Ivory, The Indian Kitchen, Clarke Quay

Note: Restaurant has renamed itself to “Go India.”

The night before, while looking on the online lunch buffet menu, I rubbed my hands in glee and anticipation. (I’m serious, you can ask my sister as witness.) From the menu, I thought it would be an ala carte style. I was already imagining what to order.

The day itself:
It took me a long time to find the restaurant because of the confusing address:
3A River Valley Road
Clarke Quay #02-04
S 179020
Tel: 6333 4664
It was confusing not because it is on the 2nd floor. (Hello, I can read unit number.) It was confusing because the address is “River Valley Road.” The restaurant is not along the road at all; it is along Singapore river, right at the bridge connecting the 2 sides; Central Mall at one side, and Ivory on the other.
When I went up, I was shown in by a very lethargic manager. In fact, my friend and I concluded that all the servers were lethargic–Man, time for the
ir siesta?–although we didn’t mind their low energy level because they were polite and nice. Not very attentive–we tried to get their attention several times but couldn’t–but still, they were nice.
But imagine my let-down when I saw this:

Super sad. Not only was it not the ala carte menu shown on the website, the selection was limited with only four meats (fish, black pepper chicken, spicy mutton curry, and mild chicken curry). There were also two types of rice (just a normal white long-grained rice and biryani rice); two soups; mushroom in mashed spinach (which wasn’t bad); cheese tofu (bland) and a cauliflower. The desserts were the best among all, especially the surprising carrot pudding, which should be corrected named as warm shredded carrot with raisins and almond flakes. Very delicious.
Since I pretty much only eat meat, I didn’t and couldn’t eat a lot. Here is an obligatory but sad photo:
My friend was late and I had already described the sad state of the affair to her. When she came, she was pleasantly surprised. She said, “It’s $15 nett, what do you expect?” If you think it this way, then the buffet was rather worth it. The food was relatively authentic (you can tell by the number of Indian patrons). But the menu on the website is too misleading, a kind of false advertising; it had raised my expectations and as they say, the higher the climb, the harder the fall.
We also ordered a drink each (mango lassi and strawberry lassi) at $5 nett. The $5 nett drink promotion is silly because on the promotion list, there are soft drinks – so why would anyone order soft drinks? I had the strawberry lassi, which unexpectedly wasn’t heavy and was in fact very refreshing.
Cute Chinese guy with his girl friend at the restaurant. Buzz me if you are him!
Rating: 2.872/5 stars

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