Tatsuya, Goodwood Park Hotel

Tatsuya Singapore
Chiobu had an eye problem, and took MC. But cannot see still must eat so we went to have the popular bento lunch at Tatsuya. The bento set ranges from $28 to $30 odd. We had the sashimi-unagi bento ($30.80, above) and sashimi bento ($28.70, below).

Tatsuya Goodwood Park Hotel
In general, the cooked food had a char taste to them. This worked for the delicious tempura, as if it had wok hei, but didn’t quite work for the delicate items like yuzu chawanmushi and miso soup, which subtle tastes were marred by the char aroma.

The sashimi was fresh but they might have overcooked my unagi eel that was tough.

After taxes, we paid $70 for two persons or $35 per pax. We thought it was good value and generally delicious.

Tatsuya Singapore

16 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore 228221
T: 6887 4598
12-3pm; 6.30-11pm

Rating: 3.378/5 stars

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Categories: $20-$40, >$60, Japanese, Orchard

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  1. Happy New Year RERG! Thanks for the review about Korea, my children had a wonderful time there and we’ll be visiting again next year (this time I will be going too) :D


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