Permanently Closed: Chicken Legend, East Coast Road: Coconut Juice Steamboat, Strange but Delicious and Healthy

Chicken Legend Coconut Steamboat east coast reviewThis kopitiam stall serves steamboat using pure, undiluted coconut juice, straight from the coconut!!! No MSG, no added sugar. Its origin is from Shenzhen China. I know it sounds strange, but it is delicious and refreshing. 

chicken legend coconut hotpot singapore reviewBecause the soup base is sweet, the stall has to be especially careful with the condiments to pair with the soup. Here, the young bosses, Jasper Tan (20), and Dylan Dai (23), make their own soy sauce, less salty and infusing it with 10 different herbs. 

chicken legend coconut hotpot east coast priceThe food comes in sets, chicken, meat (pork and beef), and seafood, from $20-$35, suitable for 2 persons. You can also add on a la carte meats.

chicken legend coconut steamboat singapore priceBesides being healthy, what is amazing about using coconut as a base is that the soup changes tastes with different ingredients, creating a layering. The kampong chicken has to go in first for 6 minutes. We left the chicken there for some time and towards the end of the meal, the chicken had a taste of coconut in its flesh. The last thing to go into the hotpot should be prawns, which changes drastically the taste of broth, sweetening it to an extreme. Will enjoyed the extreme, but I preferred subtlety. 

chicken legend coconut hotpot east coast menuWill’s favorite was the pork slices for its fats while mine was the beef, healthier and sweet. But we both agreed that the seafood didn’t go well with coconut juice, so you may want to skip the seafood set.

chicken legend coconut steamboat singapore menuBy the end of the very, very heavy meal–as you tell from the photos, we two are pigs and finished everything!–we didn’t feel jerlat or surfeit at all. In fact, we felt rather light and healthy. We even got ice cream from a nearby shop. This steamboat is not only an eyeopener, it is an enjoyable one. We highly recommend it.

Chicken Legend 传奇椰子鸡

15 Upper East Coast Road, Soy Eu Tua 小而大餐室, Singapore 455207
T: +65 9295 0650
T-Sun 5.30-11pm
Rating: 3.375/5

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Thanks Jasper and Dylan for the invite.

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