Two Blur Guys, Orchid Hotel, Tanjong Pagar

Two blur guys, Maximilian Tung and Anthony Koh, first time venturing into F&B, are not blur at all. For their menu, they consulted the famous Chef Jimmy Chok, known for “Mod Sin” cuisine, that is, incorporating Western elements in Singapore local fare. But this hole-in-wall sells good old fashioned burgers and not fusion stuff. Many of the sauces and seasonings are made in-house.

two blur guys - pulled pork burger
The burgers are the best things on the menu. We had the prime beef burger ($12.50) and pulled pork burger ($11.50, above), both of which were juicy and flavorful but tiny in size.

two blur guys - beef goulash pie
The rest of the food on the menu were disappointing: beef goulash pie ($4.60, above) was greasy and deflated. The desserts, pecan pie ($4.20) and lamington (an Australian sponge cake dusted with desiccated coconut, $2.50), were lackluster and one-tone.

two blur guys - pecan pie & lamington
One thing we find puzzling is the target audience. The food seems to cater to groups, but there are only 10 seats. The small joint could be cozy for lovers, but the food isn’t date-food.

Overall, the burgers were decent and the price is right. Including beers, we spent about $48 for two.

Two Blur Guys

1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel Singapore 078867
T: 6636 4183

closed on Sun

Rating: 3.250/5 stars

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Categories: $0-$20, Tanjong Pagar, Western

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