The Entertainer App 1-for-1 Cafe Edition: Two Bakers at Horne Road (and 33 Other Cafes). I Saved $641 in 2015! 

the-entertainer-app-singapore-2016-discount-codeI only recommend things I use, and by using the Entertainer App, I saved $641 this year! But get this: the average Singaporean user saves $642 in 2015. Damn, I lui-gi by a dollar.

The Entertainer App gives you 1,275 Buy One Get One Free offers for fine dining, modern & contemporary restaurants, cafés, nightspots, informal dining, attractions, leisure activities, spas, and hotel accommodation.

The app costs $85 for the entire year of 2016, but my discount code 2016RERG gives you 10% off the app. You can buy it as Christmas present, or buy ONE and share it with your friends and family! (Yes, one app purchase can be shared among several mobile devices.)

One misconception many people have regarding the app is that it is only useful for fine dining. It’s not true; the app can be used at 34 cafes, which means more than half of your weekend brunches in 2016 is settled.

two-bakers-singapore-menuOut of the 34 cafes, I visited Two Bakers Cafe (88 Horne Road, Singapore 209083; t: +65 6293 0329; facebook; Sun & M 9am-7pm, W-Th 11am-9pm, F-Sat 10am-11pm). It was drizzling. Christmas songs on the radio. The windows frosted in the cafe, dark with wood. Very cozy.

Luncheon meat fries with lime mayo ($9.80)

Like the decor, the food is homely and unpretentious. The mains are around $12 to $20. The Entertainer App 1-for-1 mains means each person may pay about $7 each!

two-bakers-horne-roadWe like that Two Bakers make the food their own by infusing some Asian influences in their food. Like the bestseller duck confit penne ($16.80, above) in brown buttery sauce has leeks, giving an Asian flavor. The TYB Bagel ($12.80, below) is packed with vinegared pulled pork, similar to our 猪脚醋. Two Bakers is generous with truffle oil in truffle omelette ($15.80, below), super fragrant with fantastic crispy sliced baguette.



Eggs Royale ($14.80)

When you save on the mains, you can splurge on the pastries. Two Bakers is opened by Cordon Bleu (Paris) graduates so you know their standards are high.

two-bakers-sgThe Le Chocolate Noir ($9.80) is divine! The  55% dark chocolate mousse is perfectly balanced, not overly bitter, and the hazelnut base gives a nice crunchy contrast to the smoothness of the mousse. Their usual eclair is transformed into a snowman religieuse, Mr Frosty ($10.80): two choux filled with light, refreshing raspberry cream.

two-bakers-sgTwo Bakers cafe gives us a fulfilling experience and hopefully, the other 33 cafes will. This is a full list of cafes for the The Entertainer App:

Afterwit – Mexican Taqueria

And All Things Delicious



The Assembly Ground



Cafe Insadong

Cafe Salivation

Cali Cafe

The Cat Cafe

Charlie Brown Cafe

Chillax Cafe 

The Coffee Daily

Cream & Custard

Criollo Cocoa Cafe

Dimbulah Bistro Bar & Cafe

Drury Lane

Elements & Co


Gusto by Alfresco Gusto

House of Commons

Jewel Cafe & Bar


Monochrome Fusion Bistro

Muffet’s Room

Nassim Hill


St Marc Bakery & Bar

Tamper & Co

Toby’s Estate

Tolido’s Espresso Nook

Two Bakers

Yellow Cup Coffee

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This is a sponsored post for The Entertainer.

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