iFly and Skyloft Rooftop Bar & Restaurant, Sentosa Singapore

Ever since we were invited to the iFly launch party, we had been waiting for invitation to iFly. Finally! We were so excited. And what an awesome experience it was!

iFly is the world’s largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving, up to 5 storeys high, with state-of-art equipment. Many professional skydivers come here to train since it’s cheaper to skydive indoor than take a plane and skydive. The feeling, we heard, is similar.

Before the flight, you’ll have skilled instructors, certified by International Bodyflight Association, to teach you a couple of flying techniques.

You’d also have a dry run on land:

After the lesson and after suiting up, here we go! (Each person will have two tries at skydiving.)

This is me, flying like Superman! I believe I can fly!

And Chiobu:

After the flight, I’d have to say it is extremely safe. Ryan, our instructor, is very professional and careful. He even held on to us and flew us up to the ceiling!

Not only is it safe, the adrenaline rush is also very, very addictive. I keep wanting to go back and do it but what’s stopping me is the price of the skydives. Of course, given the expensive equipment and the qualified instructors, it is understandable that the price is rather steep. You may want to check out the prices at the iFly website.

Ryan, our instructor, and Chiobu:

How to Get to iFly

Take the Sentosa train from VivoCity and stop at Beach Station. iFly is just there. If you drive, head to the Beach Carpark at Siloso beach.

After our skydiving, we went up to Skyloft, the rooftop bar and restaurant that overlooks South China Sea, for brunch. Skyloft has live music in the evenings from Wed to Sat, and if you go at the right time, you may catch fireworks too.

This is our third time here. We were here for the iFly launch and a Kronenbourg event and had some canapes. Chiobu, Yandao, Hookerlily and I all thought the canapes at these events were fantastic, which may be why we were rather disappointed at the food.

Treated to two starters, iWings ($22), based on chef’s secret marinate, tasted like a spicy version of prawn-paste chicken, topped with chicken floss; and the chunky truffle fries ($12), caused an internal fight between the fries and my diet plan. The fries won.

Big Breakfast ($16) – Pork sausage, bacon, semi-dried tomatoes, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, mixed salad and choice of how eggs are done.

Eggs Benedict ($14) – Poached egg, ham, spinach on English muffin with hollandaise sauce. Semi dried tomatoes and salad.

Laksa ($18) – Jumbo king prawn, fish balls, fish cake, tau pok with yellow noodles.

While the starters were decent, the main courses for brunch were less than ideal. For instance, the scrambled eggs were too milky and the sausages were bland for the Big Breakfast; the English muffin was limp in the Eggs Benedict; and for the Laksa, it had too much spice and not enough coconut, making the laksa-curry thin.

Given the delicious canapes we had previously on our visits, this meal may be just an one-off incident. In any case, brunch is not merely about the food but also about the ambience and where else is better than facing the sea as you eat?

Skyloft at iFly Singapore

43 Siloso Beach Walk
#05-01 Skyloft Singapore
Singapore 099010
T: 6270 0602
iFly Website
Skyloft Website
Skyloft Facebook
Skyloft Twitter

T-F: 4pm-2am
Sat: 10am-2am
Sun: 10am-10pm

Ratings: 2.815/5 stars

PS: Special thanks to Joy, Debbie, Jessica, Ryan, Patrick, iFly and Skyloft for the invite.


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  1. wow, how come in the pictures u are seen flying, yet the instructor can stand properly? ( thought the wind is very strong)

    When I saw the pictures I was also thinking, if not trained properly the person there will fall flat when the ‘wind’ stops lol!

    ps: you look like mission the scene from mission impossible!! COOL!


    • We asked the same question too. At first we thought he was wearing special shoes. But he said no. So we thought about it. Anyone with secondary school physics can figure out. The wind comes from the bottom. If you expose a great surface area (you’re lying flat), you’ll be blown and you fly. But if you expose a little surface area, you can remain standing. Of course, it takes some training to stand and remain stable lah.

      Yes, it was a super cool and fun experience!! All of us enjoyed it! Everyone should at least try it once in their lives.


  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the sharing the helpful information on iFLY. You have very nice photos of the food there as well. I felt this is an under-rated tourist attraction in Singapore that deserves more attention. Now I have one more place to bring my overseas friends when they come visiting. :)



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