Save! Save! Save! Most Insane Food Delivery Deal Ever: $18 off $25 with Discount Code

Don’t say bojio. I’ve been ordering food delivery so often that the delivery men around my area know that my doorbell doesn’t work, and they have my phone number on speed dial to call me to open my door. It’s so convenient to order food delivery because sometimes the weather is too hot to go out, because sometimes I’m lazy to cook or go out, because sometimes I just want to veg in front of the TV, and because sometimes it’s nice to enjoy restaurant quality food at home.

I recently know of an amazing offer. honestbee’s promotion has to be the best ever: $18 off $25, only available on their app for first time customers. (Discount Code: RUBBISHEAT7, valid till 6th July 2017) And they provide free delivery! Currently, they deliver to CBD, Bukit Merah, River Valley, Bugis, Kallang, Katong, Novena, Bishan, AMK, Toa Payoh, Bedok, Bukit Timah and Serangoon.

I’ve browsed through the honestbee app and I recommend the following:

What to Enjoy for $7 on honestbee App

Comfort Food
Comfort food provides a homely feeling of warmth and love. It’s very addictive and usually it is deep-fried or high in carbs. There is no other more comforting food than fried chicken wings. Come on, who doesn’t like chicken wings?

I recommend Wing Zone, which has an outlet at Bugis+. They use fresh chickens which are cooked upon ordering. They are then slathered with a sauce of your choice. This is what $7 can buy you through the honestbee app:

-12 Wings (U.P. $14.95)
-Thai Samurai Chicken Salad (U.P. $8.50) Hey, eat some vegetables to undercut the deep-fry.
-Wedges ($2.95)
Total Price: $26.40
After discount, you pay: $26.40 – $18 = $8.40 for two persons, or $4.20/pax.

Asian Food
There are so many options to choose such as dim sum, Indian, Thai, Japanese, and Korean food.

Initially, I wanted to recommend sushi because usually we eat sushi at restaurants but with food delivery, having sushi at home is easy. But eventually, I choose to recommend Kin Moo, a sincere and new Thai restaurant that specializes in boat noodles.

-Cha Kang Rao ($9.50): minced pork, pork ribs, peanuts, dried shrimps, garlic, egg noodles, in a generous serving of lard
-Thai braised pork knuckle with rice ($9.50)
-Thai Fish Cake ($9)
Total: $28
After discount, you pay: $28 – $18 = $10 for two persons, or $5/pax.

Local Delights
Whenever people ask me what my favorite cuisine is, I reply “Singaporean food” because there are so many types of hawker food and I am proud of our local heritage.

Naturally, the question is “Why should I order delivery when I can eat at hawker?” Well, firstly, you can eat in the comfort of your home, instead of queuing in the heat. And secondly, delivery through honestBee is free, so you are not paying extra.

I suggest getting from Sin Kee Uncle Chicken, which I ranked 6th out of the 53 plates of chicken rice I have tasted.

-Deluxe Set Meal A (3 pax): chicken and rice (U.P. $26.80)
Total: $26.80
After discount, you pay: $26.80 – $18 = $8.80 for 3 persons, or $3/pax.

Burgers, Pizzas, and Western Food
For this section, I recommend Two Blur Guys, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant at Tanjong Pagar that does Asian fusion specialities. They have been around for several years, so you know they have some liao. All burgers come with wedges and garden greens.

-Prime beef burger ($15.95): prime beef, tomato, gruyere cheese, truffle mayo
-pulled pork burger ($14.85): marinated pork, gruyere cheese, honey mustard
Total: $30.80
After discount, you pay: $30.80 – $18 = $12.80 for 2 persons or $6.40/pax.

One of my favorite ice cream-waffle cafés, Rabbit Owl Depot, is on honestbee!

-A tub (680ml) of homemade ice cream ($19.90)
-Triplets snowflakes waffles (3 kinds of waffles, $9.50)
Total: $29.40
After discount, you pay: $29.40 – $18 = $11.40.

My recommendations on this list are for 2 pax, so each person pays less than $7. This is amazing value. Enjoy your discount code: RUBBISHEAT7 (valid till 6th July 2017)!

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