Farm and Fables, Savourworld, Science Park: Good and Simple Western Food

Savourworld at Science Park is a dining enclave with 16 restaurants with an al fresco courtyard. Each individual restaurant has its own (air-conditioned) space but if a group of people want different things, you may buy from any restaurant and gather at the courtyard. Although there are 16 restaurants here, I feel like many restaurants belong to the same “genre” and don’t provide much variety.

Farm and Fables, one of the 16 restaurants at Savourworld, took over the space of Garcons that also shares the area with Blotto Bottles, a wine shop. (It’s actually a good idea to get a bottle of wine to share with friends.) I don’t really like the name “Farm and Fables” because it misleads people into thinking that it’s a farm-to-table concept; I asked the cashier about it, he said brusquely, no it isn’t.

The menu is conceptualised by the Culinary Director Chef Derek Ang, who is in charge of the selection of restaurants here, and who used to work with the Prive Group. It’s a small menu with 4 meat mains (like fish and chips $13.90), and 4 pastas from about $11 to $24. When we were there, they didn’t have their signature, cured Norwegian salmon ($17.90), which looks interesting at jiak simi png.

We went for the beef ragu rigatoni ($12.90), ground beef in tomato sauce tossed in a tube-shaped pasta. It’s quite good. You can taste a real nice tanginess of the sauce, but it isn’t overpowering. The rule of the thumb is usually thick pasta for thick sauce but the pairing here is nice too. I wish we can add a meat on it because it seems too little for one person, although I cannot think of a meat that would have gone well with the pasta.

The 48-hour slow-cooked beef short ribs ($23.90) is the most expensive item on the menu, twice as much as the cheapest dish. It consists of 280g of bone-in Australian beef short rib on a bed of garlic mashed potato, doused in a thick veal sauce.

Mr Fitness likes short ribs very much but I don’t think the beef has been cooked for 48 hours. There is still a nice crunchy bite, which means the tough tissues haven’t broken down. If it’s cooked for 48 hours, it should be completely soft. But we actually prefer the texture to have a bite, so this is great for us. The garlic mash is very addictive too, and the sauce is addictive, very savoury.

One thing about Farm and Fables is that both of us weren’t full after the two dishes, so we ordered tacos from Spruce which has an outpost here. Hm… Spruce’s standards have deteriorated greatly.

In any case, Farm and Fables is not bad. The menu, though small, has some variety, and the food is pretty tasty.

We pay for the food we review anonymously.

Farm and Fables
Savourworld #01-27, 2 Science Park Drive Singapore 118222
tel: +65 6265 0992
11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-9.30pm, closed Sun

Food: 6.75/10
Price/value: 6/10
Decor/ambience: 6/10
Service: 6/10

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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  1. If a particular review does not specifically state that ‘We pay for the food we review anonymously.’, does that mean that it was a sponsored event? Thanks.


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