Rich & Good Cake Shop, Kandahar St, Kampong Glam

Chiobu: Hey, there is Rich & Good cake in the fridge.
Wise Guy: What’s that?
Chiobu: OMG, you have never heard of Rich & Good and you call yourself a food reviewer?
Wise Guy: WTH! We’re a team of food reviewers ok? We work in a team.

Many call it the best swiss roll in Singapore. After reading so many positive reviews, especially one by FoodieFC whom I esteem, the kaya swiss roll was disappointing. The “cream” was more like a jelly-form. The sponge was soft–yes–but it was nothing compared to the ethereal Japanese cakes. The kaya tasted artificial, which isn’t a bad thing; it can be delicious too. (Look at Pocky vanilla sticks.) This is about expectation management. The cake was alright and, in fact, not bad at all but really nothing mindblowing about it. If the shop were below my block, I’d buy it but I won’t travel all the way to Kampong Glam for the sole purpose of picking up, queuing for the cake.

Rich & Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar St
Singapore 198887
T: 6294 3324
M-F: 8.30am-5pm
Sat: 8.30am-4pm
Close on Sun and PH

Rating: 3.000/5 stars 


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  1. Actually the Kaya does not taste artificial, it taste homemade, cos my mum sometimes make kaya at home and it taste and feels like that, the constituency is not as smooth like the kaya you get in the supermarkets…


    • Hi hi, thank you for the hard work. :)

      Perhaps I need to clarify. Tasting artificial and being artificial are not the same. And the tasting artificial isn’t a bad thing. For example, the entry on Maison Kayson which has eclairs’ fillings tasting artificial but are delicious. Same goes for the Rich and Good Cake Shop.

      While the swiss roll is not bad, I cannot say that I will crave for it and I will not travel more than 3 MRT stations away just to buy it. If the shop is around my vicinity and there isn’t a long queue, then I’d buy it.


  2. haha, i quite like the taste of the kaya as it is a bit ‘old school’, but then again, it is within walking distance from my office to the shop as compared to your 3 stops :)


  3. Hi!

    Not nice? I guess our taste differ. I am told by several friends that my posts are too direct (when I do not like something, I will just say its not nice, can skip). Hence, my reviews are all my honest opinion, not rose tinted. =)

    For Rich & Good Cake shop, I must still say that I especially like their kaya! I have over the past few occasions try the rest of flavours (durian, chocolate, mango and orange). They are CMI (at least for me). Their Kaya Swiss Roll is the one I go for when I go there. My parents like the coffee version.

    Have you try the Orange Ciabatta at Good Morning Nanyang Cafe (http://foodiefc.blogspot.com/2011/09/good-morning-nanyang-cafe-sembawang.html). I like their kaya too. Wonder what your review on it will be.


  4. here’s another way of looking at it after my weekend purchase of Peach Garden’s Lychee Martini.

    I enjoy and love Peach Garden’s Lychee Martini! It is not the best cake around for sure (like how you put it, “nothing compared to the ethereal Japanese cakes”) and I will definitely retort in abject dismissal if anyone say it is the best. I only buy and love it because it is a local old-school taste cake done very well. Having say that, after travelling all out to Ang Mo Kio and back to Jurong to bring my family such a delicious old school cake, I only get to hear my brother mundanely saying it is hardly interesting nor tasty. my 63 year old birthday girl lagi better, saying that lychee is heaty, “don’t eat too much!” and start hand-picking the lychee bits. agghhh…

    I guess at the end of the day… best, good and tasty is pretty much subjective. or rather how does one define it. Hey, you got that right – expectation management!


    • Certainly I agree that the Swiss roll should be judged in its own category. The comparison to Japanese style of cakes is merely to illustrate that Japanese cakes have oomph but the Swiss roll doesn’t.

      We love the pine garden cakes. The cakes have an oomph factor, something surprising, unlike rich and good. The Swiss rolls are not bad but definitely over rated.


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