Best Food in Singapore 2015 Part IV: 10 Best Food Under $20 in Singapore

From now to the end of the year, we will publish an entry weekly, celebrating the best food in Singapore in 2015.  

best-food-under-$20-singaporeBest Food Under $20 in Singapore gives you delicious, restaurant-quality food under $20, great for students, young working adults, or young families. (Most of the places on the list are about $10, some are in hawker centres but the quality is top-notch.)

In ranking:  

#10. The Pasta Stop

the pasta stop sgThe Pasta Stop at the new Ci Yuan Hawker Center is run by the fine-dining Italian restaurant, Ristorante da Valentino, so you know the hawker stall has some standards. Pastas start from $7. Go for the aromatic spicy fried chicken combo ($10) that comes with pasta and protein.

 #9. Tai Lei Loi Kei

tai lei loi kei singapore reviewThe Pasta Stop (see #10) and Tai Lei Loi Kei are both in the northwest region of Singapore. GASP! Finally, something decent along the NEL. Tai Lei Loi Kei is a franchise of the famous pork chop buns in Macau. And we have been back twice already. It is a fast-food concept: you order and pay at the counter, and they deliver to you. Expect to pay about $12.

#8. Chicken Legend

Chicken Legend Coconut Steamboat east coast reviewChicken Legend is the first to bring in Shenzhen-style of steamboat using coconut water. It may sound weird, but it is very tasty. Price ranges from $20-$35 for two persons, depending on the set you order.

#7. Masizzim 마시찜

Masizzim is a popular Korean stew restaurant brought in by the same people behind Chir Chir. Stews start from $16 and the meat falls off the bone. But what I would really return for are the rice ball ($8), which makes a quick and nutritious lunch.

#6. Bottura

bottura singapore priceBottura is opened by Luca Bottura whose family has been in the culinary business for 5 generations, so you know there is some standard here. The best thing here is the homemade pastas. Set lunch starts from $14.50+. And a six-plate degustation pasta is only $18+.

#5. Udon Goen

udon goen singapore reviewUdon Goen is proof that you can get good food at food court. Although the udon ($9.80) is very tasty, people usually go for the very good value curry rice. $10.90 curry rice can feed 2-3 people. The second time we went, we got the largest curry rice ($19.90), shared among 5 persons. It felt like a buffet!

#4. Garcons

garcons duxtonGarcons, serving French food, is another great example of finding good food at a food court. The 12-hour slow-cooked pork belly ($16.90) is divine, with crackling skin and melt-in-the-mouth fats. Remember to get chicken wings from Two Wings stall when you’re there.

#3. Mr & Mrs Mohgan Roti Prata Shop

mr and mrs mohgan roti prata shop2As you probably know, I have been educating myself about hawker food by eating 50 bowls of wanton mee, 50 plates of chicken rice, 50 bowls of bak chor mee50 plates of nasi lemak, and 72 pieces of roti prata. Mr and Mrs Mohgan is the most impressive of all because when I ate it, I thought heaven exists.

#2. Tendon Ginza Itsuki

tempura japanese tanjong pagarThe tempura-on-rice restaurant only sell two items here: special ($13.90+) or vegetables. Honestly, why even bother offering the vegetarian option? The ventilation is a problem here, but we have gone back three times! If you are on a budget, just don’t order any drink, which is expensive. Stick with free iced water.

#1. Shibuya Sushi Bar

shibuya japanese restaurant seah street set lunch menuI am hesitant about putting Shibuya as first place because I heard from other bloggers they change the chef, and I haven’t dined under the new chef. Furthermore, changing chef at such a short period of opening doesn’t speak well for the restaurant. But when I was there, the $18++ lunch set consisted 6 dishes and everything was shiok of reasonable quality! 

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  1. I seriously recommend adding AL AZHAR to your list. They just opened a new outlet in Woodlands this year …previously I think they were only in Bukit Timah area. Really amazing food quality every time I go.

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