Udon Goen, Food Republic Wisma Atria Food Court: Best New Hawker of the Year!!! Awesomeness is Served

udon goen singapore reviewGOODNESS. When I carried this huge-ass plate of tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and torikatsu (chicken cutlet) curry rice ($10.80) from Udon Goen at Wisma Atria Food Court, everyone turned their heads and looked at me.

“Why do you buy so much?!” Huccalyly, who was counting her calories, exclaimed.

“I didn’t know! The photo illustration on their menu only shows 2 cutlets. This is a MOUNTAINOUS serving for 3 to 4 persons! Instead of overselling in perfect photos like McDonald’s, they are so smart to undersell, so we can be overwhelmed.”

She said, “Are the Japanese chefs from Texas? Are they serving for obese Americans?”

udon goen wisma atria food court menuIngredients are imported from Kagawa, Japan. Instead of using just plain water for the curry, Udon Goen uses tonkotsu broth, which is simmered over 10 hours. The curry could be spicer, but it was super shiok with the rice.

Both the chicken and pork cutlets were still crispy, even though they were cool. I was so stuffed that sweat poured down my forehead, but I couldn’t stop eating. If I stopped, I knew I’d regret it. I don’t want to look back in my life and think, “I should have finished that.” Now I can die without regrets.

udon goen singapore menuThe tonkotsu special udon ($9.80) was also freaking awesome. When we left the bowl to stand for 30s, the broth coagulated. Let’s leave it as that, and deceive ourselves that the coagulation had nothing to do with fats. Robust broth, with a tinge of mushroomy goodness. Worth every 100, 000 calories of it.

Very considerate of them to give us 2 eggs, because 1 egg was missing a yolk.

The pork slice was fantastic too: so tender, and the skin was wonderfully braised and savory, that gave a compatible contrast to the sweet meat.

The day before this, we went to Fat Cow to eat the Japanese beef donburi bowl, spending $60 per person. Fat Cow was disgustingly unsatisfying. Given a choice between Fat Cow and Udon Goen, I’d rather go to the latter. Including a vegetable tempura ($2), we paid $22.60 for two, but obviously the portions were enough for 3 to 4 persons. Verdict: Damn good food at a food court.

Udon Goen Singapore

435 Orchard Road #04-02/14 Wisma Atria Food Republic, Singapore 238877
T: +65 6420 6392
10am-10pm daily

Decor/Ambience: NA (food court)
Service: NA (food court)
Value: 8/10
Food: 8.5/10
Rating: 4.125/5 stars

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  1. I tried the Ramen. it was seriously not nice. I’m not a foodie like all you bloggers. I’m just an ordinary person with normal taste. The soup was soooo saltish, and the taste was so overpowering. The noodles were so hard like chewy wanton mee. The char siew was 5% meat & 95% fat. The fried vegetable fritter was probably left there for few hours. & I have NEVER left a comment on food blogger post. this is the first becos it was so bad!


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