Dessert Story, Northpoint & Hougang Mall

Between the outlets at Northpoint Yishun and Hougang Mall, I’ve tried Milk Pudding; Egg Pudding with Ginger; Peanut Paste; Black sesame paste; walnut paste; add tang yuan to them; Mango Pomelo with sago; Herbal Jelly; yam cake and carrot cake. Can you tell I’m a big fan of Chinese desserts? (but don’t ever order the herbal jelly. it sucks, tasted very plasticky and not authentic.)

Although Mei Heong Yuan’s desserts are smoother and tastier, if you don’t feel like making a trip down to Chinatown, these desserts found in heartland districts definitely hit the spot. Definitely can eat, and can return to eat more some more, but I thought for such a small bowl, it was quite expensive at $3. $3 can buy you a meal leh.

Service: But an unhappy incident happened to me. I was drinking the walnut paste and it had a slight bitter aftertaste, which it shouldn’t have. So I asked the staff if the dessert had herbal ingredients (because, I learnt some cooking, and I know you can add herbal stuff). The PRC server sneered in my face like I was super ignorant and stupid, like it’s the funniest joke she heard in her life. Seriously, I wanted to give her two slaps. No happy ending for this Dessert Story. :( But I’ve to add, there are some aunties who are very nice to me here.

1. The Heeren
2. Hougang Mall
3. Lot 1 Shopping Mall
4. Anchor Point
5. Tiong Bahru Plaza
6. Junction 8
7. Century Square
8. Nex
9. Toa Payoh Central
10. NorthPoint
11. Simon Road
(Since the shops are mostly in the malls, you know their opening hours are mall hours right?)

Rating: 3.000/5 slaps

Categories: $0-$20, Dessert, Hougang, Yishun

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