House, Barracks & Camp, Dempsey

The first time I went to House, I was with a group of rather beautiful and successful people. Two used to be models who went on to become wealthy in their fields. I forgot what we ordered, but it was salad, main meal and desserts. The food was very forgettable but the service was impeccable despite a full house. Whenever we needed service, we just looked around and they ran to us. We were given the best seat, under the canopy, the center of attraction. It gave me a very nice and warm feeling.

I went again recently, not well-dressed and with a group of not-so-beautiful people. There was no service at all despite the restaurant being half-empty. We had to walk in ourselves, find a table for ourselves, and look and wait for the waiter. This was horrible. My friend also noted that they are only attentive to White people. I corrected her to say that they are attentive to White people and/or beautiful and rich-looking people.

Seriously, no matter how delicious the food is, no one should tolerate this kind of service and much less from a restaurant with so-so food.

House, Barracks & Camp
8D Dempsey Rd
T: 6475 7787

Rating: 2.487/5 stars

Categories: $40-$60, Dempsey, Dessert, Western

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