Staycation at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore Review: No, You Can’t Steal the Toiletries Home!

Night view (city-facing) from Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Singapore hotel review. We went for the most basic room, Deluxe room, which costs about S$500. There are two options, garden-facing (seaview) or city-facing. The latter is $50 more expensive. We got the garden-view although you can see the city from the infinity pool.

Long check-in queue

There are two check-in counters: one at Tower 1 and the other at Tower 3. Tower 3 usually has a shorter queue, but both queues were long and we waited for a while even though all counters were open.  I hate queuing.

But the receptionist had a very good attitude which put us in a good mood. We got a room on the 38th floor.

Tip: Request to be on a high floor and if possible, in tower 2. Because the gym is on the 55th floor on Tower 2. The lifts run from 1st – 34th floor or 35th-57th. If you stay below 34th floor, you have to transfer lifts to get to gym and pool. It’s troublesome. 

Room Entrance

Even though we got the entry-level room, it is bigger than the usual city hotel’s room. It’s organised simply with the cupboards on the left and the toilet on the right.

Safe and hairdryer

Coffee and tea

Items in the bar fridge are complimentary

The bathroom is huge but
-there is no bathtub?! How can MBS’s room have no bathtub?
-there is no rain shower?! isn’t it a basic amenity by now?
-they use in-house brand for their toiletries… which is stingy. I like branded toiletries for expensive hotels. You gotta let your customers steal the toiletries home!
-the “flush button” of the toiletbowl is in an awkward position that requires you to bend over the toilet
-the light switch is at the entrance, which makes it hard to on and off the bathroom lights.

The king-sized bed is huge but it is also quite hard. I hate hotels that buy hard mattresses. It’s like they want to keep using the mattresses for years. Even after so many years, this mattress remains hard. A good mattress should be soft for an inch and then rock hard.

The pillows don’t give good support. I had to keep flipping it over throughout the night.

But beside the bed are all the control panel which include USBs to charge handphones.

View from the Garden room

One good thing about the room is that it has a small balcony, so smokers can enjoy themselves there. It also gives a clearer view of the gardens.

Here’s a video for a spatial arrangement of the room:


View from treadmill

Due to COVID safety measures, the receptionist at check-in will you a number to text for gym entrance. The gym will reply you with a queue number and time for you to enter.

The gym is spacious and has many equipment. It’s probably one of the best hotel gyms I’ve been and is on par with small gyms like Anytime Fitness.

Infinity Swimming Pool

The infinity rooftop pool, overlooking Singapore city, is the highlight of the hotel, of course. Nobody comes here to swim. I was the only one who brought my goggles. Everyone kept taking photos.

There are also jacuzzis at the other side of the pool.

Due to COVID precautions, you have to reserve the pool before the staycation. The reservation email will give you instructions how to. You can only stay for an hour each day. Remember that you can only enter one pool. If you live at Tower 3, you go to pool 3. If you live at Tower 2, you go to pool 2. There is no mixing because of COVID.

Because of the precautions, the pool was less crowded than usual. This is great, they should do this all the time, not only for COVID.

Tip: Reserve from 6.30pm to 7.30pm so that you can see the transition from sunset to nighttime where the city buildings light up. Alternatively, the next day, try for 8am-9am for an early swim to get your hunger on before breakfast.

Buffet Breakfast at Rise Restaurant

Buffet breakfast at Rise


Dim sum

Where else can you see a dim sum dolly?

Assorted cold cuts

Vegetarian noodles


Japanese breakfast set

Sausage, hashbrown, asparagus

Due to Covid restrictions, you don’t take the buffet items yourself; you order it from the servicer who will deliver you the food. It’s awesome to be waited upon but this takes a lot of manpower so thank you to the wait staff.

Because it takes so much labour, there will be a queue to enter the restaurant. So be sure to be there early, preferably around 8.30am, but definitely before 9am. If not, you will queue a long time.

Not only is the service awesome, the food is great too. It is probably one of the best breakfast hotel buffets I have. There isn’t a lot of selection but what we had were delicious and of high quality.

This is the breakfast menu for your perusal:

If you book a city-view room, this is your view

Overall, I feel that this is a relaxing staycation, just what we needed. Being a Singaporean, I feel that it’s nice to be able to stay at an iconic building in Singapore for once.

-good service across the board: from receptionist to lifeguards to Rise restaurant wait staff
-Great view either way (garden or city)
-Great amenities: pool and gym
-delicious breakfast buffet
-the COVID precautions are awesome. They also reduce the number of people using the pool and gym, which makes it a better experience. I suggest that they should restrict the crowd at all times, not only during COVID.
-you can do some fancy shopping at the Shoppes next door.
-The room is bigger than usual city hotels’ rooms.

-the room is a little dated. The design could be more thoughtful. Maybe they should use this COVID time to update their look and do some renovation.

Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore 018956
t: +65 6688 8888

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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  1. Buys cheapest room, complains about the lack of facilities. Clap clap for you. Written by guy with phd also. Maybe save the money from studying your phd and get a better room.


  2. They use their in-house brand of toiletries to save the planet by reducing plastic bottles. They do not have rain shower but if you spend a bit more to the next type of room, you will have a bathtub. You get what you paid for.


    • They use their in-house brand of toiletries to save the planet by reducing plastic bottles. ===> they use the same amount of plastic bottles regardless if they use in-house brand or other brands.
      if you spend a bit more to the next type of room, you will have a bathtub. You get what you paid for. ==> it’s more than $500 with taxes. At this price, hotels should have bathtubs in every room. I think all entry level rooms at 5-star hotels I’ve been to have bathtubs except for MBS. They aren’t matching up to other 5-star hotels’ standards. I stayed at Ritz and at Regis. I paid less for the rooms and they still have bathtubs. Very very few 5-star hotels don’t have bathtubs. MBS is the first I’ve come across.
      How much I pay isn’t the issue here. The issue is that 5-star hotels should have bathtubs and mbs doesn’t meet the standards. Don’t confuse the issue.


      • Probably it was a expectation vs reality. if you did your research before check in, there are different rooms with and without certain amenities. However, based on my experience, you may request for room with bathtub upon check in, the assignment would be based on good will as there’s various room type to choose upon making reservation.


  3. Thank you for taking the big effort to post! I’m going this weekend and it’s great to have a sneak preview. Not sure why such negative comments above, but it’s definitely a good sneak preview as I’d chose the most basic room as well… luckily my wife is not a bathtub lover.


  4. The booking sites super clearly states bathtub or shower. Booking a room without bathtub and being shocked that there isn’t one, is like booking garden view and complaining how can mbs have no city view???


    • Hi, as a frequent stayer in MBS. May I share ; you asked for a basic room hence there is no bathtub. Rooms with bathtubs are bigger and comes with 2 sinks. There is also an ironing board in the closet.
      As for amenities , MBS used to give better toiletries but I guess they cut costs during Covid. Their in room teabags used to be 5 different flavours of TWG too.

      If you want designer toiletries eg: Hermes, go for a suite. Some suites have a private gym room. Some have a private massage room. There are some that have the above and a study room, ktv room and a small kitchen. You do not need to pay for the best suites to enjoy some of the private rooms I mentioned.

      Last but not least, tower 2 is not the best.


  5. I am not sure why there are some in the comments picking on someone’s education backgrounds (are you a kid?), defending the hotel that does not provide/invest in better amenities despite being a five star rated hotel while the price was reasonably high, and picking on the grammar like a school teacher. This is probably why we can never have proper discussion for a review with someone’s personal opinions/views and some people behaves like they are the hotel owners.


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