Where to Stay in Kyoto, Japan: Hotel Vischio Kyoto Review

Hotel Vischio Kyoto, 2-minutes from Kyoto Station, is so classy it requires two doors, and the second door is opaque so you can’t see what’s inside.

Hotel lobby. To the right side, there is a self-service baggage storage.

But first, where to stay in Kyoto. Stay around Kyoto station. It’s the station that brings you to-and-fro Osaka and the rest of Japan. So you don’t have to lug your luggage everywhere.

The bus interchange is also here. The buses here bring you to all the tourist attractions.

Always classy to have a garden in the lobby

Around Kyoto Station, there are Kyoto Tower Hotel (Kyoto Tower is a tourist attraction), and Hotel Granvia Kyoto (which is the parent company of Hotel Vischio Kyoto where we stayed).

Among the three hotels, we eradicated Kyoto Tower Hotel and Hotel Granvia because they are way more expensive, although they are also slightly more convenient because they are in front of Kyoto Station. Vischio is behind Kyoto Station.

We spent only ¥11800 (S$150) a night, staying for 4 nights.

Another sign of class: high ceiling!

We were there early, and as you know from ALL Japanese hotels, they follow SOP and don’t allow early check-in. But, to the right of the reception, there is a self-service baggage storage area, which is much better than storing it with a concierge because it saves time. Just walk in, chain your luggage, walk out.

To the left of the reception is a free-flow of toiletries. This hotel serves mostly Asian travellers, so I dunno how the hotel survives giving away these toiletries.

There is also a lounge for check-in guests with free beverages.

View from my room on the 2nd floor

We were given a room on the second floor, which pedestrians at the back lane can look into our room, but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. (I’ll say more about the facilities on the same floor).

View from the entrance

“Simmons” mattress!

Love the room! It is both beautiful and functional. Very thoughtful design. It is probably the best room we stayed among 4 hotels during our Osaka-Kyoto trip. It’s newish, which means USB ports for charging mobile phones are beside the bed. The bed uses  “Simmons” mattress.

It has all the amenities including air humidifier, hair dryer, pyjamas (you’ll know why later), bathroom slippers, toiletries including toothbrush, etc.

One of the best things about the room, besides the bed, is the toilet and bathroom.

There is a bathtub! It’s like a public bath!

The toilet and bathroom are separated. The basin leads to the bathroom, which has a bathtub. It is designed like the Japanese public bath. There is a bathtub, and an adjustable showerhead that can be used as a standing shower, or a seated shower, like public bath.

The floor is made of rubber, providing great friction, preventing falls. Very good for elderly and children. I want this bathroom for my home!

The toilet is in a separate hole in the wall.

The toilet is in a completely different “room.” It’s a hole in the wall. It’s super hygienic because when you flush, the bacteria won’t be everywhere.

This modern Japanese toilet plays sounds to drown out any farting or embarrassing sounds.

To show the spatial arrangement of the room, I made a video:


Facilities are on the second floor, which makes it convenient for us to get to it. The gym is very good and has many equipment. There is no pool but…

Changing room of public bath

they have a public bath!!! AHHHH! So cool.

Hot water

However, I think they should station someone here to teach people etiquette. It’s very gross. We saw a man washing in between his toes in the hot pool. He should have done it in the squat shower area before entering the pool.

Cold pool, and dry sauna

There is also a beautiful restaurant on the ground floor that serves breakfast buffet at ¥2200 (S$28). We thought it was expensive and didn’t try it.

In conclusion:


-newish with USBs beside beds

-nice and, more importantly, super functional decor

-great location


-Great bathroom with bathtub.

-Public bath is fun.

-hygienic toilet

-Simmons bed

-free wifi

-bathroom made for old people and children.

Cons: Can’t think of any. Maybe they have no pool?

Hotel Vischio Kyoto
44-1 Higashikujo Kamitonodacho, Minami Ward, Kyoto, 601-8002
tel: +81-75-280-1111

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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