French Fold, Orchard: Asian-Influenced Galette & Crepe Menu Exclusive to This Outlet

french fold orchard

Under the fast expanding Merci Marcel group, French Fold opens its second outlet at Palais Renaissance at Orchard. Unlike the first outlet which focuses on traditional flavours, this second outlet imbues the traditional crepes and galettes with local Asian influences. This Asian-influenced menu (see end of review for the menu) is exclusive to this outlet.

french fold palais renaissance

Galettes, made from buckwheat flour, are savoury, and crepes are for desserts. A plain galette goes for $8 and with stuffing, at $23 max. Crepes start from $7 to $18.

french fold - smoked haddock galette
Smoked haddock ($20)

Out of the 2 galettes and 2 crepes we ate that day, the #10 smoked haddock galette ($20) was the best. The galette is crisp and earthy, contrasting against the softness of the fish. The fish itself is almost too saltish but counterpoised with the sweetness of caramelised onions and the bitterness of spinach. All these are padded with a lot of sour cream, zinged with lemon. Fantastic.

french fold - yellow curry shrimp galette
Yellow curry shrimps ($22)

The galette with yellow curry shrimps ($22) is inspired by Indian curry. My eating companion likes it, but I thought the yellow curry is too light and not aromatic enough unlike the usual Indian version. What is good, though, is that the curry holds lots of shredded vegetables so this galette helps you reach your fibre goal for the day.

french fold - mango chutney and hojicha crepe
Mango chutney and hojicha gelato crepe ($16)

The crepes are not as good as the galette; the eggy crepe skin is thick and flaccid, unlike the crisp galette skin. All gelato are from the popular Birds of Paradise but I wondered why BoP’s most popular and beloved gelato, chrysanthemum, wasn’t incorporated with the crepes on this menu.

I was interested in the unusual combination of fresh mango chutney and Hojicha seasalt gelato and fresh mint crepe ($16). I like mango, hojicha, and mint individually, but this weird combination does not work. Nothing matches here. The mango is stingingly sour but the ice cream is bitter – you cannot have two negative flavours (sour and bitter) together, it feels unbalanced. The mint does nothing to hold the ingredients together.

french fold - Poached pear and chocolate crepe
Poached pear and chocolate ($12)

Luckily, the conventional poached pear and chocolate crepe ($12) is standard. They use 70% Valrhona chocolate but it is still sweet and somewhat milky. This sweet crepe eradicates the bad memory of the previous crepe.

They also serve alcohol and cocktails here.

Although this second outlet of French Fold, together with its neighbouring restaurant Merci Marcel and a lifestyle shop, at Palais Renaissance forms the tripartite where you can shop, eat and drink all day, I would return when I want a light lunch of galette.


french fold menu 01
french fold menu 02
french fold menu 03

French Fold
Palais Renaissance #01-02, 390 Orchard Road, Singapore 238871
9am – 10.30pm daily

Food: 6/10
Price: 6/10
Decor/Ambience: 7/10

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This was an invited tasting. Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho. 

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