5 Dishes to Eat at Go Noodle House @ 313 Somerset When It Opens at End of Nov

Bursting fish roe with grouper slices

Go Noodle House was first established in 2014 at Selangor, KL. In 5 years, they have opened more than 35 outlets all over Malaysia and Australia. The three founders, Lee Hon Wai, Alvin Tan Kok Meng, and Mok Wai Peun, believe in peng, leng, cheng [Cantonese: affordable, pretty (good quality), and delicious].

Now they are coming to Singapore at the end of November at 313 Somerset.

Pork balls in spicy soup

Go Noodle House kindly invited me to their KL outlet to see their production and I tried EVERYTHING on their menu. Here are my five favourite dishes:

Bursting Meatball Mi Xian in Premium Superior Soup

1. Bursting Meatball Mi Xian in Premium Superior Soup 

You can customise your noodles here: choose the type of soup (Superior soup, premium superior soup, or spicy soup which is sour-spicy 酸辣, not mala). Choose your noodles (mi xian or bee hoon). Choose your proteins.

The Bursting Meatball Mi Xian in Premium Superior Soup is the signature dish that made their name. They have sold ONE MILLION BOWLS according to the manager. Actually, it’s a very simple dish: just nai bai vegetable, mi xian, broth, and pork balls. But they are done above par.

Bursting fish roe

They use jiangxi rice noodles (mi xian) because it is made from 100% pure rice (大米). When it is cooked well, it shouldn’t break when you pick it up.

The bursting meatball is pork wrapped around pork and juices burst when you bite into it.

But the real magic is in the fish soup with hua diao wine and sesame oil. The recipe is passed down for generations and requires two days to boil the soup with fish bones. It’s light but still flavourful. You may request for 5-, 10-, 30-year hua diao (at an additional charge).

Clams (la la)

2. Clam (la la) Bee Hoon in Premium Superior Soup / with Additional Grouper 

If you don’t want pork, you may want to pick the seafood. Options include grouper fish slice or prawn. This combination, seafood in fish broth, is more familiar to Singaporean tastebuds.

The most popular seafood option is the homemade fish paste which they hand-make fresh daily twice, before lunch and before dinner. When I posted this on my IG story, a follower/foodie messaged me and told me that this is the best.

Fish Paste

In Chinese, the paste is described to be 手打 (hand-beaten) because you have to to throw the paste against the bowl many times to get air into the paste to achieve a consistent light texture. If you have ever made fish paste before, you’d know how laborious this process is. I did it once at a cooking class and my shoulders ached.

For the seafood option, instead of the fish paste, I recommend the la la bee hoon because it is refreshing, light, healthy, and tasty. If you can, add the very fresh slices of grouper to it.

Century Egg Pan Mee

3. Hakka Pan Mee with Onsen Egg / Hakka Pan Mee with Century Egg

This is a bit of a cheat because I cannot decide which one I like better; they are both excellent.

Like their fish paste, they make their pan mee freshly twice, in the morning and late afternoon. They don’t keep them overnight.

They make their pan mee fresh twice daily, before lunch and before dinner

They render their famous fish broth into a sauce and coat the noodles with this sauce and lard.

The onsen egg version is creamy while the century egg has a nice robust pungency.

Special Dark Sauce Pan Mee and Onsen Egg

4. Special Dark Sauce Pan Mee and Onsen Egg

This is not for everyone but if you like KL Hokkien mee, you may like this with similar flavours.

Assorted side dishes

5. Crispy fu-chuk

They offer a wide array of side dishes from gold coin (bak kwa) to fried golden pillow (handmade taupok). The most popular side is the crispy fu-chuk, which is a smidgeon of fish paste between two beancurd skin: deep-fried.

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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