Working Title, Arab St

Working Title Singapore
Working Title is a cafe of a backpacking hostel, so expect to see many angmoh backpackers lounging around. The decor is awesomely retro-chic, each piece of chair and table is mismatched and different, giving it a backpacker’s feel, yet everything gels together. Very cosy. The service is pretty good, especially when there are a cute waitress and a young, handsome boy working at the counter of the hostel.

Working Title Cafe Singapore - PIzza
The food is inexpensive but—here comes the bad part–it was pretty awful and limited. The chicken proscuitto New Yorker pizza ($5/slice, $16/ whole) tasted like clam chowder as its base and ham from NTUC. The One & Only Burger That We Have ($9) had a minced beef patty that texture was similar to tender steak – a little slimy and too raw for (I presume) low-quality beef. That’s how people get Mad Cow Disease.

Working Title Arab Street - Burger

Truffle Tater Tots ($5, below) were bite-sized hashbrowns with truffle oil and grated parmesan cheese. No scent of truffle oil and was parmesan supposed to smell this smelly?

Working Title Cafe Kampong Glam - Truffle Tater Tots

However, we all had Chai Latte ($5.50) which was very smooth and delicious. It wasn’t spicy–I like my chai to be spicy–but still, quite a good interpretation.

Working Title Bugis - Earl Gray Cake
All the desserts were catered from elsewhere: Pies from Windowsill, ice cream from Ice Cream & Cookie Co, and cakes from Little House of Dreams. At first, I thought cafes should always bake their own stuff, but after tasting the food, I changed my mind: it was a smart decision to cater. The Earl Gray Cake ($6) was fantastic. The moment the rose icing touched my tongue, it evaporated–so light and ethereal like candy floss. The sponge part was a tad dry, but I attributed it to the cake standing there for some time, so it was understandable.

In the end, I think this cafe is more for the backpackers to sit around than for locals to come. But still, if you like rustic decor, a lazy Sunday ambience, and cute servers, come here for coffee, tea or–don’t be corny–desserts. We spent about $20 for one person.

Working Title Singapore

48 Arab Street Singapore 199745
T: 9734 4187

Rating: 3.088/5 stars

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  1. Came here before.. I think you’re were a bit to harsh on your review of the burger, Mind was juicy and delish. I love the feel of the place, its such a rare gem. You should try the Lemon Meringue Tart. Its to die for.


  2. I don’t think the review’s harsh at all, came twice, once for their Surf n Turf burger and it was absolute rubbish. Great description on the menu but dry patty, close to nonexistent yoghurt dressing and just a very subpar meal. For a cheaper price tag you’ll get a juicier burger from I Am down the road, or any of the cafes around here. Also service is lacking- asked for napkins and the response: ‘Sorry we ran out’. For a cafe that sells burgers, really?? How about buy some from the 7-11 across the road? Not worth it for the food guys


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