Markets in Melbourne Australia: Queen Victoria Market, South Melbourne Market, Prahran Market & Camberwell Market

Also see Melbourne Itinerary & Best Food in Melbourne. Expedia also provides a travel guide to Melbourne.

When I was researching for Melbourne, I couldn’t find the info. So I decided to write one to help travelers.

1. Camberwell Sunday Market (Address: Station St, Camberwell; 6am-2.30pm Sundays): A trash-and-treasure market for trinkets and fashion. We didn’t go to this market so we couldn’t give any feedback.

Prahran MarketA park near Prahran Market

Prahran Market review2. Prahran Market (163-185 Commercial Road, Prahan; T&Sat 7am-5pm, Th&F 7am-6pm, Sun 10am-3pm): Many gay couples grocery-shop here so you know this is upscale. organic, hipster market with a few delis and fresh pasta store. Many Greek stores here. Very clean and pretty but more suited for locals than travelers because it’s small. Can give this a miss.

Queen victoria market3. Queen Victoria Market (corner of Victoria & Elizabeth St; T&Th 6am-2pm, F 6am-6pm, Sat 6am-3pm, Sun 9am-4pm): More than 500 stalls selling everything you want, this is a tourist hotspot. But I don’t quite like it because it is dirty, and too cramp. Not much food to eat.

South Melbourne MarketSouth Melbourne Market4. South Melbourne Market (corner of Cecil & Coventry St, South Melbourne; W, Sat & Sun 8am-4pm, F 8am-6pm): This is my favorite market. Great vibe, and plenty of food to eat, including a very popular South Melbourne Market Dim Sums (stall 91). Nuts, chocolate, tea–come here to buy local products back.

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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  1. South Melb market is my fav too!! I don’t like QV markets because it’s just too big, and messy. Prahran markets was a nice walk, though like you say, pretty upscale and things are quite ex there =P


  2. I prefer Preston market – next to Preston railway station. Not touristy like Q Vic, and more like a spacious Singa market.
    The best bit of Q Vic is the deli section with tourist prices though.


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