiness. 8.25/10
Pros: Handsome uncle 老帅. Sells a good siew bak too. Nice cabbage soup.
Cons: No ginger.
Cost: $3
Rating: 7.5/10

#6. Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice (Margaret Drive) 新记驰名鸡饭
Blk 159 Mei Chin Road, Mei Chin Food Centre #02-22
, Singapore 140159
T: 6473 9525
11am-8pm, Closed Mon

Sin Kee Famous Chinese RiceThe original Sin Kee hawker at Margaret Drive retired, and people rented the same stall space and “borrowed” the name. I’ll not include that stall on this list. A few years later, her son opened this stall, and another son opened Uncle Chicken (see #39).
Chicken: A good clean chicken. 6.75/10
Rice: Super flavorful with a piquant aftertaste. Too bad it was lumpy. 9/10
Chilli: Fruity and sweet. Tasted like dancing chef brand chilli. 6.75/10
Pros: Plenty of seats and there are tables for up to 10 people, great for friends and large families. Near carpark. They deliver to you. Great ginger.
Cons: Super duper long queue. No soup.
Cost: $3
Rating: 7.5/10

#5. Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice 黎记
342 Balestier Road Singapore 329774
T: 6252 2318

Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice 黎记(See previous review on 11 Jun 2011)
Chicken (breast)
 flavorful. 7/10
Rice: Nacreous, al dente, got bite. But the grain didn’t come in a complete grain. 7.5/10
Chilli: Zesty, very strong lime, got kick. 8.5/10
Pros: Minced ginger soaked in oil, not bad. Air con. Parking at Shaw Plaza.
Cons: Slow service.
Cost: $7+ a set including veg and soup.
Rating: 7.583/10

#4. Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice 阿仔海南鸡饭
1 Kadayanallur Street, Maxwell Food Centre #01-07 Singapore 069184
T: 8137 6559
11am-8pm, closed Tue

Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice 阿仔海南鸡饭Ah Tai is the former cook at Tian Tian (see #15), but fell out with the owner. He set up his own stall now, a few steps from Tian Tian. Talk about vengence! 
Chicken (breast):
Good chopping skills. Cutting against the grain = tender but still how could breast be this amazingly tender? They should bottle up the gelatinous skin and sell; it was impossible to resist. 9/10
Rice: With a hint of ginger but could be more fragrant. 6.75/10
Chilli: Shiok. Appetizing and burning. Might be too spicy. 7/10
Pros: Longer hours than Tian Tian. Cheerful auntie. Not a long queue. Fast.
Cons: Hard to find parking during peak hours. Hate using plastic spoon and fork: kills the environment, and doesn’t have a good hold.
Cost: $3
Rating: 7.583/10

#3. Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice
101 Thomson Road, United Square Shopping Centre #01-08 Singapore 307591
T: 6255 6396
Other outlets: Novena Ville, Marina Square, 112 Katong, & Makansutra Gluttons Bay

Wee Nam Kee Chicken RiceChicken: A very great bite, chewy and tender, and super flavorful. 8.5/10
Rice: Aromatic of pandan, with a hint of ginger. 7.5/10
Chilli: Spicy, and salty, and the garlic came across strongly. 6.75/10
Pros: Tasty soup, sweetened by radish (I guess). Very thick ginger, one of the better tasting ones. A proper restaurant, serving other cooked dishes. Plenty of parking at United Square or Goldhill. Air con.
Cons: Labor crunch, hard to get servers’ attention. Tables are too near to one another, cannot whisper sweet nothings. No more I love yous.
Cost: $4.80+ a plate of chicken rice. Quarter chicken $8.50, half $16. Rice at $0.80. No service charge, got GST.
Rating: 7.583/10

#2. Yeo Keng Nam Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice 杨庆南传统海南鸡饭
8 Braddell Road, Singapore 359898
T: 6285 4261 / 62854153

Yeo Keng Nam Chicken RiceChicken: Strong sesame oil taste, covering the taste of chicken. But what beautiful, pristine chicken. 6.375/10
Rice: Fragrant, great bite, flavorful. 8.5/10
Chilli: Limey, spicy with a tinge of bitterness. 8.5/10
Pros: Free but limited parking in a small compound outside restaurant. Air con. Swift and friendly service. Serves other stir-fried dishes. The salad prawns looked awesome. The best soup of all 52 stalls, full of collagen, great for beautifying. Free delivery from $30 onwards. Free-flow of coffee from 3-5pm daily.
Cons: Hard to find the restaurant. Expensive. At first, we thought there was no ginger because we weren’t served and there were no empty ginger bottles. When we finished eating, we saw them refilling ginger in bottles. They must be kept the empty bottles before we came in. They should have told us there was ginger.
Cost: $5.50 (chicken) + $1 (rice)
Rating: 7.792/10

#1. Hua Kee Chicken Rice 华记鸡饭
85 Redhill Lane, Redhill Food Centre #01-72, Singapore 150085
10am-2pm, Closed M & Tue

Hua Kee Chicken Rice 华记鸡饭Chicken: Nice clean bite, but nothing extraordinary. 6.5/10
Rice: Lumpy but so rich. So garlicky. 9/10
Chilli: Zesty, invigorating. 8.25
Pros: Near carpark (but many cars). Plenty of seats. Generous portion.
Cons: No ginger. Slow, about 30-min queue. Open less than 20 hours a week! They must be making lots of money to work so little.
Cost: $3
Rating: 7.917/10

In conclusion:
(i) Singaporeans love chicken rice and are willing to queue for a very, very long time for chicken rice.
(ii) Standards for chicken rice in Singapore are very, very high. Any stall that scores a 6 and above serves delicious chicken rice.
(iii) Big names do not mean they are the best. Boon Tong Kee didn’t even make it to top #20, and Tian Tian not in #10.
(iv) Chicken rice is one of the few hawker food that you can start from scratch, and then open a restaurant eventually.
(v) Although restaurants fare well generally, great chicken rice can still be found at hawker centres. Yay!    

Best Rice: Tian Tian (Maxwell), Hua Kee (Redhill), and Sin Kee (Mei Chin Rd)
Best Chicken: Ah Tai (Maxwell), and Ming Kee (Bishan)
Best Chilli: Loy Kee (Balestier), Pow Sing (Serangoon Gardens), and Yeo Keng Nam (Braddell)

Top 10 Chicken Rice in Singapore
#1. Hua Kee (Redhill)
#2. Yeo Keng Nam (Braddell)
#3. Wee Nam Kee (Thomson)
#4. Ah Tai (Maxwell)
#5. Loy Kee (Balestier)
#6. Sin Kee (Mei Chin Rd)
#7. Sheng Kee (Bedok)
#8. Chin Chin (Purvis St)
#9. Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice (Katong Shopping Centre)
#10. Ming Kee (Bishan)

** The five permanently closed stalls are Johnson Hainan Boneless Chicken Rice (North Bridge Rd Market), 7th Storey Hainan Cafe 七层楼 (IMM), Zhan Fa Chicken Rice (Serangoon Ave 3), Rui Kee 睿记 (Owen Rd) and Old Market Shenton Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice 老巴刹珊顿海南起骨鸡饭 (Amoy St Market). I also visited Tiong Bahru Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice twice, but it was closed for both times. I gave up.

PS: I didn’t differentiate between Hainanese- and Cantonese-styled chicken rice because tasting good is more important to me (who cares about the style? Can be Harry Styles for all I care); because the differences aren’t insurmountable; and because the styles are pretty hard to tell apart these days. Such sacrilege!

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  1. An excellent, comprehensive review. What a lot of incredible work!

    I notice that you didn’t mention uncooked, undercooked, rare or bloody chicken. This is my MAJOR turn-off at so many chicken rice restaurants or stalls. I have now encountered three places that served me up uncooked chicken, usually in the thighs right near the bone. You can see that the bone is not cooked and the meat is bloody – red or pink. This is completely disgusting and VERY dangerous because uncooked chicken usually brings salmonella. I have been poisoned twice from uncooked chicken (once at Wee Nam Kee – never going back there again). Because of this, I usually avoid chicken rice restaurants or stalls, or go with roasted chicken instead. If I want steamed/boiled chicken now, I do it myself at home – then I can be sure it is properly cooked all the way through.


    Food poisoning happens too frequently in Singapore! One of the reasons is uncooked chicken.

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  2. Great comprehensive review. I guess a lot of hard work went into that! I haven’t eaten too much apart from Tian Tian, so I was wondering where you ranked it. ;) To know there are supposedly 14 better places than Tian Tian gives me a lot of choice on my next visit to SG! :)


  3. Wow, so very comprehensive and probably the best review on our most loved local delicacy. Thanks to u, I get to savour all the very best chicken rice places near my office and beyond.
    Well done and keep up the good work!


  4. Man. Now I need to revisit some shops to see. You missed out one: the one in the basement in Katong Shopping Centre! Avoid Sundays. Would be curious on what you think!


  5. About #7, the uncle is not an ex chatterbox staff. He was taught by one of the old chatterbox chefs in a television show that was helping hawkers not doing well.


  6. Clementi’s hawker centre Lee Kwang Kee’s chicken rice is also very nice. Not sure about the unit number though. Please go and try and do a review on it! Thanks!


  7. Hi! Nice review there! I have a chicken rice stall for recommendation which perhaps you may want to give it a try! It’s located at Block 347, Jurong East Avenue 1, Yuhua Market and Food Centre (Xing Yun Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice). Close on tuesdays. Give it a try! You might like it ;)

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  8. great work u have done on the chicken rice post. Now I have more chicken rice stalls to visit too.

    Do u know the tian tian also just open a sub branch in clementi.


  9. #7 Sheng Kee, chef is not from Chatterbox, but disciple of a Chatterbox chef, stall owner learnt his skills at Mediacorp 抢摊大行动 show.

    Try this coffee shop store at Tanjong Katong, opposite Caltex station, generous portion of Chicken at value for money price. Long queue though.


  10. Hi, there’s a chicken rice stall inside an industrial park called hwa kee chicken rice that’s worth a try, the shop owner is also taught by the late sin kee owner. The shop is at kallang place block 26. They have lots of variety of chicken, and also the braised pork is really worth a try.


  11. Is the one at Bishan the only one that serves the chicken cold? I love it that it’s cold and from your review it seems like they’re the only one?


  12. You have not tried the chicken rice at Toa Payoh Lor 5 Hawker Centre? IMO, that’s the best chicken rice in Toa Payoh. The queue will not stop once it’s opened for biz in the evening.


  13. Understand that dipping cooked food in cold or iced water is supposed to stop the cooking process so as to avoid the food from being over cooked. Some learned noodle stalls still dip the cooked noodles in cold water and then dip back in hot water. This shock treatment is supposed to give noodles the crunchy feel.


  14. You haven’t tried the best chicken rice if you haven’t had Min Kee Chicken Rice at Amoy Street Food Centre. IMO its the best chicken rice in Singapore, (especially the roasted version).

    Amoy Street Food Centre
    Stall No. #02-94

    Business Times:
    10.30am – 3pm
    Closed on Saturdays


  15. I notice you did not cover the west much. Next time, give the “Tan Brothers Roast” or something similar at Boon Lay Place Food Centre a try. I been visiting that stall since I was a kid. It is facing the shopping centre and only 1 chicken rice stall on that entire stretch. Brought people there several times and all of them gave the thumbs up! Could not find another stall with the same standard as them. Price is pretty reasonable too but I can’t give a base price as I always top up with pig’s ears.


  16. there is one coffee shop at toa payoh central beside courts. love the roast chicken. and also a chicken rice stall at upper boon keng market where sell famous kambing soup. the chilli not bad


  17. For Yishun 925, did they run out of achar when you visited?
    Their chicken usually comes with some achar, and if you order more than 1 person, sometimes the soup will have corn in it.


  18. you did not try bugis st chuen chuen chicken rice..? they were from Longhouse and shifted to Balestier market.. and have another outlet at Bugis Street.. the one at Bugis Street serves more variety, cafe style..


  19. Do try Jew Kit Chicken Rice at Bt Timah Shopping Centre, you won’t regret it! Makes my wife and me eat stuffs other than chix rice when we frequented 5star and Boon Tong Kee just across the road (Cheong Chin Nam Rd). Will help you decide which is #1 overall rank :D


  20. Lee Heng Chicken Rice at Marine Parade Food Centre is not bad. Huat Huat Hainanese Chicken Rice 发发海南鸡饭 at Haig Road is also good! Was featured on the program Lost and Found before :)


  21. I find the best chicken rice among my neighhood was at Ang mo kio St. 52 cheng San market the coner stall facing the carpark. During lunch hour the que is super long.


      • I lived in the same area too! I think he/she meant the hainanese chicken rice stall, at the left corner. There’s another chicken rice in the middle as well, also long queue during lunch hour also – their white chicken sells out by lunch..


      • I live in the same area too! Yeaps the stall has a long queue every lunch hour. Its the hainanese chicken rice stall, at the left of the 5 stalls facing the carpark.

        There’s also another good chicken rice stall in the middle! Long q during lunch too! Thir white chicken sells out by lunch hour or so too!


  22. I’m sure you can’t rate everyone in SG..But I think there’s one that should be mentioned and rated.
    It’s a store in Sengkang Square , governs by the Kopitiam group. I did not notice the stores name, but it’s the one facing the small rd going to it’s car park above.
    For $2.70 after ‘K’ discount, you get soft chicken pcs in a plate well splattered with some special saucy liquid .( I always wondered what’s the mixture are made up of, but I know that only good chicken rice stalls does that to make the meat more tasty , looking good and juicy , good rice, chilli is old school , separate ginger in oil. and the right type of dark soy sauce and comes with a bowl of simple soup.
    This stall if rated by what you’ve rated above , he should be in the top ten at least. For his passion in making the chicken rice. Very humble person who just have occasional beers with his friends.
    Pls rate him as we do not like to have good hawker disappeared without being noticed.


  23. I was hoping to see you visited the 幸运海南起骨鸡饭 in Jurong East St 31, blk 347 hawker centre.
    In my personal opinion, that stall’s chicken rice taste alot better than some of the other stalls you visited.

    Maybe you can visit them if you like to. But they are closed on Tuesday.

    And i really like the details provided such as soy sauce and chilli. The soy sauce plays a big part for my personal preference.

    Thank you for compiling this list.


  24. How about try adding Poh Poh roasted chicken rice at serangoon gardens food centre into your next list of tryouts?
    I love their rice, very nice aroma and flavour.
    Chicken meat is also tender.


  25. Hi, great post!

    I had one very nice chicken rice opposite mindef, i think just beside or behind a petrol kiosk…it was so long ago, but it was quite nice.

    Do you or anyone here knows about it?


  26. Guys, here is one more to recommend.
    Located at Amoy Street on the Second Level. Jiefuji Chicken Rice.
    The guy who prepares it was trained by Boon Tong Kee (Not sure if the spelling is correct)
    The food is amazing. Please Check it out soon as the whole of Amoy Food Centre will be undergoing renovation soon.


      • Thank you for the wonderful review. We really appreciate your tremendous effort and time spent.

        I would like to share the following points:

        !. Chicken tastes better if a good quality light soya sauce is used. This ingredient is sadly missing in most of the hawker stalls. You don’t have to add in MSG. Just mix a little sugar to the sauce will be sufficient. Of course, an equally good quality dark soya sauce is important too.

        2. To improve the boiled chicken rice, you should include smashed ginger, lemon grass and a little butter! Try it out. Yes, I totally agree with you that the rice should not be greasy.

        3. I have noticed that many hawker stalls “hijack” some portions of the chicken, mainly half the portion of the chicken breast when you order whole chicken. Very dishonest and disgusting. One stall even “short change” me with a chicken wing. These are popular stalls! How naive! I have stopped eating in those stalls.

        4. Of late, some stalls maintain the same price but they serve smaller chickens!

        We are very fortunate that we can easily get good and satisfying chicken rice in Singapore. The only notable difference is that some are becoming more expensive as their rating goes up. For stalls that still charge $2.50 and $3.00 for a plate of chicken rice I wish them well and they should enjoy our patronage.


  27. The comparison would be more accurate if you had requested for the same chicken part for all the stores that you have tried. Because the texture of the meat of chicken breasts is definitely not as smooth from those of thighs. Texture of chicken is very important when comparing chicken rice which is also a pointer that you had pointed out in one of your three major components of a good chicken rice.


  28. Nice write up. Been visiting #9 &#11 recently but my favourite is still the chicken rice stall at elias mall. You should try.


  29. Wow amazing dedication to eat and then rank 47 stalls. And you must have done it around the same time for proper comparison. Respect!!!
    I was reading thru the list and none of my two favourite stalls made the list *sads* and then boom! #1 spot is my all time fave chicken rice Hua Kee. :D Hooray! The son is now doing the chopping while the parents take the orders. Hope that means he’s taking over the stall permanently in the future. Last time when the son was serving he used to deliver the food to your table. And he’d remember the usual orders of regulars, even though there are so many. Now it’s the older folks serving, so back to self service. Anyway I’d feel bad if the auntie uncle had to deliver food to my table. I’ve not been in a few months, now I’m reminded of my love for it.

    My 2nd fave stall is Tian Shui at Blk 48A, Tanglin Halt Market (market side, not the hawker centre). Like Hua Kee, the chicken and rice complements each other. I find the rice here is good. They also serve chicken feet skin and gizzard. (There is another cr stall 2 doors away. and quite a few other stalls with super long queues)


      • update : imo Tian Shui standard has dropped in the past few months. It’s still good but not as good as before. I don’t know why. The stall holders still look the same/ from the same family. The chicken not much change but rice is definitely not as flavourful as before. Now I can’t finish it, in the past I had two plates of rice (yikes)

        I second/third Henry’s Chicken Rice at Commonwealth Crescent. It’s only $2.50 and the uncle is very proud of it. I don’t eat any roast chicken rice except for this. The meat is flavourful, and not dry. The skin is not restaurant style crispy but it has the same flavour – roasted flavour a bit on the salty side kind. (And it was this stall that got me started trying roast chicken rice again. unfortunately, those I’ve tried reminded me why I don’t eat roast chicken rice)


    • i always had that chicken rice when i stayed there. the rice is smooth , the chicken is so tasty and smooth and the chilli is damn damn damn good:) the kick of it, make me love it so much. miss it so much after i move to tpy, and none of the chicken rice here can matched the standard of tian shui . :(


  30. Not that the owner make slot of money is that do you know that you are sleeping they have to start working 3am to prepared all the chicken and washing till end of the day 6pm.They work more then 8hours a day so please get to know them before you say anything.


  31. Hi not that they earn more please you not in this hawker line please dont any how say that.Do you know that when you still in your dream when you sleeping they already work to prepare for the day sale.


  32. Hi, you can try Blk 678A Choa Chu Kang Crescent Singapore 681678 coffeeshop got nice chicken rice, indian food and also the best curry fish head I have eaten…


  33. It’s called chicken rice, not chili chicken rice – the weightage is skewed. The chili is a bonus, as is the soup (which is why I would put Delicious #9 at top spot; their soup is a dish of its own). Rate it again with soup and chili at half scoring, otherwise reorganise the list based on the merits of the chicken and rice only.


  34. Hey really thorough and well thought out findings!
    you should check out the chicken rice at ubi avenue 1 blk 350 at the corner. Im not sure what the name of the chicken rice store is but its very popular and finishes selling all the chicken by the end of the day which. Opens at 9 and closes at 6pm. Not open on sunday though.


  35. Great review there! Have you tried the one at Jalan Tua Kong? Do try it when you’re free! Would like to hear a review on that :) there’s also going to be one opening up at 45 Sam Leong road.


  36. 115 Bukit merah view hawker center.
    Theres a very nice chicken rice stall. Just infornt of the carpark. Incase go to the wrong stall, the boss is fat fat one. Try it out..


  37. Your posts can get so bias.
    “They should have told you there’s ginger”, if you have eaten at 53 stalls and they served ginger I’m pretty sure you can request if you don’t see one.

    Good write. though would wish to see roasted chicken version.


  38. Hi.

    Nice list.. but sometimes famous stalls get too much limelight.

    I have tried hua kee#1 on your list. It isnt that nice. You should try 佳新 which is also in the same hawker centre. The chicken is soooo tender and the rice is fantastic. My daughter is the food critic by the way. 5 yr old… always honest!!!


  39. Happy to see my fav store rank so high @ #2. Tot the list is inaccurate till I saw Yeo Keng Nam. Will try #1 if I have the chance one of this days. Can’t pls everybody though haha


  40. Hello! Personally I’m a big fan of chicken rice too and the stalls at amk central’s s11 (beside macdonald) (chicken is tender and flavourful, rice is decent and soup is super delicious) and the one at hougang avenue 4 block 681 (chicken is super flavourful and rice fragrant). Give these 2 a shot! Easily make your top 10 in terms of my taste buds. Not sure about chilli cause I’m not a fan of it :)


  41. There another chicken rice stall at Bedok 85 which i think is nice too. Should check it out, there two stalls but only one is nice.


  42. Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant
    6001 Beach Rd, #B1-20 Golden Mile Tower, 199589

    Do review this one as well, i think it deserves a mention.
    My favorite Chicken Rice so far!


  43. REALLY? People are commenting on how the author of the post should have asked for ginger at Tian Tian?

    Why don’t the staffs of the restraunt put out a bottle of condiment they prepared for the customers? Since its in contained a bottle, wastage is minimized as to putting it in a saucer, so don’t use wastage as an excuse. And the cost of a condiment is not more important than the impression of the stall, is it? Also, if you leave your bottled condiments out, you save time of service staff as compared to fetching it for the customers when they request for it.

    Imagine how the author felt when he/she saw the ginger being refilled after finishing the meal. The impressions left on customers either be how stingy the stall was for withholding a simple condiment or the less than perfect service of the staff.

    So why are people complaining that the author should have asked? Basic service line courtesy for your customers should always be observed.

    And yes, I am working in the service line myself.


  44. @WHOA – Auntie can be stingy lah, auntie making chicken rice more cheaper lah for you stop acting like a stupid angmoh and know you have to ask.


  45. Wow. Just wow. This list is amazing. Reading this before lunch was also possibly the worst idea I ever had so far in 2015, because I barely made it. Thank you for making this. There aren’t enough food blogs out there that review hawker/street stalls. Every blogger wants to review the next new Korean BBQ that came up, the next new Ramen place, etc. BUT THIS. IS. AMAZING.


  46. Sad to see that you’ve ranked Ming Kee among your list, their chicken is not tender at all and in my honest opinion, is not even better than the chicken rice stores nearby that area.


  47. This is a good review because many are biased and place Boon Tong Kee and Tian Tian in top spots. They are gimmicks for tourists and many are simply followers and not honest with their own tongues. If I were to judge, chili is definitely one of the important ingredients. If it cannot numb the tongue, then should use McDonald’s chili.


  48. Awesome list for chicken rice lovers! Surprised that you have not tried the hainanese chicken rice at Whampoa Market. They’re located at the front near the clinics and random convenient shops. They usually sell out at 2PM tho. Do give other chicken rice shops a chance and let us know your ratings as well. Cheers!


  49. For Tong Fong Fatt Chicken Rice, you gotta eat at the branch at Ghim Moh Market. I’ve tried a few other branches but the one at Ghim Moh is still the best!


  50. Hi

    Try Henry chicken rice at
    Blk 31 Commonwealth cresent market, second level, everything is nice, chicken, rice n chilli


  51. I’ve been living in New York for 25 years now and there is no real good chicken rice here. There is one now quite close but still not like in Singapore. Most of them overcook the chicken for fear of salmonella. Some good skilled chefs should come and invest in a restaurant here. There is a demand for good chicken rice stall here.


  52. Try the one at Hougang Central, Seng Huat Coffee Shop as well. Non-stop queue for their chicken rice too.

    Tried Yeo Keng Nam & Wee Nam Kee earlier, their standard drop, esp YKN.


  53. Try the one at Hougang Central, Seng Huat Coffee Shop (outside hougang mall). Constant Q during lunch & dinner hours.

    Tried Yeo Keng Nam Little India outlet instead and their standard drop alot.


  54. hi, the #39. Uncle Chicken Blk 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1, Alexandra Village Food Centre #01-76, Singapore 15012039 has actually moved its stall to sempang bedok hawker located above shop and save supermarket.


  55. You should write up Master Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice at Kim Keat Palm Hawker Centre, lor 7, unit 01-18 Toa Payoh, ex senior cook with TFF for 18 years. 2nd gen chicken rice wave


  56. Chicken rice reviewer should seriously pay attention to Nan Xiang chicken rice at Tanjong katong road (coffee shop next to Caltex)….the short operating hour and constant long q speaks for itself…lunch and dinner hour only…personally I prefer the later…it’s easily among the best in Sg :)


  57. What “we shouldn’t compare apples to oranges” huh? Chicken rice is chicken rice, lah! Chatterbox should be included. If Chatterbox lost no longer able to sell $32 per plate is the reason, i think.


  58. Try the chicken rice at hawker centre opposite Kwan yin temple queen street , uncle already above 55 years ,, better than boon tong lee , price 2,50 sgd Enjoy


  59. Give it a try at block 727 clementi west street 2. I personally don’t Really fancy chicken rice. But tried their chicken rice, Really thumbs up especially their chicken. And rice is just nice. Yummy.


  60. What about MacKenzie road chicken rice stall?. I think they deserve a placing too :). Just my personal opinion tho….


  61. Hi,

    Fantastic list drawn up.

    As a true blue Hainanese and a CR fanatic, I dare say I tried 3/4 of your list.

    However need to highlight that the Traditional Hainanese CR home cooked style of preparation is what #47 and 46 on your list ascribe to – seemingly bland, tough and tasteless. However, the older generation (PG card holders?) swear by this style without seasoning sauces so they can relish the gamey taste of the bird (older free-range birds preferred). Another reason to skip the sauce is because the traditional thrifty Hainanese housewiives will stir fry the leftovers chicken with lots of julienned ginger, shallots, sesame oil and dark soya sauce the next day. The 2nd round leftovers will go into a rich broth of flavourful porridge,, indescribable culinary perfection!

    Agree that the younger Singaporeans find it hard to appreciate this style of cooking.


  62. Great efforts on compiling the yummy chicken rice in SG. If can include some less popular stall at heartland area will b cool, some are not popular but yummy as well.. staying at yishun.. apart from 925 chicken rice, the one at yishun 293 also not bad.. especially roasted chicken..yummy

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  63. #6 doesn’t run the shop at Mei Chin Market anymore; now with his brother at Bedok. Closed down for awhile and taken over by a rogue. Claims to be the previous owner banners and all (reopened). Chicken is smaller and rice is hard (bad quality rice). HGW has a few fake reviews about it to top things off. BAN BAN BAN!


  64. Sorry bro, am late again…:)
    This stall at Smith Street China town hawker is not really chicken rice as compare, cause they are selling soy sauce chicken. I think their stall number is #02-128 (Hong Kong “Oil” Chicken). Their chicken is F (sorry have to use the ultimate letter) unbelievable…not only is very tasty, it is also cheap. Though chicken is slightly smaller but they sell at $14 (and $7 for half!!!). A plate of chicken rice (plain rice) is only $2 and noodle/kway teow is $2.50. There is no special price for drumstick…meaning you can get drumstick rice or noodle for $2 or $2.50 if you request though i did not try as I always orders by whole.
    Stall opened at 1100 till sold out about 1700. Be prepared for long queue at any time and hour cause I tried queuing at almost every hour on different days…10+ ppl if you are lucky and 20+ is average…
    I am now hooked on his chicken and quit Tian Tian (before Ah Tai open his stall) or even Ah Tai which is my fav “white’ chicken rice…:)

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  65. You should try the chicken rice at -block 304 woodlands ave 1- s11 coffeeshop along the main road. Really succulent chicken and the soup is awesome. Its a well kept secret amongst the northerners! ;p

    Liked by 1 person

  66. You never take an effort to discover more on west side so I don’t think you’re fit to name “in Singapore” which misled others comprehen as whole Singapore instead of your specified areas.


    • Usually I can’t be bothered to answer trolls but since I just replied someone on hardware zone, I’ll just cut and paste.

      Hello. Just want to clarify this because there is someone spreading rumors I stay in the East. I do not stay in the East. I stay in the North. So both East and West are equal distance to me.

      I spend hours, sometimes days, doing research online, going through pages of forums, reading line by line for recommendations. If there is even just one person who recommends the stall, I’ll pay the stall a visit. So for the West, either there is really a lack of good food or no Westies come online to recommend their food.

      So if you want me to feature the West food, follow me on Fb, instagram and twitter. When I ask for “where to get the best______ in Singapore,” you can give your suggestions.


  67. Excellent work!
    Hope you can review 载顺139 起骨鸡饭 located at BlK 254 Jurong east st 24 Yuhua Village Market & Food Center.
    Take note market is under renovation until 30/4/16 though.

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  68. Actually these are based on your experience and wonder why you claim the rankings accurate :) hehe…
    Cheers !
    The conclusion is not conclusive , come on. Just based on your opinion


  69. There’s one chicken rice stall at Whampoa drive food centre that’s way better than many chicken rice stalls in singapore.

    The stall is towards the hawker centre’s toilet direction , just opposite the satay bee Hoon stall, u won’t miss it!!

    The meat is superbly tender and fragrant, chilli sauce is tangy and spicy, just right.


  70. How about the Blk 168 Toa Payoh Lor 1 Chicken rice stall from your older “What do Taxi drivers eat for lunch” blog post? Was wondering why it’s missing here as I intend to visit.

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  71. Thank you for all the hard work. Will visit a few of these….. yummy! Once I was talking to a taxi driver. His family used to sell chicken rice and he shared with me the cooking process. Gosh, it was very labourious and so much effort goes into making good chicken rice.


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