Spice Brasserie, Park Royal on Kitchener: Newly Re-opened, One of the Better Hotel Buffets, Offering Asian Street Food (Relax, They Still Have Chilli Crabs and Sashimi)

Spice Brasserie at Park Royal on Kitchener recently reopened in mid-December to a chic, sleek look along with a new dining concept serving Asian street food.

According to their Executive Chef Robert Chan, his team comprises of people from Asia, and so it is logical that they play to their strong suit to offer Asian street food with some innovation.

Street food doesn’t mean cheap food, so you buffet-goers, just relax. The cold seafood selection remains. There are sashimi, prawns, mussels, slipper lobsters, and interestingly, they also serve the cold Nanjing salt water duck and also a rendition of the Hawaiian poké.

Chilli Crab

Talking about seafood, their famous chilli crab is still on the menu (for dinner only), although there are more interesting dishes around like the Vietnamese broken rice claypot porridge.

Broken rice claypot porridge

I usually don’t like “sick people food,” but this porridge is bursting with flavours, cooked over charcoal fire with white clams, barramundi, and oysters. This is my favourite dish at Spice Brasserie.

Duck for Chinese pancake

Chinese pancake (with assorted fillings)

My second favourite dish is this Chinese pancake (it’s not popiah, ok!). It’s breakfast food in China and people can choose to put any filling in it. Ours has a little bit of spice and sweetness.

Another area I like about this buffet is that it has a lot of fish done in different styles! It’s my favourite meat. Also: do you know some Europeans don’t consider fish a meat? So it’s like you’re eating vegetarian food.

The fish here is done in Thai style (sweet and spicy sauce drizzled over fried fish); sashimi; poké; grilled salt water barramundi; and Indian fish tikka. The best is the grilled barramundi (shown in the gif) because the skin is crisp and the flesh is thick and succulent.

Why did I do a gif of it? Because I went back 4 times to check if it was available and each time, people got there before me. So I only ate it once. Now I miss it.

Pork belly looks lonely. Hey, let me introduce you to a friend, my belly!

Talking about grilled food, the restaurant uses a custom-made charcoal grill using the Japanese Robatayaki style. Their black char siew is thus slow-grilled. (They also have some yakitori sticks.)

Roast meats (beef, char siew, siew yok) and roast pineapple

Fish Tikka

Another of their strength lies in their tandoori items. They have their own tandoor oven. Try their squid-ink naan.

Butter chicken, tandoori chicken, with squid-ink naan

Vietnamese crepe

Other highlights include Asian salad bar, black pepper slipper lobster (for dinner only), and Korean fried chicken.

Durian pengat

Their desserts are good too. They have teppanyaki ice cream (passionfruit mango and matcha red bean), mua cheechempedak jackfruit cakerum balldurian pengat, Peranakan kuehs, and a satisfying waffle.

Although the buffet selection isn’t extensive, the quality is good, the price is affordable, and–well, my favourite fish is barramundi–they have barramundi on the menu. At this price range, this buffet has to be one of the better buffets around.

Buffet Price
M – F $34++, Sat & Sun $50++
M – Th $42++, F – Sun $60++

Spice Brasserie
Park Royal on Kitchener Road, lobby level, 181 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208533
t: +65 6428 3160
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10pm

Food: 7/10
Price / value: 7/10
Ambience / decor: 7/10

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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