Pasta Inc, Outram

We started this blog because we want to document our memories. Good food evokes memories. Even though this was a horrible memory, I will still rate the restaurant well. I rock as a reviewer. So impartial.

Horrible memory: My friend insisted on eating pasta that day, and I didn’t bring my voucher from one of the deals website. She couldn’t be persuaded so if I can’t change her mind, then I’ll have to change the way I see things and I saw that I had to go to an Internet cafe to print the voucher. Searched for 15 minutes in the horrid heat to find a cafe, printed it out, went to Pasta Inc.

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a cheapskate. I believe in splurging on good food and bags and shoes. But Pasta Inc has increased its price quite a bit and I remember going to the one at Little India; it wasn’t so expensive and it wasn’t so classy and the standard was so-so. BUT now that it’s moved to Keong Saik Rd, the decor is rather posh, the price has increased and the food is fantastic. But I didn’t know all these at first. I thought the restaurant would remain average and we wouldn’t go back again and so I die-die must use the voucher.

The voucher set-menu ($38) includes:

Parma ham wrapped in melon

Fettucine with crabmeat in pink sauce

Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Sauce


I asked my friend to pick the food from the menu because she’s the picky one but she asked me to pick instead. After I ordered, she said, “I don’t eat any of the things you picked. I usually don’t eat from the set menu because I have something specific in mind I want to eat and the set menu doesn’t have it.”

When ordering, the ah-beng waiter said, “Har? You only have one voucher, two people how to eat?” Let me tell you my experience with vouchers. Those online deal discount websites can be quite unscrupulous. Skinny Pizza, for example: You only need to spend about $20 for a pizza, but in the end, you spend $45 on the voucher because the voucher includes useless things such as pizza, drink, dessert, etc. So seeing it’s a 4-course meal for Pasta Inc, I, learnt from my bad experience, naturally bought only one. 4-course meal is enough for two. Come on, a steak and a pasta. I replied to the ah-beng waiter that if it is not enough, we would order more. But the ah-beng waiter insisted and insisted the voucher isn’t enough. My friend likes face very much, so the ah-beng waiter by insisting made it look as if we have no money to eat. And naturally, my friend was pissed off with me.

I’m not complaining about the service. Actually, I like ah-bengs, look at my undying devotion for 14K. This ah-beng waiter was actually very helpful and nice. When we ordered wine–i always drink when I’m angry–he brought the wine but took the glass back and came back with a new glass. He said, “Sorry, I find some cock in your wine so I changed a new one.” HAHAHA. “Cock,” get it? But this ah-beng waiter needs to take a step back. He’s pushy and he needs to observe what the customers are thinking and feeling. Be sensitive but not overly sensitive: Put yourself in the position of others–that’s how you’ll be a good person.

The food came and my friend refused to eat it. I lost my appetite too. So I had to beg and beg her before she finally relented.

Fettucine with fresh salmon in pink sauce ($25)

The food: WOW. AWESOME. Parma ham wrapped in melon wasn’t too smelly, and the melon wasn’t too juicy or overly sweet, so the saltiness and sweet melted into each other like lock and key. Fettucine with crabmeat in pink sauce and Fettucine with fresh salmon in pink sauce were equally fantastic. The pasta was done just right, al dente, soft enough but still bouncy. The sauce was so creamy and rich and mouthwatering that I didn’t care for the calories. Just whack first. Have to eat full to have strength to diet for tomorrow. The Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Sauce was simply quite amazing. The medium-rare beef had the right amount of springiness. Although the blue cheese had a slight stench–some say it’s an acquired taste like smelly tofu–it went so wonderfully well with the beef. The tiramisu was ok.

Each of us ordered a wine, red for me, white for her, $14 each. And after the wine, we got better, tensions eased. She brought me to her workplace after dinner. It was very exciting to see workmen sawing, hacking, nailing late at night, preparing for a exhibition at the museum. There was a sense of camaraderie among them. I’m grateful for the experience and glad I didn’t give up my patience. Because she shares so much of her life with me, I feel very close to her, feel very grateful for her and I want to share my life with her too. I’m going to invite her to sit in my lorry. Let us not forget this valuable lesson that some people may be grumpy and you’ll have to see it through because the payoff can be amazing. We never know where the road will take us, so we should persevere and hold on. Never give up. That’s how relationships last.

Overall, the food was fantastic, the ambience was great, good for dates, and the service was helpful if a bit pushy. We spent a total of $101 including the voucher.

Pasta Inc
35 Keong Saik Rd
Singapore 089142
T: 6224 1501

Rating: 3.554/ 5stars


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  1. Kind of strange to dig out an entry written by you so long ago, but I finally gave Pasta Inc a try. Horribly disappointed.

    Went with a $40 for $80 voucher. Got the squid ink risotto and sea food platter.

    Squid ink is overcooked, not al dente. They used the arborio instead of carnaroli. Taste itself is decent. Seafood not particularly fresh.

    Seafood platter….sea food is not fresh, scallop has no sweetness, salmon is over cooked, prawn is mush, salad is overly bitter.

    The warm lava cake is average. I guess there’s a supplier somewhere providing this for the entire singapore.


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