The Curry Wok, Bukit Timah

Siam leh, lim pei one to take foto,” I said.

Mr NGFL said, “But I want to show your readers how humsum I am.” Sorry, I have to blank him out.

As you can see from Mr NGFL’s athletic wear, we hiked for 2 hours at the nearby Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and came here to replenish for our lost calories. We binge because we will have strength to diet tomorrow!

The decor is old-skool homely style with two tables along the corridor. As a neighbourhood eatery, the boss/server knows everyone and is very friendly. She recommended a few dishes to us.

Ngo hiang ($5). Wah, really quite solid. Not oily, crispy and you can really taste the home-cook-ness and hand-made-ness of this dish with slightly bigger piece of carrots to give it a sweetness and crunchiness. Very delicious – but can be less expensive?

Fish head Curry ($20) is their specialty. I prefer more sourish assam fish head but the boss/server told us that different people feedback-ed different things, so they adjust the curry to be half-assam, half-curry. The curry was quite robust but not very hot-spicy and the fish was fresh but not extremely fresh. Crowd-pleaser, everyone would love this. We drank up the curry and about 5000 calories.

Normally, obedient Singaporeans would stop at two dishes – but we don’t live in the 80s anymore and Mr NGFL said he wanted to try the lor bah ($8) or braised pork and beancurd. This was the only dish we weren’t very satisfied because the pork was cold and wasn’t tender. However, the sauce was very flavorful, and had a kick.

Including rice ($2/bowl) and drinks, we spent a total of $44.

Overall, great unpretentious place with friendly service, serving the food at a quick pace. Delicious food that has a home-cooked quality. Definitely an eatery worth returning.

Curry Wok
5 Coronation Rd
Singapore 269406
T: 6464 8878

Rating: 3.313/ 5 stars

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  1. did u say $2 for a bowl of rice?!! wah biang.. 我可是大饭桶,我去吃的话不就要花大钱在饭上?!就算不叫 lor bak, curry 也要很多饭来配吧。。hmm.. 老板娘还真绝。。犀利。。犀利。。


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