Fullerton Hotel Staycation Review: Wonderful But Need to Work on COVID Measures

Swimming Pool is in front of the majestic doric columns.

I said, “The Heritage Room is one step up from the basic room.”

My partner said, “So it’s the second cheapest room?”

I said, “Why must you put it that way? You should say it’s the 14th most expensive room.”

He said, “14th?!”

I said, “Hey, if you’re 14th in line to the throne, you’re a valued royalty.”

We booked it using the Fullerton offer. I think it was $418 nett (inclusive of $120 dining credit and breakfast for two) but we went on Christmas Eve, which was $488 nett. Minus $100 Rediscovery vouchers, it was 388.

The check-in was smooth. It was at the Post Bar. We were shown to a table, so each group of guests were socially distanced. We waited for about 30 minutes. Then when it was our turn, a front desk agent came to bring us to the check-in counter. So good so far.

The agent said that she has given us a newly renovated Heritage Room: “It’s bigger than the usual Heritage Room but there is no view.”


View at the entrance of the room

Cupboards to the right at the entrance store your usual amenities: iron, ironing board, bathrobes, bathroom slippers, safe, torchlight, etc.

On the left of the entrance is the huge bathroom. This is the long marble sink area with a dressing table for make-up.

Best bathtub ever! Ergonomic!

I brought my unicorn bath bomb. The water was all pink but it didn’t turn blackpink when I got out.

Note to MBS: All hotels should have rain showers!

It’s a Japanese toilet! The seat is kept warm. It has a jet stream. And the cover opens and closes automatically. This one doesn’t sing, some Japanese toilets do.

When we first entered the Heritage Room, we went WOAH.

What we like about the room:

-something is different about their air-con filter system. It feels refreshing, like you suddenly walk into winter from the warmth of the house. It’s piercing in a good, reinvigorating way. We felt healthier just by being in the room.

-The finishing here is top quality, none of the lousy finishing at MBS. The room just feels so classy.

-The bed is awesome. It’s soft on top and hard below. That’s how a good bed should be.

-The room is spacious!

-Love the outdoor space. It’s really good if you have a party in the future when COVID restrictions are lifted.

-The toilet! It’s huge.

-The bathtub is the best ever I have come across. It’s the most ergonomic to lie in. When you lie in it, the bathtub is shaped in a way that curves with your back. There are two slight indentations by either side so you can rest your elbows when you read a book or play with your phone. The bathtub is also long, and I have long legs so this is important. I also read somewhere that you can request for them to provide you with a bubble bath—not sure how true this is. But bring your own, we brought ours.

-The toiletbowl is the Japanese kind! It opens automatically when you walk towards it and closes on its own. There is a stream that will wash your private parts. And best of all, the seat is warm!

-towels are so thick and luxurious.

As you enter deeper into the room, there’s a king bed with the controls beside it. We love the end-of-bed bench!

These SHOULD have been complimentary.

Work desk and tv

There is an outdoor area–great for smokers or parties.

What we don’t like about the room: 

-No view.

-The sink area is so long we thought that they could have installed two sinks.

-The USB by my bed is faulty and doesn’t charge well. So I used a plug.

-Drinks and snacks aren’t expensive. The hotel should have made them complimentary.

-Pillows are way too limp. I couldn’t sleep well because of the pillows.

Here’s a video to orientate yourselves:


As part of the package, we were given $120 dining credits that can be used at any Fullerton restaurants. However, the credits could not be used for festive menus. It was Christmas eve and all restaurants were serving festive menus so the only option was for in-room dining.

I really like in-room dining. I used to always order room service. But the prices at Fullerton are really extravagant. We ordered fish and chipsHainanese chicken rice, and laksa and they came up to a whooping $120!

This sad fish-and-chips costs $40!

The Hainanese chicken rice costs more than $30! Compared to Chatterbox, the chicken isn’t as smooth and the rice is hard.

Laksa for more than $30. It is, however, very taste. Intense and shiok. Love.


During check-in, you state your preferred timing to use the facilities. BUT unfortunately, the timings do not need to be adhered strictly. The swimming pool receptionist just asked for your room number and did not check if you made an appointment. She just allowed everyone in. I saw a family of 7 just enter the swimming pool (this was on 25th Dec). As a result, the pool was way too crowded for any safety distancing.

Another instance of their laxity in following social distancing: a white couple came into the breakfast buffet. They asked to sit with their friends (another white couple who happened to be having their staycation too). The waitress said that they were not allowed to sit with their friends because of social distancing measures, but then the waitress sat the couple next to one another. So they were in fact mingling and communicating. Service staff walked by several times but did not stop their interaction. Social distance what?

I strongly suggest that Fullerton send their staff to MBS to learn the social-distance measures before any COVID cases explode.

  • Swimming Pool

The swimming pool faces the iconic Singapore river and offers a view of the Boat Quay area. But the pool is small, and too congested.

  • Gym

New equipment and well-maintained. But small.

  • Buffet Breakfast

You can sit in the al fresco area along the Singapore longkang.

Bake Basket

Scrambled eggs. The best things on this plate are the bread and bacon.

We paid $32 for the in-room dining laksa. But at the buffet breakfast, you can get it free-flow. That said, although the laksa is probably the same, the in-room dining one tastes much more superior, more intense flavours, less watery.

Chinese beehoon.

The pancakes are the best thing we ate here. Fluffy. And the excellent blueberry compote—most likely made in-house.

Fruit platter

The morning buffet happens at Town Restaurant. You sit down and order, instead of going around to get your food. They have limited options here and the food tastes so-so. For a menu that only has 7 main courses, I thought they should have done it better.

This is the breakfast menu for your perusal:

-Classy, huge room. The design is thoughtful and considerate in all areas. Not sure why, but even our hair turned voluminous.

-good value to stay in an iconic Singapore building

-Service staff from check-in to Town restaurant are fantastic.

-COVID measures are wanting: crowded pool.

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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  1. Maybe they have package with a view but with a higher price but its way steeper than 488? would you recommend this hotel for bay area at similat price of 488 or would your prefer other hotels like mandarin oriental/MBS/Pan Pac/Ritz?


    • I think they probably have suites with view.

      I haven’t been to mandarin oriental and I went to Ritz 20 years ago. So my ranking is…

      1. Ritz (the service is very good. Lovely view. Nice pool. Comfortable bed.)

      2. Fullerton

      3. Pan pacific (I went to suite for this. So may be an unfair comparison. But their breakfast was awesome.)

      4. MBS. (Nice view and great facilities. The pool is impressive. But the furnishing in the room is cheap.)


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