Curious Palette, Prinsep St: Save a Stranger (with Stage 4 Cancer) Every Tuesday 

26 year-old head chef Sebastian of Strangers’ Reunion cafe has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, which means that the cancer cells are already in the bloodstream, and can be formed anywhere in the body. His insurance is, unfortunately, unable to cover the the costly treatments.

Strangers’ Reunion, and its sister cafe, Curious Palette at Prinsep Street, will no longer be closed on Tuesdays. All staff working on Tuesdays are volunteering their time, and all proceeds for Tuesdays’ sales will fund Sebastian’s treatment.

curious-palette-prinsep-street-menuWe went on Tuesday, and were heartened to see the support he is receiving; the cafe was brimming till a queue formed. We even saw a monk in his robe. (I did a snapchat video @RubbishEatRGrow for live reporting.)

To be honest, the menu isn’t interesting, and the food is just so-so. Many people order the ricotta hotcake ($14.90)—I guess you can say that’s their specialty—because it’s pretty, but at our age, we avoid sweet, carby food.

curious-palette-singapore-reviewThe pulled pork on sourdough ($18.90) with a poached egg is cleverly drenched in a sweet sauce to “moisten” the meat. 24-hour stewed beef ($19.80) on sourdough is ok. The wine-poached pears and waffle crumble waffle ($13.90) – no complaints.

curious-palette-cafe-dhoby-ghautIncluding a drink each, we paid $75 for two persons. That’s almost $40 per pax. This has to be one of the most exorbitant cafes. If it’s any other time, I’d have cussed like mad. But you can’t put a value on trying to save a life. Go on Tuesdays (12pm-9pm). They will carry on until they reach their goal of funding.

Curious Palette
64 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188667,
Sun-M, W-Th 9am-10pm, F & Sat 9am-12am, Tue 12pm-9pm
T: +65 6238 1068

Food: 6/10
Value: 4/10
Decor/Ambience: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10
Overall: 2.938/5

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