MOVED: Bliss Waterfront Dining & Bar, Punggol Park

MOVED: to Cheng San Community Centre, Ang Mo Kio.

We ordered drinks, finger snack and dessert.

Drinks: Coke, root beer, ice lemon tea, and cappuccino. The soft drinks are all FLAT, the ice lemon tea and cappuccino are very normal. Can be done with a coffee machine at home.

Criss-cut cheddar fries taste like fries with MSG.

The brownie with ice cream is the worst. The brownie is sponge chocolate cake that tastes like dog food and the ice cream is the cheap marigold kind.

The atmosphere is ok, but most restaurants are like that.

We requested water for our dog but the staff refused to give.

Bliss Waterfront Dining & Bar
Punggol Park
T: 6280 3389

Rating: 2.188/5 Stars

Categories: $0-$20, Dessert, Hougang, Late Night

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