Staycation: Andaz Singapore – Studio Suite King Review


The structure of the photos for this Andaz staycation review is a virtual gallery of walking into the Studio Suite King.

Andaz Sunroom – free for all hotel guests. Beverages provided.

For those who only read the beginning and not the end, take note that the beginning was unhappy but there was a happy ending. (Not THAT kind of happy ending, you pervs.)

A corner of Andaz Sunroom

Here’s the bad part: The check-in process was tedious, very tedious. We were there at about 1.30pm and were told that our suite would be ready soon and they would inform us when it was.

View from the entrance of the suite

But we waited and waited but no one came. Everyone else who waited with us in the Sunroom had already gotten their rooms. We approached the service staff a few times but they said they dunno. They tried contacting the reception but the reception didn’t pick up so the staff left it at that, without giving us a definite answer.

Immediately to the right at the entrance of the suite is the first toilet, a guest toilet, which I jokingly told my friends, “You can only use the servant’s toilet.”

The suite was ready slightly after 3pm when check-in time should be 3pm.  I don’t mind checking in at 3pm but don’t tell us the suite would be ready soon – don’t make empty promises. Don’t let your guests wait. Just say, “sorry, your suite will be ready only at 3pm,” then at least we could go shop around the vicinity.

As you walk in the suite, there is a walk-in closet to the right.

Here’s another bad part: There is no club lounge at Andaz. (They have a “sun room” for all hotel guests.) Usually if you book a suite in a hotel, you will get access to a club lounge that serves complimentary afternoon tea. Breakfast (usually better quality) is also served at the club lounge.

Walk-in closet

But Andaz doesn’t have a club lounge – so what’s the point of having a suite here if there is no extra perks?


The third negative: they closed the gym. I totally understand the reason they closed the gym (COVID19) but I find it strange that they closed the gym but not the pool. Their morning buffet breakfast was packed to the brim. So I wondered if closing the gym made any difference?

First TV

Also: the knowledge that the gym was closed came when I was there. They should have emailed me in advance to inform me and offered something in return (maybe a day pass to a nearby gym?)

View from bedroom

Also also: Knowing about the closure of the gym came after the waiting, the poor service, and no club lounge—it just piled on the frustration. I’m not an impatient person and I am understanding, but when bad things just kept coming, it got very distressing when this was supposed to be a happy staycay.

Beside the bed is a sitting area, partitioned by sliding doors. Don’t you think the decor in the sitting area feels 70s?

I am aware that this may come across spoilt and also aware that this is a first world problem, but when you’re paying a lot of money, you’d expect the best.

2nd tv in the sitting area

But once we got to our suite, it felt great. A good view is always uplifting.

The bar fridge and drinks are in this sitting area.

The suite is great, no complaints. Every usual amenities is present–from hairdryer to iron and safe.

Drinks are complimentary except for hard liquor.

Behind the bed is a huge toilet.

There is something so luxurious about two sinks.

to the left of the sink, there is the 2nd toilet. Weirdly, there is a stool in this toilet. What’s it for? Like you want a person to see you defecate?

To the right of the sink is the bathtub. You can see the Singapore Flyer from here.

The window has privacy filter, so go ahead and be naked.

View from bathtub

Here’s a video to provide the spatiality:



On the way to the pool

As mentioned previously, the gym was closed due to COVID19. The pool is situated at the lobby area where their breakfast restaurant is.


It’s a little awkward walking past people eating to the pool. I’d prefer a pool with some privacy.

If you’re hungry for banana at the pool, there is a banana tree.


Avocado toast – I never order this at cafes because they cost so much and I can easily make it at home. but since this is a buffet…

Their breakfast is held at their restaurant Alley on 25, which I had done a review. They maintained their standards—perhaps even improved, this time, it tasted even better—although the selection seemed smaller.

Eggs Benedict

I also admire their precaution. Because of Covid19, they stationed staff so that staff handed out the food, guests had no contact with ladles, tongs, and scoops. They really put in a lot of manpower here.

Selection of western dishes

That said, many guests (local Singaporeans, very few tourists) just grabbed the food themselves. Not the staff’s fault. Singaporeans can be ugly.

There are Western and Asian selections. They are of good quality. But the Asian selections are better. Their bee hoon is unforgettable.

The waffles are made upon order. Long queue.

It’s a lovely stay after the initial hiccup. We paid about $530 for a night when the usual price for a night is about $880.

-good location
-nice suite
-delicious breakfast

-poor (almost untrained) service
-closure of facilities without prior notice
-no club room
-swimming pool beside restaurant, you have to walk by prying eyes.

Andaz Singapore
5 Fraser Street, Singapore 189354
+65 6408 1234

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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