The Epic Ebi-Kase Experience at McDonald’s (From Now Till Stocks Last!)

ebi burger mcdonald's singaporeKonichiwa! This is not the same ebi (shrimp) burger as last year’s. This is the improved, third generation version.

There are WHOLE shrimps, not minced, in each patty. If you slice the patty horizontally, you can see the shrimps.

ebi burger mcd sgThe patty is coated with cereal, giving the burger a good crunch. It is then topped with a shrimp paste flavoured sauce, and finally it is kiap-ed between fluffy white sesame chive buns.

The Cereal Ebi Burger is so awesome it should be renamed the “ceriously” epic burger!

ebi burger mcdonald's sgWith the Cereal Ebi burger, McDonald’s also launches the sweet potato fries, which are so awesomely addictive. Crispy even when left for some time.

honeydew mcflurry mcdonald's singaporeFor desserts, the Honeydew McFlurry ($2.90) is back by popular demand. It is sparkled with bits of wafer, providing a nice crunch to the smoothness of the soft-served ice cream.

A set meal of single Cereal Ebi burger, a small coke, and a medium sweet potato fries goes from $7.45. Available from 3 Sept till stocks last.

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This entry is brought to you by McDonald’s.

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