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Win Happy Sheep Honey!

Happy Sheep Honey is gathered from over 4,000 hives in the wild and remote native forests of the West Coast region in the South Island of New Zealand. Like fine wine, each batch of Happy Sheep Honey is unique as the taste and aroma can vary depending on the vintage and the “terroir” of exact hive location. With a range of four unpasteurised honeys — West Coast Honey, Active Manuka 12+ Honey, Lemon & West Coast Honey and Strawberry & West Coast Honey — these pots of gold are now available at NTUC and Cold Storage supermarkets island-wide.

How To Win 2 Bottles of Happy Sheep Honey

Share this link through our Facebook (showing “via Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow”). Remember your privacy setting for this particular sharing must be set to “Public” so that it shows on RERG facebook and so that we know who is sharing the link. For people living in Singapore only.We will enter your names in a random name generator and the first name that shows up is the winner.  Ends 13 Apr, Friday, 2359hr.

PS: We thank Shauna and Happy Sheep Honey for this giveaway.

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