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Cho Omakase, Boat Quay: Towards a Definition of Borderless Japanese Dining

I shall attempt to define this new Japanese cuisine at Cho Omakase as “Borderless Japanese”: new ways of cooking and/or new ingredients, usually native to their home-countries, are incorporated into traditional Japanese cuisine.

Thai Village, Singapore Indoor Stadium: Thai-Teochew Restaurant Since 1991, Keeping Up with the Times

Little wonder Thai Village obtains accolades after accolades, even after 24 years of history: the food is delectable, and they keep up with the times. They have an extensive menu, and they don’t try anything gimmicky. The food is honest, made from premium fresh ingredients, and Chef Hau Ee Boon, who has been with Thai Village right at the beginning, helms the kitchen and ensures the culinary skills are top-notch.