The Better Burger, The Foundry, Robertson Quay

In a row of shophouses, The Foundry is an open air gap, like a missing tooth, that serves beer. It also houses four stalls. The first time I was here, I ate at Pizza Memoirs. Coming to Foundry for the second time, I was here for the same reason–heartbroken again–and I stuffed my face with burger, drank a little and ate ice cream. (I always eat ice cream when I am tipsy)  I call Hookerlily predictable and unadventurous but perhaps I am the creature of habit, returning to the same place to heal my wounds. There are two more stalls here, let’s hope I don’t try them all.

Mr NGFL thinks that this place is a glorified kopi-tiam and refused to come; Hookerlily was busy at work, so I ate alone…alone with my tears, that is.

The Mexican ($13) is a delightful burger with sour cream, habanero spicy kidney bean salsa (what the heck is habanero??), mayo, lettuce and tomato – and of course a thick slab of beef patty. Superbly juicy and delicious. Spicy and sourish, very appetizing. My only gripe is The Mexican should have the quintessential guacamole (my favorite dip!) so there seemed to be something lacking. But still, extremely good burger. Hot from the stove, very, very satisfying.

The accompanying shoestring fries were very addictive with a spice powder on them.

This meal was very healing for heartbreaks.

The Better Burger is really one of the better burgers around that don’t cost a hand and leg. And to answer Mr NGFL’s accusation that this is a glorified kopitiam, it is not. It is a unpretentious, cozy corner to escape from all the pretentiousness of Robertson Quay. You don’t come here to people-watch and be watched. You come here with a group of friends to be rowdy. Cheap alcohol too!

Better Burger
18 Mohamed Sultan Road
#01-01 The Foundry
Sun-Thu: 11.30am-11pm
F-Sat: 11.30am-2am

Rating: 3.778/5 fries


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