Restaurant Beurre, Bukit Pasoh: French Food with Singaporean Twist and Lots of Foie Gras and Truffle Oil

我没醉 – I’m NOT drunk!

Restaurant Beurre (meaning “butter” in French, an important ingredient in French cooking) at Bukit Pasoh Road, which opened in late 2019, serves French food with a Singaporean twist. The menu is quite interesting and I wish that we could order more dishes.

Hokkaido oysters (half dozen $18, dozen $32)

Under the “small plates” section of the menu, the Hokkaido oysters ($2 per oyster during happy hour 5pm – 8pm) go at a very good price. They are plump and fresh but could be sweeter.

Foie gras crab dumplings

Also under “small plates,” the foie gras crab dumplings ($16 for 4 pieces) comes highly recommended. I thought they would be steamed since the “soup” would taste delicious. But it is open-faced (not wrapped entirely) and deep-fried.

It is juicy and sweet. There is a small piece of foie gras in the centre of each dumpling. Tastewise it is good, but I wish that the skin is crispy. The juice from the crab has made the skin flabby.

Under “small plates,” there are other interesting items like mash ($7), pulled pork samosa ($8), and yuzu clams veloute ($9) that we may try next time.

Truffle foie gras maccheroni

They also have two pastas: truffle foie gras maccheroni ($23) and umami lobster linguine ($28). The former was recommended so we picked it.

The truffle foie gras maccheroni consists of forest mushrooms, onsen egg, foie gras, and shaved parmesan. There is a scent of truffle oil but no shaved truffle. Never had maccheroni before, but it is like macaroni that went for rebonding. It’s coated in a brown butter sauce, nutty, almost coffee-like. The foie gras is generous but it isn’t rich. I thought it could benefit from some searing on the surface. The dish is not bad but unmemorable.

Black chicken

There is a variety for mains, by that, I mean, there are many dishes I want to try: the porcini chicken with truffle glaze ($22), Spanish octopus leg ($26), Sakura pork loin-in-bone ($39 for 2 pax), pork collar ($24), and 10-day butter aged wagyu ($68 for 2 pax, 350g).

Black chicken

But they recommended the stuffed black chicken ($38 for 2 pax), stuffed with foie gras, lardon glutinous rice (means lard!!!), and chicken jus.

They brought it out to flambe it first and then took it back to the kitchen to slice it, leaving a smokey trail of scent.

When sliced open, it looks amazing, the wet dream for an OCD with neat, compact stacks of glutinous rice, foie gras, and mushroom.

It is also tasty. The skin is so crispy and so salty (in a good way), creating a nice contrast with the pillowy rice. The foie gras is also generous. It’s a good dish, smart, innovative, delicious.

Burnt Basque cheesecake

For dessert, we went with the burnt Basque cheesecake ($9). It was the second time we ate it. The first time—I baked it. So this is a comparison to what I baked. Mine was savoury. Theirs is slightly sweet. Their char is way more pleasant than mine. Theirs is just an underlying hint of bitterness which adds to the complexity of the cake.

Happy birthday, William! 

Including two glasses of cava ($14 each), we paid $145 for two persons. It was a pleasant experience and the food is not bad. I probably won’t go all the way out to visit it again but if my friends want to go or if I want oysters, this is where I’ll be.

Restaurant Beurre
23 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089837
t: +65 9660 0597
Tue-Sat 12pm-3pm, Mon-Sat 5pm-10pm, Closed Sunday

Food: 6.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Decor: 6/10
Service: 6.5/10

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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