Astor Bar, St Regis

Dipsomania kicked in. I wanted a good cocktail. Astor Bar at St Regis is on a few Top 10 Best Bars in Singapore lists so here we are.

OMG, the ambience was the tops!! I LOVE IT. I felt so comfortable here, like I belonged! It’s old money 1920s New York chic, rich dark woods with luxurious leather chairs. The tables are trays with legs, so when the glass spills, the liquid won’t drip. Picasso lithographs hang on the wall. Quiet jazz. The other patrons are mostly white men in suits – but they mind their own business. Can I get a suit-up sugar daddy please? This bar is a scene out of a movie.

The bar is known for two things. the bar localized Bloody Mary into Chili Padi Mary ($19) with vodka, chili padi, Chinese old ginger, lemon grass and organic tomato juice. I didn’t want anything tomatoy or spicy so I ordered the other speciality: organic cocktails. I wanted something sourish and citrusy that day, and got the organic Sao Paulo Smash ($19), consisting of cachaca (Brazilian rum), galliano (sweet herbal liquor), passionfruit, and orange marmalade. My bad. I should have known rum would turn out bitter. Rum is bitter, kids. I should have asked the servers for advice – but no loss. I’ll be back. Spend about $100 (the price of 5 cocktails) and get complimentary parking.

The drinks came with olives and nuts. Olives are a nice touch but I thought the nuts were flat. St Regis can definitely do better.

Overall, my friend and I had an amazing time here, very relaxed, as if we were out of Singapore. Healthy cocktails that aren’t too expensive. Astor Bar ranks just below my all-time favorite bar, Coffee Bar K.

Astor Bar @ St Regis Singapore
29 Tanglin Rd
Singapore 247911
T: 6506 6866

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  1. Did you go to the same place I just did? Decor was wanna be and the piano player did not play jazz at all. Most of the people in the place worked there. 1/2 hour and 1 drink later the walk home in the rain was a better experience.


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