Golden Rooster Western Food, KPT Coffeeshop, Hougang

After yoga with surges of strong and powerful emotions, like waves of emo sadness washing over me (“send your blessings to the trees, the leaves, the animals…”), Hookerlily and I were starving. She said, “You forgot my line of work?! I know where to eat during late night.”

KPT Kopitiam is a very funny name. It’s like KPT². Well, you know KPT lah, don’t need to describe the ambience right?

Hookerlily had a chicken cutlet, which to you expats, means a flat piece of deep-fried chicken. Her cutlet was huge, covering most of the plate. Made up of mostly skin, with just a thin layer of meat. Sinfully delightful.

I had chicken chop, which is grilled chicken. I was so exaggeratedly ecstatic that Hookerlily thought I was being ironic. The bun was superb, it was deep-fried and then coated with a layer of butter. The bun soaked up the oil, which made it so, so delicious. The coleslaw alone can get you a heart attack, the dressing was sooo creamy and rich. The hot chicken chop itself was admirably done, tender and savory.

This shop is value-for-money and very delicious. It opens till late night.

Golden Rooster Western Stall
Block 401,
Hougang Avenue 8,
KPT Coffee Shop.
(opposite Punggol Park)
Singapore 530401

Rating:  4.000/5 stars (food and value)

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