Bingsu Battle: Bing Jo Gung (Guillemard), Nunsaram (Orchard Central), O’ma Spoon (Marina Square & 313 Somerset)

nunsaram orchard centralInjeolmi bingsu at Nunsaram, Orchard Central

I’ve been said to be a faithful man. My first love, my true love is bingsu at Nunsongyee. Despite its ulu location, I’ve been back 4 times, I, someone who seldom goes back to the same place twice. How do these bingsu cafes fare against my puppy love, my ice queen? Let the fight for my affection begin. In order of preference, from least favorite to most liked… 

#3. Bing Jo Gung Dessert House
102 Guillemard Road #01-01 Singapore 399719
12pm – 11pm

Bing Jo Gung SingaporeBing Jo Gung is the sweet sister of the Korean BBQ restaurant chain, Ju Shin Jung. When I heard the bingsu here is as good as Nunsongyee, I rushed here… and was disappointed. It was NOTHING like Nunsongyee’s. Nunsongyee’s bingsu is made from celestial snow flakes, this one is ice kacang. Why do I want to pay over $11-$13 for ice kacang when Old Airport Road Market is just behind?  Next better player.

#2. Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe 
181 Orchard Road #05-51, Orchard Central, Singapore 238882

nunsaram orchard centralThe sister outlet of K Cook Korean BBQ, Nunsaram has the same snowflakes/ machine as Nunsongyee and O’ma Spoon (see below). But we thought it didn’t taste as milky as Nunsongyee, and Nunsaram uses condensed milk, which I didn’t like as much as sweetened milk. The snowflakes here also melted quicker and were coarser.

But Nunsaram is more affordable at $12.80-$15.80 than its neighbour, O’ma Spoon, and it packs a lot more ingredients than Nunsongyee.

#1. O’ma Spoon Korean Dessert Cafe
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #04-01/02/03 Singapore 039594
T: +65 6333 0995
Second outlet at 313 Somerset opening next month

O'ma Spoon SingaporeI’m sorry, Nunsongyee, but this one has the same snow flakes as yours.

Here are some areas O’ma Spoon did better than Nunsongyee:
(1) there is a range of sizes, starting from petite size without any toppings at $3.80 (although it’s pretty expensive to buy ice for $3.80).
(2) Better location
(3) the mango cheesecake bingsu ($18.90, pictured above) had amazing flavors: mango, mango ice cream, almond flakes, raspberry jam, dried cranberries, and a thin slice of cheesecake!!! This is the best bingsu we have had.

Some areas that O’ma fared worse than Nunsongyee:
(1) I saw the CASHIER, the person who handles dirty money, use her hands on our desserts. The cheesecake fell, and she used her hands to pick it up. She also sprinkled the dried cranberries with her hands. Hygiene police!!
(2) the place seemed dirty. Empty bowls and crumpled tissues were left on the tables and nobody cleared them for the entire time we were there.
(3) O’ma Spoon’s serving is definitely smaller than Nunsongyee’s.
(4) O’ma Spoon’s bingsu melted so quickly, but Nunsongyee’s didn’t melt much.
(5) Nunsongyee definitely has way better service–more intimate and friendly and less commercialized–and way better ambience. You can sit at Nunsongyee and watch the world pass by.

After weighing the pros and cons in the O’ma VS Nunsongyee case, I still prefer Nunsongyee. So my current ranking:

1. Nunsongyee
2. O’ma Spoon
3. Nunsaram
4. Bing Jo Gung

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We paid on our own, except for Nunsaram. Nunsaram is an invited tasting.

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  1. Totally agree with you on Nunsongyee. Only ever been there once, but it was fantastic and the environment that comes along with it is near priceless.


    • yay!!! I’m glad I find someone with me. On IG, I read a few people saying they think O’ma is the best. So I was a bit disheartened. The taste for O’ma and Nunsongyee is similar, but your description is so accurate for Nunsongyee: “priceless” is the right word.


  2. Bingsu is my preferred shaved ice dessert from Asia, especially if it includes some traditional red beans. Singapore now has a surprising amount of bingsu places, and that’s a great thing! Makes you wonder why all those Korean soft serve places like HoneyCreme and Milkcow are so popular when all they serve is generic ice cream. A true taste of Korea can be found at the likes of Nunsongyee (also my favourite in SG).

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