2D1N Soju Bang (a la carte), Tanjong Pagar

After eating Filipino food at Bonifacio, cakes at Broadway Cafe and drinks at DYMK–that’s 5 hours of continuous eating and drinking–Hookerlily, Mr NGFL and Wise Guy continued eating Korean food!

We have been to 2D1N Soju Bang Buffet on the second storey of the shophouse several times. The excellent Buffet was very scary, not for the faint-hearted. It is like a war zone with smoke all over (grenade smoke) and people rushing for food like war-hungry citizens.

This time, we went to the a la carte restaurant on the first floor. Decor: The restaurant is partitioned flimsily with plywood and foldable plastic doors to ensure extreme privacy. Mr NGFL said, “Wow, we can have sex in here and nobody knows.”

Service: As we have said in the entry in Todamgol, the Korean restaurant across the street, the female servers in Todamgol are hot but at 2D1N, the boys are hot. Hookerlily said to Wise Guy, “Now why can’t you dress like the waiter?” The waiter wore a black long-sleeved tee with berms and deck shoes.

Wise Guy retorted, “But I dress like that! I have the exact berms and shoes he’s wearing!”

Hookerlily, “Then how come you two look different??” WTH!!! True friends insult each other.

Mr NGFL said, “Why don’t we grab the waiter, lock the door and rape him?”

Awkward silence.

Anyway, back to the service. Wise Guy asked the sexy waiter a few very reasonable questions about the food–for example, can we add meat to the broth? Or can we change the broth to another broth? Or can we get more kimchi? Or can you get us water?–but he was rather short-fused. He was containing his temper, we could tell. Mr NGFL said, “Stop irritating him, don’t ask him so many questions!”

Wise Guy said, “But it’s his job!”

Perhaps goodlooking people are meant to be wallflowers; he shouldn’t wait on tables.

We ordered dakdoritang ($35), a spicy bean-paste chicken hotpot. A bowl of rice costs $2. The dish was value-for-money! Huge portions and the soup was very tasty, especially when drizzled over rice. AWESOME. But it got one-dimensional after a while.

We spent $45.90 for three in total – very worth the money. The food was good, the privacy was bonus, and the service was tolerable. Recommended. Will be back.

2D1N Soju Bang
44 Tanjong Pagar Road
T: 6227 6033
M-F: 1130am-2.30am
S-S: 5.30pm-3am

Rating:  3.323/5 stars

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