Where to Stay in Osaka: Review of Hotel Gracery Osaka Namba

In my previous entry, I reviewed Hotel Il Cuore Namba Osaka, and so there will be a comparison between Il Cuore and Hotel Gracery Osaka Namba, which is situated at the same station, Namba Station.

Just want to repeat the tip in case some didn’t read the previous review: stay around Namba Station. Because (1) there are 8 train lines intersecting the station, and (2) train from Kansai International Airport stops directly at this station and you don’t have to drag your luggage to transfer lines.

In any case, Namba Station is gigantic so there are many hotels around the area.

We wanted a budget of ¥10K (S$125) a night and both Il Cuore and Hotel Gracery satisfied that criteria.

Compared to the location of Il Cuore (2-minute walk from station), Hotel Gracery is slightly further from the station. About 5-minute walk from the station.

Although Il Cuore is the more convenient of the two, Hotel Gracery is the better hotel in terms of service and functions.

Taken from entrance

The check-in was amazing. After we checked in, the receptionist walked us to the elevator, pressed it for us, stood outside the elevator, bowed until the door closed. This kind of hospitality is irreplaceable by machines.

There is a couch?!

When we entered the room, we were impressed by the size. It’s huge compared to the ones in Tokyo and Hokkaido. There is even space for a couch?!

Here’s another view so you can see the tv

They have all the amenities you’d expect of a better hotel: bathrobe, bathroom slippers, toothbrush, wash cloth, etc.

They also have a bar fridge, safe, and even a humidifier.

As a newish hotel, usb ports are built beside the bed with a ledge so you can put your phones on the ledge. The ledge also provides extra space to put water bottles and other paraphernalia.

View from the room

I have three criteria for hotels overseas: affordable, convenient, and a good bed for a good sleep. Gracery definitely passes the first two, and the third as well.

The bed, unlike other hotels which beds are hard (I guess because Japanese sleep on tatami floor so they prefer hard beds?), is a good mix of softness and hardness. Hard enough to support the bed, but soft enough to be comfortable.

Toilet sink

The bathroom is AMAZING. The sink, the bathroom, and the toilet are separated. So three persons can use them at the same time.

OMG, it’s a private onsen!

The bathroom is like a private onsen!!!! It’s built exactly like a private Japanese bath, with a stool. The showerhead could be adjusted at the stool, or you can stand and shower.

The bathtub is big enough for two persons!

And I love the rubber tiles, so that it is super anti-slip, very good for children and old folks and people with smooth, exfoliated soles.

Toilet bowl is in another enclave

The toilet is in a small enslave on its own. And the best thing is if you’re shy of making farting noises, you can click on “SOUND” (which is really just water splashing sounds) and even adjust the volume!!!

No facilities in the hotel (no gym and pool), but they have a restaurant that serves buffet breakfast at ¥1400 a person. We didn’t eat it. They also provide free coffee at the lobby.

Here’s a video that we made to show you the room better:

We recommend both Hotel Il Cuore and Hotel Gracery; they are both affordable and convenient. If you don’t mind walking 3 more minutes from the Namba station, then Hotel Gracery is the better choice: better service, newer rooms, great bathrooms, better beds, bigger space.

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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