Kaiho Sushi, Cuppage Plaza

Words and Photos by Chiobu

Kaiho Sushi restaurant Singapore - Aburi California Maki
Aburi California Maki

Kaiho Sushi is a hidden gem in Cuppage. This place is dark, with a row of bar counter seats and 8 tables. This place made me fall in love with Aburi sushi. I’ve never had any other awesome aburi sushi elsewhere. Even when I went Tokyo earlier this year, I’ve not tasted any aburi sushi that’s as good as the ones here. Koh Grill & Sushi Bar is very close to what Kaiho is offering, but somehow, Koh’s seared taste is not as strong as what Kaiho has.

Kaiho Sushi SG - Aburi Salmon
The Aburi Salmon ($5/pc, pictured above) here is so awesome. The salmon is seared so well, the salmon simply melts in your mouth. The burnt taste with the mayonnaise sauce on top, is the most awesome combination. The Aburi California Maki ($12) is another must try. Aburi Ebi Tempura maki ($12, pictured below) is also good. The ebi tempura is crispy, hidden under the roll of rice.

Kaiho Sushi - Aburi Ebi Tempura maki

Kaiho Cuppage Plaza - Aburi Wagyu Beef Sushi
Yandao and I also tried Aburi Wagyu Beef sushi ($15/pc) which is heavenly. We would have ordered 4 pcs each if it wasn’t so expensive!

Kaiho Sushi Singapore

5 Koek Road, #03-01 Cuppage Plaza, Singapore 228796
T: 67381315
T-Sun: 12-2pm; 6.30-11pm

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