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Maziga Cafe & Bollywood Club, Clarke Quay: Tapas Bar Serving Modern Indian Street Food by Punjab Grill

By the same people at the fine-dining Indian restaurant Punjab Grill, 2 week-old Maziga Cafe serves modern (North) Indian street food in tapas portions. Maziga also has a club on the second floor, playing Bollywood dance music.


Yantra, Tanglin Mall: 1-for-1 Mains at One of the Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore

Yantra at Tanglin Mall is in running for Best Restaurants of 2016 and Best Desserts of the Year. Best all, you can get 1-for-1 mains using the Entertainer App. If you haven’t purchased it, my discount code 2016RERG gives you $10 off.

Rang Mahal, Pan Pacific: Indian Fine-Dining Since 1971

Compared to Table by Rang Mahal, their sister outlet, the food here had more depth. You could taste the subtle spices that add to the complexity, like in the sea bass curry, which wasn’t spicy but possessed a range of flavors. But, like Table, the food did not have much heat, and spiciness is characteristic of Indian food. But I suppose the lack of heat is largely because refined food is restrained, and spiciness represents unbridled wildness, unsuitable for refinement.