Moved: Marmalade Pantry, Palais Renaissance

Note: The restaurant has moved to Ion Orchard. ONLINE DELIVERY

Brunch at a pretentious restaurant. We witnessed an unpleasant scene of a customer kicking a fuss. Something was amiss with the order and she screamed, “I’m a regular customer here! I can afford to pay this! I’m going to complain to your boss until ALL of you are fired!”

The food was pretty good, not wow-great. The Filipino servers were very nice. We ordered a Nutella cupcake but the waiter didn’t reserve it for us. We wanted to kick a fuss like that unreasonable woman, but we are nice people. The waiter offered to give us one free cupcake, so we were appeased. We are also cheap.

Crab caesar:

Ultimate beef burger:

Ribeye steak burger with grilled onions, avocado and wasabi mayonnnaise and Celery/apple/spinach juice:

Toffee pudding:

Royal chocolate cupcake:

Categories: $20-$40, Orchard, Western

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