3 Breakfast Cafes in Singapore

Singapore was once a popular foodie spot mainly for its street stalls, but in recent years it has become a champion of multicultural gastronomy. When it comes to breakfast in Singapore, you’re spoilt for choice; the concept of breakfast is rather fluid and people won’t give it a second thought whatever you decide to eat. Whether that happens to be a serving of kaya toast, a box of noodles or a classic blueberry pancakes, eggs and coffee.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it can have many negative impacts on your day and more importantly, on your health. A good, healthy breakfast kick starts your sluggish metabolism again after your night’s food-fast, burning away those excess calories and aiding in weight loss (that’s why we break our fast!).

Breakfast provides you with a boost of morning energy that will have you tackling your day feeling positive, physically active and sharp in the brain and it also provides you with essential vitamins and minerals that aid your body fighting illness and terrible diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Saying that, we have compiled a short list of some of the best healthy-breakfast eateries to go to in Singapore that will set you right for the day.

Wild Honey

Located in Scotts Square, Wild Honey brings us an all-day menu that focuses on international breakfasts. Just a few on offer are the famous full English, a Tunisian Shakshuka breakfast, a Norwegian laks og eggerøre- or smoked salmon and eggs- and a continental open platter breakfast of cheeses, meats and juices. There are many options for the health conscious amongst us but Wild Honey is widely popular and tables may need to be booked on 6636 1816.

CLOSED: The Plain Café

Exactly as the name suggests, The Plain Café is a simple and quaint little place that is located on Craig Road with a simple yet wonderful menu to start your day with. Easy favourites such as nutty Muesli, creamy organic oats, fresh fruit salads and yoghurts are all on offer to eat, plus a beautiful coffee menu with quirky selections of tangy mocha and genera. Visit their website or call them on 6225 4387.


The perfect breakfast hangout that offers wholesome, gourmet food at reasonable prices. The motto of The Arbite is ‘Work Hard, Live Well’ and their menu is a reflection of this. Famous for their smoked salmon pancakes and their healthy take on the traditional fried breakfast, a morning stop here will leave you feeling positively spritely and ready to tackle the day ahead. Located on Serangoon Garden Way, it is easy to find and more information can be gained on their website or by calling them on 6287 0430.

Obviously, it isn’t always ideal in our busy lives to be preparing healthy breakfasts every day or going out to search for the best places to eat, but the benefits of been somewhere like Singapore is the options are limitless. With companies like Deliveroo and their extensive breakfast menu range from eateries all over town, you can start every day with a health kick and spend your time worrying about the more important things in life.


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