Tong Heng 东兴, Chinatown

 (Photo Credit: Taken from Tong Heng Facebook)

That day, Hookerlily and I walked by and I asked, “Eh, you want to eat Tong Heng?”

She asked, “What’s that?”

WHAT’S THAT?? WHAT’S THAT??? OMG. Youngsters these days!

Tong Heng has been around since the early 1900s! That’s 100 years of history in Singapore.

There are two main Chinese pastries in Chinatown, both with their own distinct taste but I prefer Tong Heng. I’ve tried almost everything there including the Chinese desserts.

Over the years, I’ve tried most of their products, even their Chinese desserts. (Bet you didn’t know they sell Chinese desserts!) The diamond-shaped egg tart is the most awesomest! One of the best egg tarts in Singapore. Because it sells quickly, they are always baking new batches and so the tart is usually hot. It’s like M&M, melts in your mouth, not in your hands, with just the right amount of sweetness. The other specialty in the shop is the char siew su. This one is different from other places because there is a slight saltiness to it, the char siew is moist and just a little bit charred–which is the best kind of char siew. My third favorite is the egg cake (鸡蛋糕) because it’s light and fluffy.

The shop also does chinese new year goodies, mooncakes, wedding pastries and baby’s first month.

Although there are seats in the shop, which is like the Chinese style of a cafe, people usually takeaway.

Tong Heng 东兴
285 South Bridge Rd
Singapore 058833
T: 6223 3649/ 6223 0398

Rating: 3.500/5 egg tarts

Categories: $0-$20, Chinatown, Chinese, Dessert

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  2. I admit i dont know tong heng :( But now I know!!! And now I know where to get CNY goodies for my bf’s family. Thanks for sharing!
    P.s: the reviews for Tong Heng on Hungry Go Where is kind of bad any idea why?


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