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My Favorite Singapore Food Blogs in 2014

I have my likes and dislikes. I like lively prose, honest reviews, plain hard work, and ability to talk intelligently and complexly about food. I dislike arrogant, know-it-all princesses (an attitude, not a sex, men can be princesses too). I like simplicity but dislike simple-minded, unreliable blogs that write solely on invited tastings, claiming everything is to die for. Nothing is worth dying for, not even sex and chocolate combined.

In alphabetical order, these are my favorites:

1. Most Poetic Blog: And More Food writes in a stream of consciousness way like Virginia Woolf.

2. Most Diligent Blog: Daniel Food Diary is often the first to write on new places, even faster than print media. My go-to blog for new establishments. Truly deserving of his fame.

3. Most Improved Blog & Best Instagram Photos: GNineThree develops a style of her own, journalistic, bold, and objective. Writes mostly on cafes. Her instagram photos, that is, photos taken by handphone directly and not photos taken by camera then posted onto instagram, are the best I’ve seen.

hungry ang mo
4. The Definitive Vegetarian Blog: Hungry Angmo. Is there any other?

5. Best New Blog: Jiak Simi Png. Very hardworking, scouring instagram to be among the first at new cafes.

never trust a scrawny foodie
6, 7, and 8. Most Humorous Blogs: Never Trust a Scrawny Foodie, Only Slightly Pretentious Food, Small Potatoes Make the Steak Look Bigger. All amazing writers who have assured, singsong voices and can inject humor into their honest reviews.

9. Most Passionate BlogPinkyPiggu. Some self love here: Huccalyly said that Pinky reminds her of my writing, thoughtful and able to defend what we like or dislike about the food.

sg food on foot
10. Most Inspirational: SG Food on Foot. Earnest dude, and his of passion for food shines through his entries.

11. Most Helpful: I visit Singapore Food Blogs daily, a compendium of food blogs. Thanks, Justin, for maintaining the site.

traveling hungryboy
12. My Favoritest of AllTraveling Hungryboy. Love his no-nonsense terseness and his edginess. Most of all, I love how he snubs me like an annoying fly. The more he ignores me, the more I love him. “I’m your biggest fan/ I’ll follow you until you love me.” The blogger whom I most want to meet, but he wouldn’t give me the time of my life. Maybe I should make a documentary, “Finding Hungryboy.”

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  1. Hey! No Lady Iron Chef? I am shocked ;)

    Agree on Hungry Ang Mo, I follow him diligently which reminds me I need to get in touch and plan our roast potato cook off for the title of Potato Queen/King!

    I had forgotten about Hungry Traveling boy, must add him to my feed, I used to read his posts all the time but never quite got to your level of stalking!

    Was recently added to Justin’s site for which I am grateful

    I follow I think Daniel on Twitter and SG on foot on instagram, I must get around to reading their blogs.

    Most of the others are new for me, so thanks for that, I will update my Bloglovin feed with some new material!


  2. merry christmas, Nat, and thanks for the compliment (I take that it is!).

    I already read most of the blogs here (yours included, flattery aside) – a good mix of photos and no-nonsense. here’s to another good year of blogging!


  3. Thanks for the feature haha truly humbled by it. Must agree that GNineThree’s photos are the best; can never master how the placements of various items on the table for such beautiful compositions!


  4. Happy New year! I like this list but my favourite post of yours is still the chicken rice list. You deserve the most hardworking blogger too. Some non food blogs but food centric blogs are very good also – somelikeithaute, singaporeactually, muchadoabouteating and faeireimps. The writers write in what you said a sing song manner and have wicked sense of humour. Some fashion bloggers can be very fast in discovering new cafes.


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