Spruce, Tanglin

14K wanted to surprise me worh. So he drove me to Spruce. he drove me, i feel like ah lian, not ah beng lor. Wow, so nice leh, the place, I am ah beng a bit scared, so high crass worh. a lot of angmoh around. Why angmoh can stay in such rich areas? I thought gahment say they take care of Singaporeans more than foreigners? But the outdoor area, beside the lush plants, got mosquito coils burning, si bei chao (smelly) leh. My nose very sensitive you know, need to smoke weed one. But got at-mos-phre lah. Engrish very hard.

Lim pei wanted to order the de’r-ka (pig’s trotter) one but si bei expensive. $46! My kopitiam only selling $4. So I ordered the Spruce Burger ($17).
This is wat they call the gour-mey burglar lah. Not bad, buay pai lah, the patty hor very kown (thick) and juicy. Although got condiments on the patty already, the veg in the burglar also got its unique sourish vinaigrette sauce, making the burglar very tasty, full of flavors. the buns also not bad lah, but I prefer 14K’s buns. Then hor, wah sey, the chunky anyhow cut fries/wedges got chili powder on it lor, powderful! Got taste, unique.
We share-share a mac and cheese ($9) lor, coz 14K sez I very pui (fat), he wants me to be like Thor worh. I also catch him staring at hunks worh. But wow, so orgasmic lor, like going to Desker road like that. So creamy, and cheesy, but a little little leh.
Then I couldn’t decide between Ginger Date Pudding ($12) and Sundae ($15) then I thought since I was on a date, then I chose Ginger Date Pudding lor. But 14K very kiang (smart) one, he said this date is not that date. But hor, he very sweet lah, as sweet as the desserts, so he ordered both for me. Ask me to diet still feed me so much!
I see the Ginger Date Pudding, I thought it’s sandwich leh. wanna use my hands to eat already but 14K sez I’m not a caveman like Thor yet, should use fork. I eat the pudding hor…then I want to ask…got ginger taste meh? got date taste meh? I only tasted a lot of sugar lor.
Then hor, I think the sundae needs some description on the menu leh. Like sundae is only ice cream what, but when it came, it was more than two ice-kalim. The server knows we eating ginger date got vanilla already…he should ask if we wanted to change another fravor mah..but nair’mind lah. so we had two, one vanilla…then 14K asked if it’s mango leh! It’s orange lor, coz I remember last time young that time, got olange chocolate for Chinese New Year, so olange go with chocolate mah. but the fact that 14K had to ask means the taste was not very good lor. (Spruce make their own ice kalim by the way.) I thought it was from marigold at first leh. In the sundae, there were also caramelized walnuts. love nuts lor, never see I so nutty. But 14K allegoric to nuts lor, you know allegory? means got rushes on the skin. Then under the ice kalim, got brownie.
The desserts very average on the whole lor. I really need my desserts to be organismic lor, you know organism? like piak piak piak piak O O O O like that. If desserts are not organism, then don’t waste my calories and my impeding diabetes.
Service was ok lah. I think the servers see what kind of people you are one. Like when we ordered the food only, they were qing cai qing cai (anyhow anyhow) you know, but when 14K started his alcoholic binge, they got nicer. 14K huh, next time I date him to my kopitiam lah. 4 glasses of wind cost $68 leh. My kopitiam one big bottle of beer only $6.80. he can drink 10 big bottles.
Overall, very lomantic lor. quiet, good food, skip the desserts although large portions, average service.
320 Tanglin Rd Singapore 247980
T: 6836 5528
weekends: 8.30am – 10.30pm

Rating: 3.789/5 stars


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