Best Prata in Singapore: After Eating 72 Pratas!

mr and mrs mohgan roti prata shop2When I was young, my mother used to buy stacks of pratas on Sunday, and I would tear into them, still hot, with my hands. I could eat 4 or 5 at each time. For this entry, we ate at least 72 pratas, not counting our second and third visits to some stalls. A South Indian staple, dough is stretched, flipped, and panfried till it is crispy outside and fluffy inside. The curry must be loaded with spices.

There are too many flavors–durian, mushroom, cheese, etc–so we compared only the classic kosong (plain) and telor (egg), although we sometimes ordered additional flavors. While some stalls may give pratas already cooked for customers who tabao, we should get hot pratas made upon ordering since we were makan-ing there. The difference between pre-prepared and a la minute pratas is vast and palpable.  In ascending order:

#36. Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant
237 & 239 Jalan Kayu Singapore 799463
T: +65 6481 1537
24 hours

thasevi famous jalan kayu prataPlain: Cold. $1. 5/10
Egg: Terrible. Cold, and the egg wasn’t smashed and spread throughout the prata. It was a hard lump of overly cooked sunny side up. $1.80. 4/10
Curry: Oniony, sourish but not in a piquant way. Not spicy. 5.5/10
Pros: Hot male customers, many of them young and muscular. Parking at a nearby carpark.
Cons: Difficult to access the location. Long wait for cold food.
Rating: 4.833/10

#35. Har Yassin 24hrs Restaurant
44 & 46 Changi Road Singapore 419704

har yassin restaurantPlain: they don’t sell plain prata.
Egg: Tasted ok, quite eggy, but it was cold. $1.50. 5.5/10
Curry: the daal-like curry had a strange vomit-like flavor. 5/10
Pros: Beside the main road, more accessible.
Cons: Dirty. Plates not cleared. Hard to find seats.
Rating: 5.25/10

#34. Thohirah Restaurant
258 Jalan Kayu Singapore 799487
T: +65 6481 2009
24 hours

thohirah restaurant prataSee previous review.
Plain: Cold. Hard to tear. Oil oozed out when I pressed my fork on it. $1. 4/10
Egg: Cold. Tasteless. Doughy. Egg didn’t spread throughout the prata. $2. 4.5/10
Curry: Spicy, sourish, with a layered taste. It came hot. 8.5/10
Pros: Beside a parking lot. Plenty of seats. There is a cheap breakfast set (5-10am).
Cons: Cold food. Difficult to access.
Rating: 5.667/10

#33. Niqqi’s The Cheese Prata Shop 
18 Clementi Rd Singapore 129747
T: +65 68721030
24 Hours

Fong Seng PrataAlso known as Fong Seng Prata, although Fong Seng is a separate shop, selling nasi lemak.
Plain: Doughy, not hot. $0.90 5.75/10
Egg: Doughy too, but at least it was made freshly. $1.50 6/10
Curry: Not spicy, tomatoy. Mutton curry? 6/10
Pros: Sells other Indian food dishes. Has a entire row of food to choose from.
Cons: Hard to park. Hard to access.
Rating: 5.917/10

#32. Shenton Way Power Prata
503 West Coast Drive, Ayer Rajah Food Centre #01-55 Singapore 139957

Shenton Way Power PrataPlain: Looked really pretty, tasted ok with a nice charred aroma. Too bad it was cold. $1. 6/10
Egg: Cold already, became doughy. $1.50. 5.5/10
Curry: Dense and sweet. Decent of them to give chicken skin and potato. 6.5/10
Pros: Lots of parking. Lots of other shops to eat.
Cons: Market needed some cleaning. On my table, there was bird shit.
Rating: 6/10

#31. The Roti Prata House
246M Upper Thomson Rd Singapore 574370
T: +65 6459 5260
Sun-Th 7am-2am F-Sat 24 hours

the roti prata housePlain: Entirely crispy, no fluffy. Too crispy already like a biscuit. $0.90. 6.25/10
Egg: Again, all crispy, no fluffy. Tasted like doughnut. $1.60. 6/10
Curry: Sour and too thick already, so thick it blocked the throat. 6/10
Pros: Lots of seats. Rather attentive service. Will be near MRT in the future.
Cons: No parking.
Rating: 6.083/10

#30. Kampong Cafe
60 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427726
T: +65 6100 5433 / +65 6100 3663 / +65 6100 9911

kampong cafePlain: seemed undercooked, doughy inside. $1. 5.5/10
Egg: Will said, “Tastes like my primary school canteen standard.” $1.80. 5/10
Curry: tasted like fish curry. Rather good, very spicy, with depth. 8/10
Pros: Air con. Plenty of seats. Free wifi.
Cons: No parking. Why were they playing Chinese New Year songs here? Wasn’t it disrespectful to the non-Chinese guests?
Rating: 6.167/10

#29. Srisun Prata
221 Boon Lay Place, Boon Lay Shopping Centre #01-104 Singapore 640221

Srisun PrataIn place of the now defunct I. Mohamed Ismail Food Stall.
Plain: Sweet with carbs but hard to tear because cold. $0.90. 5.75/10
Egg: Cold, bland, egg not proper spread. $1.50. 5.5/10
Curry: Sharp, sour, spicy. Fish curry? 7.25/10
Pros: Lots of parking lots.
Cons: Ulu. I hoped the bottom of the curry bowl was clean, stacked on the pratas.
Rating: 6.167/10

#28. Al-Ameen Eating House
4 Cheong Chin Nam Rd, Singapore 599727
T: +65 6462 1996
24 hours

Al-Ameen Eating HousePlain: Normal, not fluffy, not crispy, but at least made fresh. $1. 6/10
Egg: Very doughy. $1.50. 5.5/10
Curry: Nice piquant curry. 7/10
Pros: Sells other Indian dishes.
Cons: Far. I hope the bottom of the plate was clean to touch my prata.

#27. New Mahamoodiya Restaurant
335 Bedok Rd (Simpang Bedok) Singapore 469510
T: +65 6243 2086 / +65 6446 5176
24 hours

New Mahamoodiya Prata ReviewPlain: Very crispy but way too oily, as if it was deep-fried. $1. 6.5/10
Egg: Sama sama as plain one, only less crispy. Where was the egg? $1.50. 6/10
Curry: Seemed to be fish curry? Thin. 6/10
Pros: Served with sambal. Lots of seats.
Cons: Limited parking.
Rating: 6.167/10 

#26. Mr Prata
26 Evans Road Singapore 259367
T: +65 6235 6993 / +65 6784 1677
24 hours

Mr PrataPlain:So so. $1.20. 6/10
Egg: Nothing special. $1.50. 6/10
Curry: Not hot but spicy and sour. 7/10
Pros: Air-con.
Cons: Hard to access. Why so many people eat here? I ordered mineral water, poured into the glass, and the water tasted of lime. Glass not clean leh. I should have ordered lime juice.
Rating: 6.333/10

#25. Curry Gardenn
Outlet 1: 200 Turf Club Rd #01-06 Singapore 287994
T: +65 6314 4640
M-F 9.30am-9.30pm,  Sat, Sun & Ph 9.30am-3.30pm, 5.30-9.30pm
Outlet 2: 900 Punggol Road, #01-03 Punggol Ranch, Singapore 829168
T: +65 6385 0063
9.30am-10pm daily
Curry GardennI went to the Punggol outlet.
Plain: Crispy, sweet, with a slight sourish aftertaste. Not fluffy enough. $2. 7/10
Egg: The crispy parts tasted like Khong Guan biscuit, but most of it was doughy. $2.50. 6/10
Curry: Almost assam-like, hence appetizing. Slow rising heat. With bits of floating onion to give texture, but watery. 6/10
Pros: Free parking. Good service. Teh halia damn fierce. Air con. If you go to the Punggol outlet, it’s scenic.
Cons: Very expensive. Super slow.
Rating: 6.333/10

#24. Saffron’s Cafeteria by Bee’s Catering Service
201D Tampines Street 21, 01-1163, Singapore, 524201
T: +65 6787 6010
24 hours

Saffrons CafeteriaPlain: Crispy but doughy. $1. 7/10
Egg: Dry. Egg overcooked. $1.50. 6/10
Curry: A burnt taste in a sour curry. Rather unique, but took some getting used to. 6/10
Pros: Great atmosphere, felt like a party, made me want to order lots of things. Lots of seating. Lots of people but didn’t wait long. Served with sambal.
Cons: Sticky menu. Hard to find parking.
Rating: 6.333/10

#23. Bluestar Islamic Banana Leaf Restaurant
102 Yishun Ave 5 #01-127 Singapore 760102
24 hours

bluestar islamic banana leaf restaurantPlain: Average. $1. 6/10
Egg: Average. $1.60. 6/10
Curry: Good sour curry with depth. 7.5/10
Pros: N.A.
Cons: Dirty. Tables not cleared, pigeons flying around.
Rating: 6.5

#22. Prata Saga Sambal Berlada
665 Buffalo Road, Tekka Centre #01-258 Singapore 210665
T: +65 9880 2761

prata saga sambal berladaPlain: Cold, hence doughy. $0.80. 5.75/10
Egg: Great texture, sweet, but cold. $1.30. 6.75/10
Curry: Sour and gamy. 7/10
Pros: Near MRT. Plenty of other things to eat here. Affordable.
Cons: Unfortunately, they cook the prata before the customers order, so the pratas may be cold.
Rating: 6.5/10

#21. What You Do Prata
Food Republic at 313 Somerset, or Suntec, or Nex.

What You Do PrataPlain: Normal. $1.30. 6/10
Egg: Very thin, so it seemed the egg was part of prata. $2. 6.25/10
Curry: oily but potent, complex, spicy, sweet. 8.25/10
Pros: made upon ordering, so it’s hot. Easily accessible. A tourist said to the cashier, “Every time I visit Singapore, I eat your prata.”
Cons: Considering that it’s at food courts, I don’t think cost should be a con. On the contrary, it’s good pricing.
Rating: 6.833/10

#20. Syed Restaurant
326 Bedok Road (Simpang Bedok) Singapore 469496
T: +65 6242 5412
Open 24 hours daily

Syed RestaurantPlain: Made on the spot, hot, very crispy, but overly crispy like an over-fried fry. Greasy. $1. 7/10
Egg: Hot. But like the plain prata, greasy, overly crispy and hard, and the egg wasn’t spread out evenly. $1.50. 6.5/10
Curry: Watery but spicy and sourish. 7/10
Pros: Near parking but many cars at night.
Cons: 24 hours.
Rating: 6.833/10

#19. Ali Fatimah Food Stall
Blk 85 Redhill Lane #01-01 Redhill Close Food Centre, Singapore 150085

Ali Fatimah Food StallPlain: A little chao-tah, which is nice. Sweet, but slightly doughy. $0.80. 7/10
Egg: Soft, and padded. Better than the kosong. 7.5/10
Curry: Gamy, watery and one-dimensional. Needs improvement. 6/10
Pros: Near MRT.
Cons: 30-min queue! A parent was quite despicable, sending their 5 year-old daughter to cut queue. Why like that?
Rating: 6.833/10

#18. Salimah Bee Bee
Blk 527 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-10 Cheng San Market and Cooked Food Centre, Singapore 560527

Salimah Bee BeePlain: I can’t judge this objectively. It wasn’t crispy or fluffy but it tasted like my childhood prata. $1. 7/10
Egg: See above. $1.50. 7/10
Curry: Mutton curry, very gamy, which I liked, but William didn’t. 7/10
Pros: Homely.
Cons: Na.
Rating: 7/10

#17. Mufiz Restaurant
Blk 835 Tampines St 83 #01-15 Singapore 520835

Mufiz Restaurant prataPlain: Crispy and thin, quite as good as Casuarina Curry’s. $1. 8/10
Egg: Ordinary and too padded. $1.50. 6/10
Curry: Sourish, moderate viscosity, tasted like mutton curry. Could be spicier. 7/10
Pros: Plenty of seats, plenty of parking. Prata served hot.
Cons: NA.
Rating: 7/10

#16. Deen Restaurant Indian Muslim Food
Blk 7 Everton Park, Everton Food Place Singapore 080007

Deen Restaurant Indian Muslim FoodPlain: Not crispy, but fluffy, not doughy. $1. 7/10
Egg: I usually don’t like pratas that are not crispy and fluffy, but this prata wasn’t crispy and fluffy and I liked it. It had a bread-like texture that soaked the curry well. $1.50. 7.5/10
Curry: Sour daal-like curry, not bad but char tah. 6.75/10
Pros: Friendly staff.
Cons: Even though there were 4 people working, they couldn’t handle the crowd. Hard to get there. Limited parking.
Rating: 7.083/10

#15. Rahmath Muslim Food (Previously Riyadh Muslim Food)
32 Defu Lane, Soon Soon Lai Eating House #01-14 Singapore 539213
6.30am-7pm, closed last Wed of the month
T: +65 6281 2664

Rahmath Muslim FoodPlain: Hot, crispy, but doughy and tough. $
Egg: Egg evenly spread out and cooked just right. Padded but tasty. $1.50. 8/10
Curry: Chicken curry, I presume? Watery, and tomatoey.7/10
Pros: Plenty of seats.
Cons: Ulu.
Rating: 7.25/10

#14. Julaiha Muslim Restaurant
538 Macpherson Road Singapore 368222
T: +65 6743 2773 / +65 6743 1798
24 hours

Julaiha Muslim RestaurantPlain: Really fantastic. So crispy you can hear it tear. And so fluffy inside. $1. 8.75/10
Egg: not bad, thick with egg, but disappointing after such good kosong prata. $1.50. 7/10
Curry: Too gamy for me. 6/10
Pros: rather good service. It occupies the entire shop and sells other Indian dishes.
Cons: Difficult to access. Limited parking.
Rating: 7.25/10

#13. Tanglin Halt Roti Prata
Blk 49 Tanglin Halt #01-365 Singapore 142049

Tanglin Halt Roti PrataPlain: Thick but fluffy, rather tasty. $0.80. 8/10
Egg: Soft and fluffy and thick. $1.30. 8/10
Curry: Cold, daal-like. Pity about the curry. 5.75/10
Pros: Near MRT.
Cons: Sold out at about 10am. 2 queues here, makan or tabao, remember to pick the right queue.
Rating: 7.25/10

#12. Casuarina Curry
136 Casuarina Road Singapore 579526
T: +65 6455 9093 / +65 6858 5156 (delivery)

Casuarina Curry PrataPlain: Arrived lukewarm. Think they left it there for some time. But was tasty. Crispy, buttery, not oily, and sweet from the dough. $1. 8/10
Egg: Thin, overly chao tah, not fluffy. $1.90. 7/10
Curry: Very strong in star anise, which overpowered other spices. But was thick and had a nice tingling afterburn, not unbearable. 7.5/10
Pros: Delivery from noon to midnight. Serves other Indian dishes. Air con.
Cons: Service a little half-hearted; they forgot my order. Limited parking. Doesn’t cook the prata a la minute. Doesn’t give receipts.
Rating: 7.5/10

#11. Mohd Faisal Eating Stall
Blk 150A Ghim Moh Road, Ghim Moh Temporary Market and Food Centre #01-61 S(279624)
6am-4pm, close alternate Tue

Mohd Faisal Eating StallPlain: Very crispy, but cold. $0.90. 8/10
Egg: So-so. $1.50. 7/10
Curry: Thick and gamy. 7.5/10
Pros: NA.
Cons: NA.
Rating: 7.5/10

#10. Pratas & Curries
107 Serangoon North Avenue 1 Singapore 550107
T: +65 8123 5505

pratas and curriesPlain: Doughy but when you dip into curry, it remains very, very crispy. $1. 8/10
Egg: Padded texture with pretty evenly cooked egg. $1.50. 7.75/10
Curry: Rather unique with a daal-like thickness and chick pea taste. Spicy enough with a tinge of nice gamy-ness. Lamb curry? 7.25/10
Pros: Plenty of parking. Sells other food like biryani.
Cons: Hard to access. Went in the evening and the guy said no prata, only biryani. But as I turned around to leave, he called me back and asked me to wait for 5 min. Why like that?
Rating: 7.667/10

#9. Sin Ming Roti Prata
Blk 24 Sin Ming Road #01-51 Jin Fa Kopitiam Singapore 570024
+65 6453 3893

sin ming roti prataPlain: Crispy and fluffy. Really good! $1. 8.5/10
Egg: Bland. Egg not evenly spread. Not crispy. $1.50. 6.75/10
Curry: Given a choice of mutton or chicken curry, we opted for mutton. Very sour, almost assam-like, very spicy, tomatoey. 8/10
Pros: Great buzz at the kopitiam. Quick queue.
Cons: Hard to access.
Rating: 7.75/10

#8. Prata Wala
Outlets: Jurong Point, nex@Serangoon Central, Tampines Mall, Junction 8, Chinatown Point, Bedok Mall

Prata WalaWe went to Bishan outlet. See previous review at Nex.
Plain: Thin, crispy, sweet, hot, and made fresh when I was there. $1.30. 7.5/10
Egg: Although egg not spread evenly, it matched the curry very well. $2.40. 7.5/10
Curry: One of the better curries. Had depth. Sweet, spicy, sour, like fish curry. 8.5/10
Pros: Convenient. Nice aircon clean environment.
Cons: Expensive. Not sure if standards are consistent across branches.
Rating: 7.833/10

#7. Al-Amin Food Stall
Blk 11 Telok Blangah Crescent #01-95 Telok Blangah Crescent Market & Food Centre, Singapore 090011
T: +65 9001 3786 / +65 9029 0632

Al-AminPlain: Tasteless but great texture. Crispy and fluffy. $0.90. 8/10
Egg: Not crispy, but thin enough to be pleasing. $1.40. 7.25/10
Curry: Think it’s lamb curry, a nice kind of gamy, spicy. 8.25/10
Pros: Lots of seats. Friendly service.
Cons: Hawker center dirty.
Rating: 7.833/10

#6. Prata Planet
Blk 320 Clementi Ave 4 #01-37 Singapore 120320
T: +65 6773 0733

Prata PlanetPlain: Piping hot. So crispy when you tear it, there is a sound of paper tearing. Rather unique in flavor, a savory, onion-like fragrance, not the usual sweet prata. $1.20 7.75/10
Egg: Again, savory, not sweet. Reminded me of fried carrot cake. $1.80. 7.5/10
Curry: Piquant, thick, spicy, with much depth. 8.5/10
Pros: Restaurant setting, aircon and serves other food. There is a buzzer on every table to get the attention of servers. Lots of parking.
Cons: Difficult to access.
Rating: 7.917/10

#5. R R Indian Food
Block 107 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Lim Kopi Food Court #01-164, Singapore 560107
24 hours

R R Indian FoodPlain: Hot and crispy. Not at all oily, and tasted quite “light.” $0.80. 8.25/10
Egg: Pillowy all over, and it’s not a bad thing. $1.40. 7.5/10
Curry: Tasted like chicken curry. Dense and strong. Might be overwhelmingly spicy. 8/10
Pros: Lots of parking. Affordable. Lots of seats.
Cons: Inconvenient location. Slow service.
Rating: 7.917/10

#4. The Prata Place
Main: 1 Thong Soon Ave, Springleaf Estate, Singapore 787431
Outlets: (a) Blk 340, #01-1679 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Singapore 560340
(b) Blk E, Stall 2, 180 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore 569830
T: +65 6459 5670

Springleaf Prata PlacePlain: Served piping hot. So crispy and so fluffy. $1. 8.5/10
Egg: WOW. Just WOW. Slightly charred to give a nice aroma, but not overly charred to give cancer. Thick, still fluffy inside, and the crust has a biscuit-like texture. $1.70. 9/10
Curry: From the piquant and sour taste, should be fish curry. Could be spicier, thicker, hotter (as in both temperature and taste-wise). Really a pity about the curry. 6.5/10
Pros: Very innovative. I went after trying their innovative Egg Benedict prata with curry-infused hollandise at Ultimate Hawker Fest–was very impressed by them. Prata made upon ordering. Air con.
Cons: Limited parking. Enter by Thong Soon Rd, turn right into Thong Soon Ave, and there is a tiny carpark (about 10 vehicles) behind the shop.
Rating: 8/10

#3. Rahmath Cheese Prata
Blk 74 Toa Payoh Lorong 4, Toa Payoh Vista Market #01-08 Singapore 310074
T-Sun 6am-4pm

Rahmath Cheese PrataPlain: Texture was fantastic, crispy and fluffy, but tastewise, slightly bland. $1. 8.5/10
Egg: Surprisingly normal, giving the kosong was so good. $1.50. 6.5/10
Curry: Really excellent. (mutton?) curry that has many spices. 9/10
Pros: Friendly uncle. Makansutra didn’t award them for prata, but awarded them for apom ($2), saying it’s “divine.” Nobody bought the appom, but we did. Not bad lah, but not divine.
Cons: N.A.
Rating: 8/10

#2. Curry Cafe
2, Sembawang Crescent, #01-03, Canberra Community Club, Singapore 757632
T: +65 6966 0832
M-F 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun 8am-8pm, PH 8am-5pm

curry cafePlain: Very buttery. Like a croissant, flaky outside, fluffy inside. Will said this is how a prata should be like. The prata shops along Thomson Rd are too obsessed with crispy that the pratas become biscuits. $1. 8.75/10
Egg: Crispy and fluffy, thick with egg. $1.60. 8.5/10
Curry: Chinese-style chicken curry with enough spice. 8/10
Pros: Enough seats.
Cons: Not halal. Hard to access.
Rating: 8.417/10

#1. Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Roti Prata Shop
7 Crane Road, Poh Ho Restaurant, Singapore 429356
6.30am-1.30pm, Closed T & W 3rd week of the month
T: +65 9794 3124

mr and mrs mohgan roti prata shopPlain: Out of this world. A thin crisp surface, and amazingly soft insides. It also has a complex taste that changes as you chew. $0.80. 10/10
Egg: Equally fantastic. Such tender egg. $1.30. 10/10
Curry: A good traditional curry. 7.75/10
Pros: very friendly. In fact, everyone in this kopitiam was friendly to us. I felt like I was finally back in Old Singapore. They have a good mutton curry and special anchovy chili.
Cons: hard to find parking. Long wait. Short hours.
Rating: 9.25/10

mr and mrs mohgan roti prata shop1

In conclusion…

Best Plain Prata – Julaiha, Sin Ming, R R Indian, Rahmath Cheese Prata, Curry Cafe, and Mr & Mrs Mohgan

Best Egg Prata – Prata Place, and Mr & Mrs Mohgan

Best Curry – Thohirah, Prata Wala, Prata Planet, Rahmath Cheese Prata

Best Prata in Singapore (in Ranking)
1. Mr and Mrs Mohgan Roti Prata Shop (Geylang Serai/Joo Chiat)
2. Curry Cafe (Sembawang)
3. Rahmath Cheese Prata (Toa Payoh)
4. The Prata Place (Upper Thomson)
5. R R Indian (Ang Mo Kio)
6. Prata Planet (Clementi)
7. Al-Amin Food Stall (Telok Blangah)
8. Prata Wala (various outlets)
9. Sin Ming Roti Prata (Sin Ming)
10. Pratas & Curries (Serangoon)

best prata in singaporeFor your convenience, I’ve created a map: Best Prata in Singapore. The color codes:
Blue = day prata
Red = 24 hours
Green = late night.

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  1. Ghim Moh egg prata is very good when eaten fresh off the stove (best time to order is when there is queue on weekend mornings since you are practically guaranteed to get the prata just made).

    I think there is another prata stall at ayer rajah (west coast drive) that is good. It’s not the one mentioned in your post tho.


  2. Why RK EATING HOUSE in Serangoon Gardens Estate wasn’t even in the list? I seriously doubt the review was so thorough.


  3. You missed one at the Woodlands Centre Road Block 4A Food Centre (old Woodlands Centre). Prata shop at the top of the stairs sells superb prata but the hours are ungodly. 4am and sold out by 7-8am.


  4. Try Ali Baba at eunos hawker center just beside eunos mrt. The stall is at the middle section, 1st stall near the walkway to mrt. The prata is always hot & the curry is nice & spicy. The dalca is my fav! Its a to-go place to enjoy my comfort food after work.


  5. You missed one, Blk 117 Petir Road. Bt.Panjang interchange used to be there more than 10yrs ago, and many still drop by for their prata. Pratas only served in morning, and the mutton curry is a must try..!


  6. Hi,

    Have you tried this prata place? No oil and super yummy. Compared to so many areas…i find this place in Arab street as ine of the top prata place. Wanna give a try?


  7. OMG the one at ghim moh market is the worst! been eating here for past decade and its super oily !!!! Taste bad…there’s people buying because its the only prata stall….. in 1km radius!


  8. Golden Nur has very nice roti pratas. Its located at Golden Shoe Carpark. Market St. Hawker Centre. Its a must try when you are around that area. Its well known among the people working that CBD area. Its worth trying! 😊


  9. Did u guys try the prata at Enaq Restaurant? It’s located at blk 303 Jurong east. Best prata/cheese prata I’ve had! Super crispy and flavourful!!! Must check it out!

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  10. Question: Did you put on weight while doing research for this article? Lol. Also. How long did it take you to try all these stalls and did you always finish the entire two pratas on your own?


  11. You can try the prata at Jin Biao Coffeeshop at Tampines Street 22, Block 280. It’s opposite Angsana Primary School (previously Griffith Primary School). Quiet and windy area with HDB car parks!


  12. Hi, the best prate for me will be at Bukit Gombak MRT station. There is an Indian store (sorry I forget the name but it is the only one there) at the hawker center beside the Prime Supermarket. The thick gravy is to die for with bits of mutton fats in it (you can request for it also if they have to add in your gravy). I always eat mine to go with the gravy poured in together with the prata and packed. When its time to eat it, the prata will be nicely drenched by the gravy. I hope you guys like it too.


  13. You should go to chai chee street (next to pingyi secondary school) and try out the prata over there!! cant rmb a time i was served with cold prata too. I always visit during the night (opens 24 hrs)


  14. Hi, I applaud your effort and dedication. It’s not easy to do this as a hobby, much less sustain it over such a long period. To the naysayers out there with your strong words – please respect that this blog is a personal space and we’re the guests; it’s a privilege, not a right for us to read and comment on the articles.

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  15. I live in Telok Blangah and have eaten #7 countless times. I am very surprised to see it so high in the rankings. It’s a decent to good prata depending on how early you go, but to be #7 on the list, means the prata “scene” is in trouble


    • Yikes. When i was there, i was the first customer and the guy made the prata on the spot. Very hot, crispy and fluffy. I almost scalded my fingers holding the metal plate. That might have influenced the score. Hot pratas taste infinitely better than cold ones.


  16. Pfft what would a manjan really know about Indian food? You don’t see an Indian/Malay giving ratings for Hokkien Mee do you? Coz we wouldn’t know the how it’s really supposed to be.


  17. You might want to try the one at Blk 80 Marine Parade… I think it’s quite decent even though it’s quite new, and it opens till 2 – 3am

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  18. The one at Chai Chee Street, it’s called Khan Sahab. They make very good pratas and offer 4 different types of curries – veg dhal, chicken curry, fish curry and mutton curry. One of the best i’ve had and it’s open 24 hours.


  19. Thanks for the hard work, effort & recommendation.

    Just went to #2 curry cafe, indeed it’s crispy and freshly cooked BUT. Their “pratas” are Instant prata and it is no where near the taste of actual flipped and flopped authentic prata. It’s so buttery I can’t even finish the entire prata (might be a plus for people who are SUPER BUTTER LOVERS) but trust me, for a butter lover like myself (I can have a cube of butter to a bun like those on SIA planes or breakfast buffet) I cant even take the overload-Ness of butter.

    I don’t think this should be part of this prata list, not to even mention being ranked #2 with a rating of 8.417/10.
    Because anyone can get it off shelf from the supermarkets with spam with butter at home.


    • Hello Sron. When I ate there, I thought their prata was factory dough so i asked them and they said yes. But it’s not those instant prata. It comes in a dough form, like a small fist. I saw it myself. People selling wanton mee don’t make their own noodles, so i see no reason why they should make their own dough. In any case, I think many prata stalls don’t make their own dough; most get from factory. If I exclude Curry Cafe because they don’t make their own dough, then I’ll have to exclude many shops on this list.

      As to the butteriness, I guess to each his own.


  20. A secret Gem in North East Singapore which no one recommends so far and everyone just says Jalan Kayu. Once you eat here Jalan Kayu is a thing of the past! I Highly recommend the kosong which is cripsy on the outside and soft on the inside, dip in curry and chilli… SHIOK!

    Al Falah Restaurant Pte Ltd @ 681 Hougang Avenue 8


  21. hi, wonder if u tried Imam Banana Leaf Restaurant.
    they have chucks of meat served with their prata. or dhal, one of the best!
    along geylang lor 1 good briyani too


  22. Should try KNS Indian Muslim Food @ 280 Tampines St 22.
    Only serves pratas for breakfast though.
    The pratas are light, crispy and not oily.
    Make sure to ask for a chilli to go with your curries. It gives an added kick if you enjoy your spicy foods.


  23. I suggest you do separate lists for north, east, south, west and central. From the comments, it seems there are many more prata places than the 36 you visited in compiling this list. :)


  24. Heh. You guys missed one of the best– it’s at Chun Sheng Yuan Eating House, along Upper Bukit Timah Road (next to The Linear). Go check it out!


  25. #3 Not as good as the one in the coffeeshop of blk 66 just across this stall. Their dall curry is superb as good as their prata which is crisp to the touch.


  26. Have you tried a Prata place at Blk 95 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh,? It is besides Tim’s. Not too bad. I wonder how you would rank them.


  27. Thanks for the great effort to try out so many pratas over 3 months by bus!!! Amazing!!! I lovee prata and this list really helps!


  28. Really rubbish eat rubbish grow!! Tested #02 prata today….CURRY CAFE!!





  29. Really rubbish eat rubbish grow…until gave rubbish reviews!!

    Tested #02 prata…curry cafe

    The prata taste just like i bought those from supermarket..frozen type. U go buy the chinatown brand at ntuc and cook urslf..u will know

    Its still a long way for u to become a food critics!!

    Hope no offence.


  30. Tough to trust in the credibility of this post when Curry Cafe, ranked 2nd in this list, uses ready made prata readily found in supermarkets. What a liar.


  31. Did you go to the correct I. Mohamed Ismail stall? It’s at the market not the shopping centre. Morning is the best time though.


  32. Just read through the comments and people are just SO HARD TO SATISFY -_- Well done for saving us the calories (and prata has A LOT) and for compiling this list!

    That said, my boyfriend made me cycle from Marine Parade to #1 on the list and I was so sweaty/tired to enjoy it fully though I really did find it amazing still. He didn’t even know the list existed but that was his personal #1 so I guess there’s two more people who would agree with you now :)


  33. HI, just like to say that the Prata Planet at Clementi is actually very near to Clementi MRT station. Can actually see the block where the restaurant is from the Clementi MRT platform (towards Pasir Ris side). And, no, I am NOT from Prata Planet. I am just a regular customer who works in West Coast and knows her way around Clementi.

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  34. If you get the chance to, do try the prata at Blk 19 Marsiling Lane…the coffeeshop facing the wet market carpark. It’s the best i tried to date (i have not try Mr & Mrs Mohgan though) & has the kind of dough taste i remembered from early 80s (i very much dislike casurina dough taste). There’s often a long queue in the morning…think they sold out around 11+. They make their own dough. Kosong is better than Egg, but egg is good too. There are a few choices of curry…can’t remembered which is the best.
    Am the can have prata everyday anytime person ;p…

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  35. Did you know that Sin Min Roti Prata stall’s previous owner was Julaiha Muslim’s Restaurant’s? He already made it famous then. The praise/appreciation should go current Julaiha’s owner. It was his father and himself(julaiha’s owner) who made this happen. It all started with a wrong publicity (Lost and Found- once aired in channel 5) and the current owner (SinMin Roti Prata) falsely admitted that it was him they were looking for instead of sending them to Julaiha’s. Of course, many of Julaihai’s old customer’s know about this issue, and are still in touch! anyways.. these are just FYI!! :)

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  36. I personal think that casuarina prata getting from bad to worst. So disappointed with my plaster, it looks just like egg prata and taste ‘nah’ also th teh with milk taste almost like plain water😂 my Lipton milk tea taste so so much better!

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  37. Great job man! I love prata to death so thanks for the list. Don’t let those negative comments demoralize you.

    Do try the one at Blk 703 Hougang Ave 2.

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  38. Very good research, appreciate the time for doing this up, BUT, how can you miss out ENAQ?????????? Most likely the only prata place with sambal chilli, consistent crispiness, good curry, easy parking and the list goes on. Please go try!


  39. Curry Cafe should be flung out of your list to never see the light of day again. I excitedly visited the place after reading the review only to find that the place is serving instant pratas that we can all buy from the supermarkets and make ourselves. And they’re charging at equal prices that the other real prata restaurants are charging. What an insult to other real prata sellers in Singapore. Thanks for all your hard work putting this list together, but Curry Cafe ranked at 2 is just pure ludicrous.


    • Amen! I was also excited to try when I happened to be around the area because in this list, Curry Cafe is ranked higher than Springleaf or Casuarina (my fav). Stepped in, felt really suspicious, and one bite and I knew it was instant. I get the same effect if I used the air fryer. Stepped out feeling sad for the wasted calories haha.


    Near to the AIA Building @ Blk 126 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-204 Indian Muslim Eating House " Pepper & Salt , their Roti Prata is the the Best in SG. also can try try their fried rice , Nasi Padang is also nice. call 96825337 for booking seat..


  41. I totally agree with you about thomson road’s obsession with crispy pratas.. I always find it strange that people are crazy over them and glad to finally find someone who shares the same view that they are overrated, like biscuits/frozen pratas..


  42. What about Springleaf prata @ sunset way & springleaf garden. They have other outlets too but i have not tried, only the 2 and love the sunset outlet. They definitely beat casurina prata which standard has dropped so much. They had stall at Ngee Ann Poly canteen but since moved out in 2018.


  43. Planning to try all pratas myself! However, not able to access the map anymore. Possible to share/email me a screenshot of the map? Thanks Prata buddy!


  44. Just wanted to say I love when you do this ‘best of’ series. Wow the commitment to eating that much Prata. Your pics have got me craving for sure. Also missed reading your blog. Been mostly on Instagram for the past 5 years.

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