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Joie by Dozo, Orchard Central: Joie de Vivre From Meatless, Not Mock-Meat, Meal

This is the first piece written by contributor, Pierre Goh. Show him some love leh, read leh. He wrote an awesome piece.

Pasta J, Thomson: Handmade Everything, Pets Approved Al Fresco, Gluten Free Pasta, and All Heart

If you have time, chat with the friendly John Chan about the food. Huccalyly said, “After talking to him, I appreciate his food and effort so much more. I feel like I am robbing him by his affordable prices.” With a small outfit like this, the amount of effort he puts in must be prodigious. If, like Ally McBeal, everyone has a theme song in their lives, this is Chan’s song: Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

The Naked Finn, Gillman Barracks: (Almost) Zero-Calorie Seafood Lunch, 100% Sincere, Honest & Delicious

There are many things to like about Naked Finn. The setup, the service, etc. But what I liked most about the restaurant was how the food defies categorization. Is it angmoh food? Singaporean? I didn’t care, I seafood, I eat food, and it was delicious. Now I’m considering to return for their exorbitant dinner. Judging from their lunch, the price may be worth it.

Moosehead, Telok Ayer: A Delicate Balance of Opposites

What I liked about the food was also what I liked about the entire setup: they are edgy, they do what they like, but they are also comfortable, cosy, and unpretentious–a delicate balance between opposites. After a while, I felt as if I was protected in a bubble of glow, as if I was eating among friends at an artist’s home, but not the kind of avant garde artist that you don’t understand the art. You’ll understand the craft, but you won’t notice it–that’s the beauty of Moosehead.

The Cliff, Sentosa: Final Guest Chef of the Year, Michelin-Starred Chef Alyn Williams (13-17 Aug)

To conclude the fourth and final guest chef of the year, The Cliff at The Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa welcomes Chef Alyn Williams, who has a deep, sexy voice, and won UK’s Best Chef of the Year 2012, and whose eponymous restaurant is awarded a Michelin star. From 13-16 Aug, he showcases his signatures in a 6-course dinner menu ($188+, additional $55+ for free-flow wine), and, on 17 Aug, hosts the Sparkling Sunday Champagne Brunch ($149+ with alcohol/ $109+ without).