Superb Fried Chicken & Western Food, Hougang

Ah Bang, the Malay-Indian playwright, guest-blogs:

Makansutra gave this dingy, dark corner of a halal Western Food at a very dilapidated coffeeshop of an old neighborhood four out of six chopsticks. Come on, KF Seetoh, Chopsticks? Singapore is not China yet, can you spare a thought for Malay people? Everybody on Facebook knows that I’m a Malaysiophile and almost all my posts are on how Singapore will transform into a Little China, so you’d know I love these kampong atmosphere but even this kampongness isn’t for me; the place feels dirty and dark and dank. And see! the signboard. The stall sells Halal food but the signboard is in Mandarin? How can I escape to Malaysia, a country of racial equality, where the Chinese has as much rights as the Malays?

Even though the Chicken Chop was tasty, everything on the plate was cold, as opposed to my fervor for Malaysia. And the chicken wings? It tasted as dry as it looked, as dry as a 40 year-old virgin. All for $7.50. I could get everything in Malaysia for half price and twice as delectable. Everyone should migrate to Malaysia.

Superb Fried Chicken & Western Food
Blk 511 Hougang Ave 10
#10-151 Wei Long Yuan Eating House
Closed on First Wed of the Month

Rating: 2.627/ 5 nasi lemak

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