Yantra, Tanglin Mall: 1-for-1 Mains at One of the Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore

yantra-singapore-reviewBesides saving lots of money, one of the best things about the Entertainer app is that we can try different (haute) cuisines: Cuban, Caribbean, Egyptian… Indian food isn’t unfamiliar or exotic, but we usually experience it at kopitiams.

yantra-tanglin-mall-menuKebab Platter ($26)

Nothing wrong with kopitiams, but we would have a fixed perception of what Indian food is when it offers so much more. This is where the Entertainer comes in. The 1-for-1 mains give us a chance to try refined Indian food, enlarge our horizons, and enrich our experiences.

yantra-buffet-reviewHas your mother ever told you not to play with your food? Mine didn’t, so I played kebab tic-tac-toe.

Our experience at the award-winning Yantra at Tanglin Mall is amazing. The entrance is at corner, and there is a long walk from the entrance to the restaurant proper—all of which speaks of exclusivity and class.

yantra-singapore-priceChicken Bharta ($40)

The food is better than the Chennai restaurants’ when I visited, and is probably the best Indian restaurant in Singapore. It doesn’t try anything funny, i.e. modern Indian cuisine; it focuses on homely, hearty, authentic, traditional North Indian food.

yantra-indian-restaurant-orchardJhinga Goa curry ($40, prawns)

Our perception of Indian food is spicy, fiery, explosive! But at Yantra, spice is just one of the myriad of flavors; the spiciness doesn’t overpower the meat or vegetables, but acts as a complement.

yantra-singapore-priceDhuan Gosht ($41, lamb)

As starters, the individual kebab platter ($26) is good to share for two. The fresh cod in orange marinade is beautifully tender. This is the first time I’ve ever liked mutton kebab. At other restaurants, I have always found that the texture is grainy and the flavor gamy–but not here. If you’re up for theatrics, like the table next to ours, the servers flambe tableside the leg of baby lamb. The huge fire almost burned off the waiter’s brows.


The mains are where the Entertainer app is useful: the non-vegetarian starts from $36, and the vegetarian at $25. The chicken bharta ($40) consists of shredded chicken cooked in a sweet curry, spiked with coriander, and topped with egg. Dhuan gosht ($41) is very tender slow-smoked baby lamb. When it comes, there is a piece of coal in the pot to give it an aromatic smokiness. Both dishes are complex, savory, and very delicious.
yantra-singapore-reviewOne area I find lacking in most Indian restaurants is the desserts, but not at Yantra. You have to order both the Jalebi ($19) and mango kulfi ($19, ice cream) because they complement each other. Jalebi (below) is deep-fried fermented batter spirals soaked in saffron sugar syrup and a cinnamon-y milky soup.

yantra-singaporeYantra is in running for Best Restaurants of 2016 and Best Desserts of the Year. Reservation is highly encouraged, as it was full house on the weekday night we visited. Best all, you can get 1-for-1 mains using the Entertainer App. If you haven’t purchased it, my discount code 2016RERG gives you $10 off.

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Yantra Singapore
163 Tanglin Road, #01-28/33 Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933
T: +65 6836 3088
12pm-3pm, 6.30pm-10pm (till 10.30pm on weekends & PH)

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Sponsored by the Entertainer.

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